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  1. So who can tell me if that is a Weaver or a Manley? It is interesting to see that it is power driven and not hand cranked anymore….
  2. Pulling for Austin here in New York.
  3. Possibly have been called that before…. That 1060 on the Paystar above is pretty snazzy!!!
  4. The comedian in me wants to tell you to that thawing the water out generally softens it…… Then again comments like that lead to buying ice cream.
  5. That is the Sparktrician’s way of saying “shovel”. I believe that they dump the tail trailer first and then pull it over the load from the front trailer which is laid out in a long, flat ribbon rather than just dumped in a tall heap.
  6. Naw, it was not due to the brand of the truck, but in fact it was due to the oil that he quenched it in…….. OIL THREAD, OIL THREAD, OIL THREAD!!!
  7. I once towed a Chrysler K-Car for a failed brake line. After I had it up on the flatbed I saw that it was two different cars joined together at the B-pillar with POP RIVETS!!! Closer inspection revealed a “mysterious” bump in the roofline from B-pillar to B-pillar, as well as in the headliner where extra foam had been added to hide the rivets. I was very unimpressed by the used car shop that did this. They readily admitted that they had taken two of their “Buy here, pay here” wrecks and spliced them together. How they got them inspected I will never know.
  8. Is the gal pictured that you referred to is the same gal from Tupper that you “dated” in college?
  9. I remember missing out on one of those six or seven years ago because I was trying to get winter wheat in. But as time marches onwards we realize how important it is to just make it happen and get together with our neighbors!
  10. Over the years I have had the opportunity to talk to a number of different members here in New York State, and even better, I have occasionally gotten to meet a few of them!! Being as how I am presently working in Central New York, Syracuse, I have been kicking around the idea of getting together with a group of New York Members. Neighboring State Members are certainly welcome too!! Jeff
  11. Is Michael J. Fox there looking for a lightning strike? Looks like a modern DeLorean to me….
  12. Ohhhhhh, how I would rock that feature driving in traffic, holding my hands so they could see that it was not me honking the horn!!!
  13. Is this an “Incognito Oil Thread”? Is not the only approved oil for this site Hy-Tran? Ugh, Hy-Tran on popcorn would probably taste terrible…… Irregardless, I like the popcorn maker! Now I would like one….
  14. There was one of those in a 377 Pete when we bought it. I still have the cassette, but the ribbon broke on it years ago. Everybody picks on my car, but it has a cassette deck in it. As well as one of those new fangled optical record players…..
  15. “Hello, I’m a truck” by the Mountain Dew Singers.
  16. You look a bit perturbed and to be perspiring a bit in that picture. Perhaps we had ought to trade pickups if yours is causing you so much anguish?
  17. I know a shop that uses induction heating for rusty fasteners on propane delivery trucks simply because there is no flame.
  18. Winston still misbehaving?
  19. I will be pulling for them, especially little Miss Charlotte.
  20. Did I meet you in Harborcreek, PA around noon?
  21. You had ought to put a steerable pusher axle on that Nick!!
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