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  1. so I found a set of h rims but cant get them out till spring there in a scrap pile in the snow 

    1. 1586 Jeff

      1586 Jeff

      That is fine.

       I am in no urgent hurry for them.

      Did you ever get your disk in Romulus?

  2. Bill,

     I just got home from the Farm Bureau meeting that was held in Binghamton this week.

     I did have every intention of getting ahold of you on Monday, but ended up driving the whole day, dodging cars all the way to Binghamton.  The next time that I thought about looking you up was on my way back up 88 when I saw the Harpursville/Nineveh Exit And decided that it would not be enough notice for you.  Maybe next time.



    1. 1586 Jeff

      1586 Jeff

       I too wish that I had known that you were also there.  During the delegate session on Tuesday I had gotten up to speak ahead of the section that I wished to speak upon, and then thanked Eric Ooms for “getting caught up to me” when I did speak.

       I will look for you at next years convention if I do not see you at Lobby Days.

      Jeff Leavitt of Essex County.

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