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  1. OOOOOOOFFF!!! What do you pull that with??? How big of a bale are you making? What do you pick up said bales with?
  2. I am pulling for you and your family Kevin.
  3. He takes after his Uncle Mark too much sometimes!!!
  4. Potato COMBINE?!?!?!?!? What is the cylinder speed and concave setting for combining POTATOES???? I have heard very few people refer to it potato harvester as a “Potato Combine”. One of those fellows is being laid to rest today. Rest In Peace Douglass.
  5. There does not appear to be very much length to the cable on the winch. That being said it does look like the drum could hold more cable. I would like to know more, a lot more, about cable plowing. I have always been fascinated with winches. You two........
  6. Ron, I cannot take your pain and heartache away, but I certainly can empathize with you. I too am willing to listen if you wish talk. PM me. Shiny side up and hammer down!! Jeff
  7. PM me if you are interested. My winter wheat is the lushest, greenest, tastiest thing in the valley come March. The walking venison (Brown Vultures!!!!!!) all say “Buffet!!!, and bring their whole fam-damily. Grannie and Ellie Mae too. It is amazing what a team of trained snipers with night vision scopes can surgically hit at 250-300 yards. Across two converging winds (Northwest wind and a South wind), three different thermal inclines (hayfield, creek, wheat fields), in the DARK!!! And these guys wager nickels for shot placement! I must say that I am impressed with your reclamation.
  8. Concur. Unfortunately I just cannot break away this year.
  9. Whoa Nellie!!! I suggest that you drain that fuel into a suitable shipping container and send it to me! Seriously though, you have been given good advice on draining accumulated water and just burning the fuel in the engine as you would normally. Adding a good fuel conditioner is not a bad idea at all.
  10. “It was cold in the middle of a railroad town......” As previously mentioned, Thunderstruck by AC/DC and Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road are two of my favorites. Red Simpson’s Diesel Smoke-Dangerous Curves is probably my all time favorite. I still listen to that LP from time to time!
  11. Is the spear cutting a vertical slot into the bale and letting the bale drop/slide down on the spear?
  12. One of the “life lessons” that I learned in college. A fellow stated that if you picked a skunk up by the hind legs it could not spray you. I reason that it has something to do with not being able to push its front legs against its back legs to pressurize its spray. The above referenced fellow demonstrated his technique by catching a skunk, carrying it across campus, and tossing it it through the doorway of the girls dormitory. I may have held one of the double doors open while another lad may have held the other door open. Said skunk went sliding down the tiled floor until it ended and the carpet began. When the skunk hit the carpet it FINALLY regained traction and mayhem ensued!!!
  13. IF, and I repeat IF, you decide to use dynamite please record it on video and play it for us!!! Seriously though, BE CAREFUL!!! Your body is only a single-usage (as far as I currently know!). It does sound like you are getting some good advice and giving this the forethought that it merits. Good luck!!
  14. Can you come up with enough pipe/hose to use the grain vacuum through the top center lid? I have always dreamt of a grain vac, the closest thing that I have used is a shop vac! Have 2 people present so that one can fetch help for the other if need be. Some people have talked about using a large air compressor to break up the grain.
  15. I am pulling for you Sid!!! Call me at any hour.
  16. Gearclash, I am happy to hear that he is pulling through. I am pulling for him along with the other children mentioned here as well as those children that are not mentioned here. The children are our future. Let us nurture them.
  17. BJ, On behalf of all of us here “THANK YOU!!!!” for everything that you do to keep the RedPower Forum running!!!
  18. Oh, and my favorite flavor of ice cream? it can vary, but currently it is Honey/Cinnamon Twist from a private ice cream stand. “Piece of Cake” from Stewart’s is my current favorite ice cream flavor from them.
  19. The ASAE standard for 1 3/4” 1000 rpm PTOs is 20 splines. For the 1 3/8” PTOs it is 21 splines for 1000 rpms and 6 splines for 540 rpms. For 1 1/8” 540 rpm PTOs it is also 6 splines.
  20. Stewart’s still has ice cream in HALF GALLON containers. You can also order larger containers of ice cream from them, INCLUDING 3 gallon make your own sundae kits!!!
  21. That was my thought as well, a floater buggy that has been reincarnated.
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