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  1. I think that VTFireman could tell you about that from his college days.....
  2. I have heard of other produce haulers using coffee grounds to clean up stinky reefer trailers. Coffee grounds are also what was used to scrub the flour of the Grange Hall after a dance.
  3. Contact a large company that hauls trash. There is a product for neutralizing the odor, but I cannot recall the name of it right away.
  4. Then fire up the Michigan if you need more pushing power!! (Just do NOT tell the Michigan to “waddle faster!”. You would like to buy a tremendous amount of ice cream.....
  5. Pulling for you and your family!!! May her recovery be quick and as pain free as possible. Make sure that she does what the therapist/rehabilitator tells her to.
  6. Are you testing the pH of your antifreeze? Most any tractor or truck dealer or parts house can supply you with coolant test strips.
  7. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! Be still my beating heart!!!!
  8. At least you two think of Mark as an “Old Tool” and not an “Old Fool”!!!
  9. Safe travels Nick!!
  10. Head over to Long Farms and talk to Brian!!!
  11. Order the individual wrenches needed if it is just a few?
  12. That reminds me of my uncle trying to explain the difference between “male” and “female” electrical plugs to my cousin (his son) who was trying to start a family. They were both VERY Red in the face!!!
  13. Rest In Peace CW, Rest In Peace.
  14. On Wednesday I witnessed one of our brethren and/or his cohorts at Ruby Tuesday. It looked like they were really tearing up the place. Perhaps he will chime as to what happened there on Arsenal Street.
  15. Pictures would be really helpful, hint, hint.....
  16. So what type of School Bus requires a Class A license????
  17. Are you trying to tell us that BELOW 55 overdrive is usable???? I figured that the best part about your Jeep is that there is no kickstand!!!
  18. How are you defining a hybrid? LeTourneau used diesel to make the power and electricity to transmit it. A Prius can transmit internal combustion power mechanically without the electric drive system just as well as it can operate on electric power without internal combustion. Mentioning LeTourneau makes me yearn for a Jungle Crusher. As a commuter vehicle!!!
  19. Fortunately Seth did not start a topic with this title!!!
  20. Happy birthday Jeff!!!! Other Jeff
  21. I had one. It did not seem to need much. Fuel, oil changes, and tires are the major expenses. The mechanical fuel transfer pump needed to be replaced once, but other than that it was a reliable horse from new.
  22. I had a TREMENDOUS amount of fun with Pete over that particular job. He kept getting the opposite direction of what he wanted. After I figured out that the directions were reversed I just drove it around his dooryard in “Reverse” to go forward. I made certain NOT to let him try road gear (6-8)!!!
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