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  1. So what is preferred in a Tesla? Hytran, Hy Gard, 303, or Mysterious Yellow Wunder Bucket Fluid? Asking for Mark since he is too “shy”!!
  2. Orin, Judging by how “flat” the ground looks the tractor must be somewhere other than your place. I still need to get down your way to look at the hitch. Jeff
  3. How long is the driveway? if it is short enough a sheet of plastic with kill the grass if you have the time. I try to stagger my driving so that I am always driving on the entire width of the driveway. 10-12 passes over grass is enough to kill it.
  4. 1586 Jeff

    The Dog Thread

    It is with incredibly great sadness that I can no longer add any new dog pictures to this. Unfortunately I had to put my boy Sam down today. Rest In Peace Sam, Rest In Peace!!!
  5. You are a good man Finney! I am going to be using a “Finney” technique next week to repair a roller that might have had water in it over the winter.
  6. 1586 Jeff

    IH Runner

    Come on Rye!!! We are pulling for you!!!
  7. What is the feasibility of scraping the topsoil and piling it, then scraping the subsoil into a separate pile, then putting the wood chips in and relaying the subsoil, then covering with the topsoil? I too am curious because I have a similar project ahead of me.
  8. The hubs for the small axles say that it is definitely not a 1566.
  9. UNCLE Mark????? No wonder he is spouting profanity. So If Mark is your Uncle would that make you Boofmontonian? Or a Vermontoofer? Just asking for Sid since he is too shy to speak up!
  10. Not you (This time!!!). The other Jake. Jake Da Snake. And yes, I will accept ice cream as compensation for your transgression!!!
  11. JAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!! You had me worried for a moment. Then I remembered Sandhiller’s (another Jeff!!) topic about guessing how many “Prarie Oysters” were in a bucket. I did not want anybody getting me mixed up with that....... Nice anvil Todd! When do you start taking orders? Do Red Power Forum Members get to place advance orders?
  12. I can arrange for that to happen! Sid, would you like to drive a Scooby-Doo in the manner that you wish that you could flog your beloved Mack???
  13. Finney, What size Ford truck are the frame plates for?
  14. Does it come with a correspondingly good looking version of circa 1979 Sally Fields?
  15. You could use a sacrificial tab of steel to attach your ground to and weld that to the bearing race. Then you could run your bead on the bearing race to extract it.
  16. Being the generous fellow that I am I will swap you even for my 1586. Delivery included. That way you will not have to suffer the indignity of having a green tractor!!!
  17. WreckMaster skates under the drive wheels?
  18. Dynamite!!! Have you tried using Dynamite yet?
  19. Richard, Apparently you do NOT know Seth very well. Getting this filter housing off only resolved ONE of his many issues.......
  20. Todd, That is an awesome creation that you have there!! Anson, I am regretting sending the old Hanson crawler crane carcass off to be reincarnated as razor blades. You have an “Armeggedon Proof” workbench there!!
  21. Flex pipe to the hole and the exhaust pipe of a vehicle. Then go stay in your doghouse. Take your wife with you!!
  22. Have you tried calling a JD Industrial Dealer to see if they have a special tool for this job? Sometimes the specialty tooling is worth having......
  23. Fire. Hmmmmm........ ”Hello homeowner’s policy? Do you cover fire losses due to snakes in my attic?” Mark, DO NOT burn down your house just because you have snakes in your soffits!!! Next you will be telling us that you have bats in your belfry! Hmmmmmm....... I may have come up with a Red Power Forum Fundraiser. Charge $20.00 per attempt for each contestant to capture/remove/manage/neutralize the snake and split the proceeds between the successful contestant and Red Power Forum.
  24. Thanks anyhow. I drove it like Sid would, held the clutch down, and got into high gear. A couple of stabs of the brakes and I was joyful. I have dealt with stuck clutches before, I cannot recall dealing with a clutch that was this stuck.
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