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  1. I had the “opportunity” to drive a “High Performance” 8N once!! Multiple Sherman Overdrive Transmissions had been installed. The tractor was capable of highly unsafe speeds, IF you were brave enough. The steering on that particular tractor left LOTS to be desired!!!
  2. Spreader or TMR Mixer? I have a Knight 2400 side slinger that I have been unable to pull the sprocket from. Cutting it from the shaft like this is going to be the next step.
  3. Shredded????? Or “shedded”?
  4. I agree with Andy, that looks like an INCREDIBLY HANDY unit to have on a farm. Just the reach alone would be handy. Bags of seed, duals, changing tires, duals, welding projects, duals, fetching things, duals, and oh yeah, it would be great for installing and removing duals too! I would like something like this! (Standby for pictures.........)
  5. Tyler, What is the boom truck that you are using to set them in/out?
  6. I am really, really appreciative of the condolences on my Sam’s passing. The next day was the first time in 14 years that I had woken up without him being alive. Today was a little rough as I saw another dog being petted happily by a smiling owner and I instantly remembered all of the joy that Ol’ Sambo brought to me. I never knew that adopting that one particular dog would have such a profound effect upon my life!!!
  7. Dang Jeff, that just makes me smile this morning! The other Jeff
  8. It is with incredibly great sadness that I can no longer add any new dog pictures to this. Unfortunately I had to put my boy Sam down today. Rest In Peace Sam, Rest In Peace!!!
  9. Road trip? Let’s grab Orin on the way and go knock it out!
  10. Are you talking about Darrin Johnson?
  11. Roughly 5 to 6 hours SOUTH of me..........
  12. Super Pooch went on a road trip with me yesterday. Bonus points to who can figure out what he checked off of his places visited list. (And I was starting to think that the Bonus Round was over for him. He just needed some sunshine!!!)
  13. Each dog that I have had has given me much more than I was able to give them. My Sam is still hanging in there and being an old dog. I keep saying that each dog is the greatest. Then when I finally get past the grieving and get the next dog I cannot believe that it is so much better than its predecessor. I can tell you that even as old, arthritic, and short winded as Sam is I still REALLY enjoy his company!!
  14. Bill,

     I just got home from the Farm Bureau meeting that was held in Binghamton this week.

     I did have every intention of getting ahold of you on Monday, but ended up driving the whole day, dodging cars all the way to Binghamton.  The next time that I thought about looking you up was on my way back up 88 when I saw the Harpursville/Nineveh Exit And decided that it would not be enough notice for you.  Maybe next time.



    1. ny bill o

      ny bill o


      I was there for the meeting, too. I thought about posting something on the forum about going, but time and the snowstorm got in the way. I'm "Bill Olin Broome County" during the delegate sessions. and i did the invocation last night at dinner. I wish I had known you were there. were you a delegate from ??? county? 

    2. 1586 Jeff

      1586 Jeff

       I too wish that I had known that you were also there.  During the delegate session on Tuesday I had gotten up to speak ahead of the section that I wished to speak upon, and then thanked Eric Ooms for “getting caught up to me” when I did speak.

       I will look for you at next years convention if I do not see you at Lobby Days.

      Jeff Leavitt of Essex County.

    3. ny bill o

      ny bill o

      I remember the occasion during the session. I wish we could have met in Binghamton. from your posts here, i knew you were somewhere in the north country, but didn't know where. I expect to be at Lobby Days in the winter. see you then.


  15. Sam is enjoying his “Thunder Bunny”. Fortunately for Thunder Bunny this will be the first stuffed animal to outlast Sam. Unfortunately for me my time with Sam is growing to a close.
  16. Jake, I feel terrible for you Jake. May there be better days ahead. Jeff
  17. So my old mutt is deaf. As a post. Fireworks no longer bother him. But he still can hear??? a bag of treats rustling as they are moved on top of the fridge!!
  18. Chicken? Egg? I know of some “owners” that the dog made the “owner” a better person....... As for getting this thread “sucked into a vortex”? Asking whether to use Hy-Tran, Hy-Gard, or Yellow Wonder Bucket Stuff would CERTAINLY get this awesome thread “sucked into a vortex”!!!!
  19. Gonzo, I extend my sincerest sympathies to you. But do not dwell upon your loss, instead cherish ALWAYS the memories of your great dog!!!!
  20. 1586 Jeff


    Ice Cream is my vice as well!!
  21. Have you had any difficulties pulling a gooseneck trailer with the tool body? Is that a higher than normal gooseneck? Or a lower than normal tool body?
  22. Rest In Peace Shadow, Rest In Peace. Ace, you have my sincere condolences. That right there is a happy looking dog. Cherish the memories of her always.
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