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  1. So do you wear goalie pads to protect your shins? Asking for Sid since he is too bashful to do so himself!!
  2. I keep an old gas grill around for preheating cast parts that fit inside of it. Dry pine kindles at 450 degrees Fahrenheit which tells me when it is ready to weld. Generally I tack it with 6010, preheat, then weld the root pass in one inch beads alternating sides/ends to equalize stresses, peening frequently with a chipping hammer, cover passes with 11018MMR in one inch beads, then post heat in grill, finishing by wrapping in fiberglass insulation to cool SLOWLY. Fran showed me this and it has served me well.
  3. There one in pristine condition just up the road from my farm. Let me see about getting a picture of it tomorrow.
  4. You just have to know where to look for it. Stewart’s Shops to the East of you still sells it in half gallons as well as three gallon containers! If you come to Syracuse for the Farm Show I will hook you up. What flavor would you like?
  5. WITH big rubber on the back end to boot!!
  6. Unfortunately this happens much more frequently than you would expect.
  7. Have you considered a suggested penalty? Schlepping sap above the Black Line for Hot Biscuit and Dale or washing cars at Mark’s Garage?
  8. Be still my beating heart!! 24.5s or 30.5s?
  9. It was more of a rhetorical question as to the expense of maintenance as opposed to the often greater expense of downtime.
  10. What does down time on that drag line cost?
  11. The only filter failure that I have had was memorable! Filter was installed on the return line of the three point hitch log splitter and my wife pushed the remote lever from extend THROUGH NEUTRAL TO RETRACT. That setup had been used for three or four decades with no problem, but she thought that it would be funny to reverse the flow on me. Then she yelled at me for dumping oil all over the ground and myself……
  12. My farm does that in 150 FEET!! One hand on the draft control, one hand on the T/A, and a foot ready for the clutch when plowing….
  13. Now THAT has “Seth & Mark’s Fire Department” written all over it in HUGE, BOLD letters!!!! Now the only question is “Who gets to drive & who runs the siren???”
  14. Dinner, dinner, chicken spinner!! Remind me that I owe you a milkshake Dale!
  15. My first “EV” was purchased used in 1979 and hauled home on the back of a Chevy truck. It served us well for twenty years, giving us a dozen years out of the used battery and charger. When we replaced the battery we had to purchase a new charger to go with it. Range was 12-15 hours, but top speed was only 10-11 miles per hour forward and slightly faster in reverse. Roading it between farms was better done in reverse, mostly because it steered better that way. There were two distinct speeds to it, but I could not tell you if that was mechanical or electric for certain. Upon further thought I believe that “High Gear” was done electrically because the electric motor coupled directly to the ring and pinion. From the factory it came standard with three remote valves and we added a splitter on the third to operate a fourth function. Other than the battery dying the only trouble that it gave us was a 2 AWG copper wire that burned open between the “throttle” rheostat and the motor. Easy to operate, no exhaust fumes in a climate controlled potato storage and packing house, it always started, and was American Made! Now who can guess what this “EV” was?
  16. In addition to AW Direct have you looked at Galls?
  17. Heavens NO!!! Nor do I want to know why YOU are curious about it!
  18. Funny, neither the front, nor the rear wheel centers show up. But the cab entry steps clearly do!!
  19. The glass of milk, not her left hand that was chopped/airbrushed off…..
  20. What I would like to know is how is the glass of milk in the center being levitated……
  21. I used to feed a length of wire through the dipstick tube and out the oil pan drain to drive the shank out if I could not pull it. Identify the spark plugs and keep the appropriate Heli-coil kit on hand. You will use it. Kits are offered with the threading tool and a single insert or multiple inserts.
  22. Where was the show? I wonder when that got the tubeless wheels?
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