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    My Dogs

    Hagan, You have my condolences on Teddy's passing. I have often said that the pain and heartache that we experience upon the loss of a dog illustrates how much they mean to us. It sounds like you had an awesome dog in Teddy. Dogs are like kids, they are what you help them to be. And you Hagan, helped Teddy to become an awesome farm dog!
  2. I replaced the yellow neoprene o-rings with the steel rings that came in the Ag Parts heavy duty PTO kit.
  3. Back together with 300PSI cold. Pulled the 3rd link cover to knock the pressure down and had 250PSI. From there it was all downhill. 210PSI. Then 195PSI. I presume as the oil warms up and thins out that it is leaking easier. At 1/4 speed I only have 90-95PSI where the book calls for 40PSI less than the pressure at rated RPM. How can I determine if it is a internal leak versus a bad pump?
  4. I was thinking that the wings were gussets to the frame of the implement?
  5. Is that a tongue off of a grain drill?
  6. Is this going to be a long project? Or a Long Project? I know, 100,000 comedians already out of work, so I should not quit farming thinking that I will be a comedian.....
  7. While pumping manure the other day I "decided" to overhaul the PTO on my 1586. Someone has obviously done some work to the PTO in the past because my 1586 has a dual speed PTO, with both 540 & 1000 RPM shafts. I have gotten it torn down and have started to reassemble it, but I ran into a bit of a snag getting the clutch piston back in. The I&T book calls for a piece of shim stock 4" by 18" by .002" thick to wrap around the clutch piston to prevent tearing the seal on the piston. What has anybody used for this purpose? Thank you!
  8. Garnsey & Son used to be all (or at least primarily) Freighliner. But I have noticed A LOT of adds for Freightliner parts in Schuylerville over the last year....... We used to call the CL9000’s/CLT9000’s “Two Story Falcons”, referring to the Ford Falcon automobile.
  9. Dale, Take a DEEP breath, collect your thoughts, then give them everything that you have!! Start by typing out a timeline of names, dates, occurrences, and locations. I would then suggest visiting the Principal twice. (I read that you have already met with the Principal once today.). Ask for the School's Policy on Anti-Bullying on the first visit. On the second visit ask what progress has been made. Send an email to the Principal afterwards to follow up on your visits. This will help document it should you have need for documentation later. The next step would be to visit the Superintendent of Schools. Ask the Superintendent for the School's Policy on Anti-Bullying. That should get some serious and IMMEDIATE attention and action. Send an email to the Superintendent afterwards to follow up on your visit. Again, you are trying to develop a timeline of documentation. After taking these steps I would suggest that you contact the State Education Department. I would SINCERELY hope that you do not need to go this far, but be prepared to. Others have suggested getting a lawyer involved. I would have to say that you had better not try to bluff the School by threatening to talk to an attorney, but rather to have already spoken with one. Undoubtedly you have used an attorney for something in the past, land transactions or what have you. Get a referral from your attorney for someone with the "horsepower" to get the job done IF you NEED it. Hopefully you will not need an attorney. I respect your restraint in not sinking to the level of the aggressors. And I commend you for standing up for your children and family. Good luck!!
  10. Seth, Call me tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. I can explain more/faster than I can type. L = Load control (draft) LD = Load&Depth D = Depth control (height)
  11. Hand loaded/unloaded. You have to “fingerprint” each piece of freight.
  12. A neighbor has just offered to sell me a Case IH 2096. What is the Good, Bad, & Ugly about one of these?
  13. Smokey & The Bandit, Stroker Ace, Cannonball Run, and Stick are the Burt movies that I remember. He was legendary.
  14. I have long maintained that: "Cars can be fixed. Or replaced. People are more difficult to fix. And impossible to replace." I do not know how many spouses/parents/etc. that I have said that to when their spouse/child/etc. has totaled a car and they were upset at the driver for wrecking the car. In most instances the critical party would smarten up and appreciate that their loved one was of greater value than the mangled car had been previous to being mangled.
  15. Road trip! Link to the website for the show: https://www.jamesvalleythreshers.com/
  16. Is there a selector for outriggers & tools/boom& basket controls? If so, is that set for basket/boom versus outriggers/tools? Edit: Just went back and saw that this unit does NOT have outriggers. But does it have a ground tools selector that bypasses the basket/boom controls? Is it stuck partway?
  17. Sheesh Lorenzo!! There you go giving Rick another idea on how to degrade that “worthless” M of his. Don’t get me wrong, it looks neat, but Rick my just snap and start planting pieces of “that worthless” M of his!!!!
  18. I would suppose that dielectric grease would help BEFORE washing to seal up connections, but you know that. My rule of thumb with HEI ignition era vehicles used to be to keep them running while pressure washing so that moisture would not prevent them from starting. With all of the electronics today I cannot get excited about spraying high pressure water at any of the electrical connectors. So no Seth, do not aim a 3" line into the engine bay!
  19. Since when are any of the pictures that YOU take bad pictures?!?!?!?!?!?! The job that you do on these quick hitches (and belly tanks, and the tractors, and the.......) is just absolutely stupendous!!!! And you apologize for THESE pictures?!?! I had ought to make you work on a sunken Belarus or something. Sheesh!
  20. CRAP!! Does that meant the batteries and alternator will have to be boosted sufficiently to provide 88 jigawatts?
  21. I welded the bucket linkage on my excavator. But I think that it was cast steel. Preheat in the old gas grill for two plus hours, then post heat in the same for an hour, followed by wrapping in some old fiberglass insulation. The next day it was still warm to hold with gloves. 6010 root pass and 11018MMR for alternating cover passes and a piece of dry pine for preheat temperature. I believe that dry pine kindles just over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, not quite 450. And it is holding. As has a cast iron bell housing and a cast iron worm gear case on a Tulsa 80 winch. Preheat, alternating welds to maintain even stresses, peening, postheat. The welding is the easy part, just like painting, all of the work is in the preparation (and after-treatment!).
  22. I could use that! We just cleared a few trees out of a field. Where did you get it? U-C beat me to it.
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