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  1. you should be able to fix this for alot less than 20g's, especially if you do it yourself
  2. i think you are right about the block being taller, but i have not measured it, i have a 756 and a 826 with germans and they do look taller, my fuel tank is full of rust anyway so ill prolly have to get one, have a chevy project trying to get out of the shop so i can start on this also need to do a t/a in my 856 so its gonna be a busy summer, this 666 came from down your way, from stitzels in hamburg pa. thanks for info
  3. MR. IHC

    312 Vs 282

    im am sorry your thread got hijacked by a couple of grumpy old men (myself included) if you end up needing a "slip" or rear plate for a 786 as someone said above pm me i have one i won't be using i'll give you a deal, again sorry 'jeff
  4. MR. IHC

    312 Vs 282

    Found this, not gonna say its not wrong just sayin I ain’t crazy
  5. MR. IHC

    312 Vs 282

    Knew I wasn’t crazy
  6. MR. IHC

    312 Vs 282

    was under the impression that the 312 was dry sleeve like the 361, i see now that they are wet sleeve , sorry my mistake, wow tough crowd, i'll stick to trucks i guess
  7. i am a truck mechanic by trade and a farmer/farm machinery mechanic hobbyist, alot of what i publish is opinion based on experience. i have worked for an international truck dealer since 2002, i worked for Caterpillar as a diesel engine tech  for 5 years and John Deere construction as a field service tech for a bit. i love to learn, just thought i would give you my background, i think this forum is a great place to get information, so thank you  'jeff

  8. MR. IHC

    312 Vs 282

    was told that by the ag dealer when i asked about it (281)and no i don't mean a 450 diesel engine (i have one of those too), just looked all over google and find nothing, may be useless information i've been carrying around for 20 years, all i can say is the 656 engine and the 560 engine were different may just be rpm i don't know. i know they sold 2 different engines from central tractor depending on serial number.
  9. i would really love to see some pictures of your project, sounds cool
  10. i think a dt 360 i assume out of a truck, would be a complete dog without a turbo don't think it would be a good idea, definitely try to get turbo in it, ive heard alot of people say that the dt360 works great in 666 tractors which are the same as hydro 70 without the hydro, so i think its a very good engine for the job
  11. MR. IHC

    312 Vs 282

    i don't believe the 312 is the same family of engines, i think they are more like a 361 in an 806, but i'm sure it could be done, may have to modify rear engine plate or make one, i bought a short block from central tractor when i did the engine in my 656 rowcrop tractor, back in 2000, i thought a 282 was a 282, so i ordered one not knowing serial number, i put it in and had head rebuilt, it didn't seem to sound the same or have the same power curve, then i found out my 656 takes a 281 and they are a little different, i put a reman out of a 560 in it which is a 282 found out by calling central tractor and tracing serial numbers on the blocks , so be carefull, stuff will all bolt up off a 281 but it has different governor and engine rpm torque curve slightly different crank. thankfully it was fine just had more low end torque but less rpm, my opinion after running it on same jobs as before. oh and i would very much like the contact info on the 312 if you don't use it as i have a 666 just itchin for it ! lol 'jeff
  12. sounds like a cool idea, but the bell housings are pretty huge, been so long since ive had one appart can't remember if it seals the rear of the engine, i think it is a little wide even without the bell, but don't quote me. i was gonna put a 453 in an old chevy last year but just turned into too much of a project. let us know how you make out 'jeff
  13. tried this in the engine forum and got no response, was wondering if anyone has put a d358 into a 666 rowcrop tractor, i recently picked up a 666 with a locked up 291 gas engine and i am going to put a german d358 out of a 786 into it , was told a rear plate off a 544 with a diesel in it would make it fit in the small framerails, i have a 358 that needs a rebuild already. was wondering if anyone had any pointers or has done this before, i know the radiator has to be changed and a few other things , but any suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance
  14. if that is true then i stand corrected, i was told that they are still making them by the service manager at our dealership and the head of sales dept
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