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  1. I have to agree with Todd, that second picture is a very good picture of a very good looking hookup!!!
  2. Power is a 2-71 Detroit. I would say that the governor is not set for very high speed because it has a pleasant sound to it without screaming. Red????? Perhaps orange? More Specically Persian Orange (Allis-).
  3. The one Combine Derby that I ever got to see, in Montana!, had combines being Derbied nicer than what I was going to go home to!!
  4. Combine Derby LOOKS so much safer, but I think that any kind of Derby could be dangerous...
  5. Jeez, if Seth reads this he is going to start rambling about how he likes my UNIT. Here is a picture of me displaying my UNIT at my wedding reception:
  6. Negative. It was my wife that did that. A Prius does not power slide and is silent until the engine starts.....
  7. PTO gear(s)? IPTO shaft/couplers? Center of clutch splines getting loose? Have you pulled your top link cover to investigate? Could you rig up a camera to SAFELY observe the noise on startup?
  8. Just what I need Jeff!!! At least the one that you found in Tupper had her own skidder....
  9. And I can certainly imagine that he was VERY “appreciative” of your “assistance”. Would you have been better off to observe your athletic wife play? Or would that have put you in the doghouse for not playing?
  10. Taking off they are generating off more thrust to ascend. Descending the only thrust that is being generated is just enough to keep them from free falling. In transit the thrust has to provide lift as well as directional movement simultaneously. I would think that there is not a lot of mechanical efficiency in the “traction” aspect of a rotor. So I am guessing that the additional “slippage” is being heard as additional noise. My simple analogy is to a car rolling towards you versus a car power sliding towards you. Which one is louder?
  11. 1586 Jeff

    Bad day

    I thought the exact same thing!! (Then I wrote myself a reminder to fix the two-speed on my own excavator.....)
  12. Please do get some pictures! 20 years ago I worked on a Lindsay compressor that had a V-4 Wisconsin. I do not think that it was the same model though. I used to own a Schramm compressor that was based on a V-4 Wisconsin. Schramm used two cylinders to drive it and two cylinders to pump air.
  13. Pop the top link cover off first. It is only 6 bolts and a whole lot easier than pulling the PTO!!!
  14. Red? White? Green? As long as it hauls his dozer I bet that Seth is not too fuss...... Never mind, this is Seth. He is fussy about EVERYTHING! (Probably a good quality in an electrician!!) If Seth is that bad about estimating length it is a good thing that he is not a carpenter!!
  15. Is that because the Mack driver is on vacation in Maine?
  16. I know where you are! How did you get the new motor up there?
  17. And hungry. As I recall the Electric Cooperative was not shy about their quote to put you on the grid......
  18. You already have too many hobbies that you claim not to have time for..... But Lorenzo is certainly tormenting me with the pictures. Thank goodness he has not shown any pictures of the brightly colored reefs. (Hint, hint Lorenzo!!!)
  19. Hey now! I literally just stepped out of the shower, thank you very much!!! I spent yesterday and today cleaning grain, so a shower at the end of the day is almost better than lobster for dinner!!
  20. Lorenzo, you certainly make me wish that I was still able to dive!!!
  21. I was not aware that Lake Champlain was one of the Finger Lakes......
  22. Touché gentlemen, touché!!!
  23. And I was wondering if your wife had gone to clean more at her grandmothers house since you have had more time for Red Power Forum and calling me this weekend. Apparently I was partially correct in that your wife had left you home unattended. For everybody’s sake let us all hope that she returns home safely and that the fishing trip does not turn into “A three hour tour, a three hour tour.”
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