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  1. Are you two fighting over Sasquatch again?
  2. I have never seen grains WINDOWED either. I have seen grains windrowed and engine blocks windowed. Doggone spellcheck!!!
  3. All of this talk about 6601s makes me want to run the serial number on mine and find out when it was built. My 1586 does not struggle with it in terms of horsepower. I certainly know that it is back there when I get a full hopper of wheat on the side hills that I have. I actually pulled it home empty with my JD 6200 because it has “flat axles” that do not protrude. The long axles of my 1586 would not have cleared one of the bridges that I had to cross.
  4. Whereabouts? I have a bucket to fetch in South Central Maine. And another member has a control valve to fetch for one of his backhoes “SOMEWHERE” up there.....
  5. I hope that the kitty cat on the left side of the tractor was able to scamper away!!
  6. Words cannot begin to express my feelings....... May the family somehow move forward from this.
  7. 38” I think that we had a conversation about the rims not being the correct size when you saw it way back when.
  8. I knew a fellow that sprayed lacquer WHILE chainsmoking. How he never blew himself to smithereens is beyond me!!!
  9. I am curious about how much a NEW rear rim would be for a Farmall H. I have an opportunity to look at some used rims and I am wondering how much more NEW rims might be. Thank you!!!
  10. 1586 Jeff


    Pulling for you and your mother!!
  11. I have only run into LESS THAN half of a dozen fittings that the standard coupler will not connect to. Changing the grease zerk to a 45 degree zerk took care of most of those. There are some fittings (Ford Super Duty upper ball joints) that a right angle coupler is necessary regardless of the tip on the grease gun. I have never tried the Lock N Lube XL long reach tip so I cannot comment upon it.
  12. 18 volt Milwaukee with a Lock N Lube coupler. Hands down the best setup that I have ever used!!!
  13. 1586 Jeff


    Yet another “pearl of wisdom” from dear Sethro!!!
  14. That is how it USED to work. And as much as I do not like having MORE government, getting a federal standard was a good thing.
  15. I remember that quite well also. The extended chassis D-8 46As were of interest to me. Particularly two, one named Mary Ann and another named Kathleen.
  16. Who has been to Antarctica and can give me FIRSTHAND information about their experiences there? Thank you!
  17. Holey Mackerel!! I am pulling for you, your wife, and your entire family!!!
  18. That makes sense. Around here there are more rotten boxes on decent running gear because they do not get cleaned out. Welding patches on rotten silage boxes can get time consuming and frustrating.
  19. That looks like an awfully stout frame for a side dump cart made out of seed drill boxes.... What are you going to use for the side dump box?
  20. I definitely DO NOT stock multiple oil filters for that!
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