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  1. 24 minutes ago, Cdfarabaugh said:

    Strange it makes a difference as pretty much every large Deere tractor made within the past 30 years is pc/ls hydraulics as well.  

    30 years???

     I was about to say 40 years myself but I then realized that 50+ years would be more accurate!!!

  2. 3 minutes ago, 12_Guy said:

    Thanks for that, I forgot about their best feature! I have wondered if the iso conversion still makes use of the levers? 

    The ISO conversion that I have on all 3 remotes of my 1586 do not have the levers.

     I wish that I had the levers....

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  3. 10 hours ago, hardtail said:

    Guy a year older in high school Bird had just got a 66 Impala with a 327 and glide, think he had it 2 days and it as winter and drag racing another guy in a Chevy pickup at night, they took off and the truck took the hole shot but Bird started running him down on the lake bottom, around 80 mph Bird shifted to 3rd gear which was absent on the glide into reverse, blew the tail housing apart and then the driveshaft hit the pavement in quite a spectacular shower of sparks this would have been 1980 ish and that was the end of it.....


    9 hours ago, Dasnake said:

    Floor shift?

    I believe that it would have been a column shift.  It sounds like the shifter had been pulled down into Low, then up one notch into “Second” (actually High), then up into “Third” (actually Reverse)!!!

    if my memory is correct from the PowerGlide that I had in my Ventura II the shift pattern was PNRDL, not the PRND2L that was in the TH350s and TH400s.

    Chrysler had another shift pattern for their automatic transmissions at one time, but I cannot recall what it was.

    Today is the wrong day for me to grumble about getting old.....,

  4. 23 hours ago, mike newman said:

    DD......with what Seth is getting into...and to catch a  'name ' from Cool Hand Luke.....I believe    "Dragline "   would be more appropriate.......:D



    20 hours ago, Ihfan4life said:

    I still like backhoe king, but that’s a different topic! 

    Seth’s customers might not appreciate “504 King” like we would.........

  5. 6 hours ago, MTO said:



    6 hours ago, MTO said:


    Previously it was suggested that Mark was Seth’s uncle.  Does this mean that Seth should call him Uncle Smart?  I am just curious?  The banter between these two is quite humorous!!

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  6. 3 minutes ago, MarkG said:

    Sad tragedy. Can someone give more details how this could happen. I think you can stand up in corn. Are there grains you will sink in?


     I have been buried waist deep (intentionally in a training simulator) in corn.  It is NOT a fun feeling.

    Grain can crust up and bridge leaving a hidden void that can collapse and bury you.  Grain stuck to the side of the bin can tumble down and bury you.  Especially after emptying grain out of a bin there is a danger of entrapment if you enter a grain bin.

    There are more instances where this could be a problem as well.

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  7. 13 hours ago, NY1468 said:

    Assembly stickers are still on my dodge frame and it is close to the 400k mark also. Just the cab is not faring so well, someday the doors will leave me I’m pretty sure or just not close because of the cab is collapsing around the rest of the truck. 

    Smart Alec!

    Has your truck lives in New York State its whole life?

  8. 1 hour ago, Dasnake said:

    I totally missed the ampersand in your header, all I saw was bs experts, and that could be me, but I will stay with my post.

    Well, this certainly is the right place for BS experts!!!!

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  9. Sea containers can be had on rolloff rails for dumping......


    Sid and I know an electrician.  Oh, wait, never mind....,,,


     I could bring the UNIT over to “hoe out” for you.  Is your homeowners policy up to date?


     I wanted to suggest hauling the detritus to Connecticut for storage, but your lovely wife might not appreciate that suggestion at all!!

  10. 44 minutes ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    Put their stuff in a sea container and deliver to their new place

    Let the keg go bang and get it over with.......dragging it out won't work cause they have had that stuff forever so time is not the same to them

    Seth can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that his in laws live next door to him!!

    Delivery would not be much of an issue.  Just get another sea container/connex box and put their stuff into it.

    Perhaps Seth and his bride might select a location for the sea container that is “logistically beneficial”.  I.E., out of their way (and sight) but “convenient” for the in laws.   Whether it is aesthetic for the in laws is up to Seth and his bride.......

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