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  1. Do you have power to the heater element on the air drier? Does this happen in above freezing conditions? Are the 1/4” signal lines on the governor clear? Can you remove both ends of each line ONE AT A TIME and blow through them? There is probably something besides what you have changed already, but it is not out of the realm of possibility that you installed a defective part. Do you have a known GOOD air governor that you could swap for diagnostic purposes?
  2. WOW!!! Coming from you that is a mouthful! (UGH!!! Really POOR choice of words!!!)
  3. What route do you take? I did not know that there were tolls between your house and Tupper.......
  4. Dozer pads can be had with holes in them to allow the snow to be pushed out. If the snow builds up in the chain and does not have any place to go when the sprocket engages it things can go “BANG”.
  5. Hmmmmmmm, and I happen to know where there is a PRISTINE one. With a Cadillac bench seat....
  6. Just do not pack snow into the tracks and break a track link.
  7. It looks like a seat for a trebuchet!!! Now who is BRAVE enough to sit in it?????
  8. Do you have any play/looseness in the throttle linkage? Is the length of the throttle linkage correct?
  9. I ran a 770 on the harvest run in the mid 90s. It had already been well used, but like a Timex it kept on ticking!!!
  10. They are filled with an Ag Bagger which is basically a tractor powered sausage stuffer for 8’, 9’, 10’ diameter Ag Bags that can be a couple hundred feet long. https://ag-bag.com/
  11. My condolences to you Bill. It has been quite obvious to me for many years that Wrigley meant a lot to you. Jeff
  12. Natasha?? Or Natalie?
  13. Looks like it is fresh off of a mixer wagon here in New York.....
  14. That is how it is with my 6601. I had ought to find some pictures of it for you folks.
  15. Are you two fighting over Sasquatch again?
  16. I have never seen grains WINDOWED either. I have seen grains windrowed and engine blocks windowed. Doggone spellcheck!!!
  17. All of this talk about 6601s makes me want to run the serial number on mine and find out when it was built. My 1586 does not struggle with it in terms of horsepower. I certainly know that it is back there when I get a full hopper of wheat on the side hills that I have. I actually pulled it home empty with my JD 6200 because it has “flat axles” that do not protrude. The long axles of my 1586 would not have cleared one of the bridges that I had to cross.
  18. Whereabouts? I have a bucket to fetch in South Central Maine. And another member has a control valve to fetch for one of his backhoes “SOMEWHERE” up there.....
  19. I hope that the kitty cat on the left side of the tractor was able to scamper away!!
  20. Words cannot begin to express my feelings....... May the family somehow move forward from this.
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