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  1. Easy now, not all of New York State is La Guardia and JFK! Much of New York State is “flyover country”!!! Congratulations on your retirement!
  2. Poor Bitty…….
  3. Indeed. And you went from a GM without manual hubs to a Ford with manual hubs because why???
  4. Get the numbers from the axle bearings and you should readily be able to determine the axle rating. It is possible to put larger hubs on lighter axles for the sake of keeping similar bolt patterns and tires sizes amongst different trailers,
  5. Eastbound and down, Loaded up and trucking, We’re going to do what they say can’t be done……
  6. Met Vance at a New York Farm Bureau Annual Conference four/five years ago. Quite interesting to listen to him and talk with him afterwards.
  7. Pulling for Wilson here in New York.
  8. By hand! Then you could connecteth the “Ranger Del Grande” to one of them there Generometors and power up your washing machine to wash Lainey’s….. “NEVERMIND”!
  9. So Setheth will be the wingman or the piloteth?
  10. His “NEPHEW” the Vermontocian will be the wingman. Mailboxes be afraid, very afraid!!!
  11. I like jelly roll, with a large glass of milk. Tastier than Lainey’s jeans and, ”NEVERMIND!!!”
  12. Is her name “Tess” per chance? Asking for a “friend” in Vermont……
  13. Likely a better idea than using a steam pressure washer like a neighbor did. Results were faaaaaaaaar from pretty………
  14. For the plural of you I have taken to saying “yinz”. It makes people think that I am a Maine-er from Pittsburgh and really gets them confused. I am neither a Maine-er, nor from Pittsburgh.
  15. Jeeeeeeeffffffff!!!!!! You are going to waste my entire afternoon and I desperately need to get my laundry done….. Thanks, “Other Jeff”
  16. Mercy sakes alive Jeff!!! Then I googled her and found out that I am old enough to be her father…..
  17. The caboose is where his wife sends him when he misbehaves…..
  18. The caboose is where his wife sends him when he misbehaves…..
  19. Knowing you I would expect that you are referring to the one in the grey vest…….
  20. A “few years back” there was someone selling the paper? disks to rebuild those I am pretty sure. Unnnnnfortunately CRS (Cannot Remember Stuff) has set in and I do not recall who it was.
  21. Great Neck Saw is in Mineola, not terribly far from Long Island City. They manufacture Husky and Kobalt brands for Home Depot and Lowe’s, as well as other brands.
  22. “Where’s my gloves? the cold is not what my hands love…” can just picture Willie saying that now!!
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