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  1. I know a fellow that had a remote start/stop switch on the control platform of his Ford F600 boom truck. While servicing it inside his shop one night it he started it up from the platform expecting it to be in neutral. I can only imagine his surprise as it trundled through the closed overhead door!!!
  2. 1586 Jeff


    Thank you Troll for the update on your Bulldogs! Coincidentally enough I have just last week learned more about one of my family’s old Bulldogs that I have been tracking for years.
  3. 1586 Jeff


    GOOD EYE Mike!!! I will echo what Mike said, give us some pictures of your B Model! I have always liked B Model Macks. I just do not fit in them.
  4. Did you get air in the steering system from running low on fluid/blowing a hose?
  5. Jeff, What is “Piston Plate”? Other Jeff
  6. How it was explained to me is that the issue with these Case poweshifts is that the transmission lubrication pump is driven by the powershift. When the powershift is in reverse the pump runs backwards. Short periods of using reverse should not cause harm, but long periods are supposed to be catastrophic. What does not make sense to me is what would happen with the powershift in neutral? Or is there not a neutral position in the powershift?
  7. I can completely relate to this! For decades I have been destroying pockets on pants with a succession of Genuine Vise-Grip 5WR’s, five inch curved jaws with wire cutters. I would sooner go without my cell phone or key ring than my Vise-Grips. On my family’s farm we used to issue each long term employee a set of these and they were expected to carry them. Many small (and not so small) fixes were made with them!
  8. Are you using an LED test light or incandescent test light?
  9. Yes, Seth checks in with his “Uncle” Mark regularly. I believe that they had spoken about a month ago.
  10. NICE STEPS!!! What size are the front tires?
  11. Indeed! What type of Mopar was supposed to be pictured with Ms. Bach?
  12. Man that picture brings back memories Chris!!! Thank you!!
  13. Now THAT has some serious potential for tine weeding in the spring!!! (The rack of weights would have to come off though.)
  14. Intrinsically safe?????? Wait until you pinch your fingers in one! Or find out that even a wooden Lufkin is conductive.
  15. I cannot be critical, but out of curiosity I wonder why you did not cut the relief grooves and THEN lay down the sealer?
  16. Just run it. You will know when it is almost done leaking by the BANG!!!! that it makes. But it is probably easier to fix the leak than to change the engine.......
  17. That is impressive to me that you are able to move, much less tow a roller, in those conditions! How come you roll your rice? For smoother combining?
  18. 1586 Jeff

    Why LP?

    It was used in equipment due to being cheaper AND due to burning cleaner. The second reason is why forklifts used to primarily be run on propane inside of wharehouses. Now they run on electricity with rapidly swapable batteries...... I know that a number of midwestern farms had propane tractors because they had a propane line or propane well at there farm. This made the increased consumption, compared to diesel fuel, tolerable.
  19. 1586 Jeff

    Why LP?

    Had a skidsteer that ran on LP so that you could use it indoors.
  20. Now that just made my day!!! Sorry Rick!
  21. Is a terminal strip electricianese for a seven (or ten) pin automotive junction box?
  22. I know a couple of brothers that have done something like that with a chain and a pipe to get through wet spots in a field in the spring. I cannot imagine how it worked out on the headlands without having to back up, but they made it work.
  23. The most unnerving thing that I saw was lights on the back of a sleeper in a snowstorm. Then realizing that there was a flatbed trailer loaded with pipe behind it. I backed off considerably then. The swirling snow had completely obscured the back of the trailer.
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