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  1. Interesting that the first three topics are: Open mouth, insert foot Lemon Law How many marriages Coincidence????
  2. Has she “warmed up” to the idea of a bulldozer yet?
  3. You told HER to “Mush”?????? And you lived to tell about it?????? I distinctly remember how displeased she was when the bulk tank cooler got shut off!!!
  4. Are those dates the year that the wives were born? Geez, I hope not. The 2005 model would be how old (young?) now?
  5. Todd beat me to it! Buy her another ice cream for putting up with you!!!
  6. I have a buddy just below Saratoga that has a brick pizza oven in his backyard. He has a pizza party every fall. He builds the fire the night before the party. It is a VERY well attended party! If you build a pizza oven I will volunteer Orin, Sid, and myself for “Quality Control Tasting” purposes!!!
  7. You cannot blame him for getting the truck wrong. He was likely preoccupied with Ali McGraw!!! I know that I was.... Pay attention to the trucks instead of Ali this time!
  8. I know of a boat storage facility that drilled a hole in a fork and had hitch balls with a 6” piece of round stock weld to the nut so that they could hand tighten it. They also had a rack with draw pins and different sized hitch balls bolted on the fender.
  9. Is that a 2450 on a 186 Hydro? That belongs to a “member” here? As far tubing versus iron pipe, I have been taught that iron pipe will create A LOT MORE HEAT due to friction than tubing.
  10. Are you suggesting that the Yellow Wonder Bucket is superior to Hy-Tran?????? Or just more appropriate in this particular application? Only Red Power Forum could turn a toilet thread into an Oil Thread!!!
  11. 1586 Jeff


    When you say that you get dizzy getting up, do you mean when you are getting up after mentioning bulldozers to your wife? Does your wife have a frying pan in her hand just before you get dizzy?
  12. Great advice! Snatch blocks are your friend. Force multiplication AND changes of direction. Get a couple of snatch blocks. I like having an assortment of snatch blocks as well as a selection of anchor points/d-rings so that you can rig for direction changes to line up the casualty or winch the casualty back off of the deck. Lesson for today: Listen to Mark for advice on winches, not wenches!!!
  13. Looking at the head of the pin and the drilled grease passage I wonder if the head of the pin is offset to keep it from spinning in the bore. I would agree with Mr. Plow, spin the nut off with an impact wrench and see what happens. If you destroy the pin and nut with that method then you are cutting it off anyhow. If the impact wrench works then great!
  14. Do NOT buy the tractor, but instead tell ME privately where it is so that I can go buy it!!! Come on man, you cannot tease is like that without pictures!! Of course you should go buy it!!!! We will all be chagrined if you do not! Should you decide not to buy it I would certainly be interested in it!!
  15. Good to hear from you Rye!!!
  16. 1586 Jeff

    The Dog Thread

    I am really, really appreciative of the condolences on my Sam’s passing. The next day was the first time in 14 years that I had woken up without him being alive. Today was a little rough as I saw another dog being petted happily by a smiling owner and I instantly remembered all of the joy that Ol’ Sambo brought to me. I never knew that adopting that one particular dog would have such a profound effect upon my life!!!
  17. DYNAMITE!!!! Did you want to be able to use the house afterwards?
  18. While clambering around inside of the dragline “Big Brutus” I remarked to my wife that it was large enough to House a couple of families!!!
  19. Scout chassis with a older camper trailer shell grafted on the top? Do you have pictures of the right side?
  20. On 103 below the railroad crossing?
  21. Jake, If you HAD given her the buckle would you then have had to buy her ice cream, AGAIN?
  22. Bail money? Would a tractor and a chain be cheaper? That is what Cooter used to do a couple of times a week for Bo and Luke!
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