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  1. Sounds like the speedometer was reading the output of the transmission and not the output of the transfer case. Did you have a REALLY low-geared low range in that transfer case?
  2. Johnny Bar Johnson Bar Trolley Valve One more name for the hand valve that applies the trailer brakes without applying the tractor brakes.
  3. Have you looked at the brake valve for a pressure switch underneath the dashboard or on the firewall in the engine compartment?
  4. I really want to recommend an electrician to you.......
  5. Hog manure should have a fair amount of nitrogen in it as well. Do you live downwind?
  6. You sound almost as cranky as your nephew Seth. Fortunately you are not THAT cranky!!!
  7. I seem to remember that you were in the doghouse last year around this time for being “late” to get the snow tires off.....
  8. Do you have access to a supply of poultry litter/chicken manure? Shred up the wood, then put the poultry manure to it to break down the cellulose fiber. Stump grinder/stump auger as required to make it tillable. I would not want to plow it right away, but a BIG offset disk behind a crawler would help to chew things up. Where is this located?
  9. I had a scammer call me one day a few years back. I had been having a run of bad luck that week. Multiple flat tractor trailer tires, a clutch that gave up the ghost on a truck, a farm tractor that had cylinder liners corrode through, and something else that seemed monumental at the time. So I began asking the scammer to pay his bill. Anytime that the scammer spoke I would interject with “When will you be paying invoice # BR549?” And I was persistent! I stopped getting scam calls for a while after that. I wonder why?
  10. Send him up to my place for a week. I can arrange a bit of dozer time for him!!
  11. I have run that exact machine. YES! It does have air conditioning!! As I first began to read about this scenario a Kershaw Klearway, or similar (Hydro-Ax etc), would be my go to tool. I have found it to be effective on 5” diameter and smaller wood. Anything larger I would recommend a dozer or excavator for. It sounds like you would be able to go through with a forestry mower/mulcher to knock out the bulk of the trees and pick away at the rest. I think that you might call Down Under to Mike Newman and get him to “visit”. Heck, get a couple of us together and we could knock it off in a weekend. The diesel fuel bill and dinner bill might be a bit much though, to say nothing about mobilization............
  12. There is very little tongue weight (traction) with dolly wheels.
  13. How did you manage to take a picture of both of your hands?
  14. That is exactly what I was thinking! And covered too so that the grain does not get wet!!
  15. These International PTOs are actually quite simple systems. They will continue to function until they have almost completely self destructed. Cleaning the screen is good, but as mentioned above, it is wise to pull the whole thing out and go through it. Pressure wash the outside FIRST!, then drain the oil and remove the PTO taking care to tip it to save damaging the pickup tube. The IHC repair manual tells you how to do it step by step and how to fabricate the tool to press the clutch spring apart and together. Good luck!!
  16. I have to agree with Todd, that second picture is a very good picture of a very good looking hookup!!!
  17. Power is a 2-71 Detroit. I would say that the governor is not set for very high speed because it has a pleasant sound to it without screaming. Red????? Perhaps orange? More Specically Persian Orange (Allis-).
  18. The one Combine Derby that I ever got to see, in Montana!, had combines being Derbied nicer than what I was going to go home to!!
  19. Combine Derby LOOKS so much safer, but I think that any kind of Derby could be dangerous...
  20. Jeez, if Seth reads this he is going to start rambling about how he likes my UNIT. Here is a picture of me displaying my UNIT at my wedding reception:
  21. Negative. It was my wife that did that. A Prius does not power slide and is silent until the engine starts.....
  22. PTO gear(s)? IPTO shaft/couplers? Center of clutch splines getting loose? Have you pulled your top link cover to investigate? Could you rig up a camera to SAFELY observe the noise on startup?
  23. Just what I need Jeff!!! At least the one that you found in Tupper had her own skidder....
  24. And I can certainly imagine that he was VERY “appreciative” of your “assistance”. Would you have been better off to observe your athletic wife play? Or would that have put you in the doghouse for not playing?
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