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  1. A 2” slab of plate steel to “reinforce” the bed would help........
  2. No kidding!!! I have a 750 John Deere as well and my neighbors pick on me for being such a big guy on such a small tractor. I really like it on the grain augers because it has live hydraulics and the PTO is easily engaged and disengaged from the ground.
  3. Bill, You neglected to mention that you ate ice cream!!!
  4. Mmmmmmmmmm, tater tots....
  5. You two meatballs are both East of me!!! Are you trying to say that you are not the wireman that assembled that “assembly”? And what is with the third conductor on the 120 circuit whereas the 240 circuit.....
  6. I certainly hope not, I am trying to eat dinner!!!
  7. Such a loving family that they are so thoughtful for each other. Why Seth is even nice enough to remind his beloved Uncle Mark to put his kickstand up!!!
  8. There is a Haun Welding store as well as an Airgas store nearby. However, the rosebud always USED TO WORK with my hoses, tanks, and regulators. I have checked and the o rings are toast on the rosebud attachment where it connects to the torch handle as well as the acetylene hose has some signs of being kinked where it takes off from the regulator. Are the o rings specific to a torch or will generic o rings suffice?
  9. Or I am running out of acetylene? The tank is low on gas AND I have a kinked hose that I noticed when I was taking the regulators of to put them away.
  10. This is a Victor/Purox. I am not sure if it is a W200 or W300, I have both.
  11. I have been having trouble with the rosebud head on my torch popping. A LOT!!! My neighbors must think that I am playing with firecrackers. I never used to have trouble with my rosebud until a couple of years ago. I have tried cleaning it with a torch tip cleaner, but it still pops. If I back away from the workpiece it will stop popping, but no heat is being applied. I am looking for suggestions on how to fix this. Thank you!
  12. Touché Sethro, touché!!! Is that any way to talk about your nephew?
  13. Ahhhhhhh, the irony of it all!!!!!! Mark, you have been offering to go visit Seth for the purpose of “assisting” him. Perhaps it is time for you to have his home address: 3637 Greenbush Road, Charlotte, Vermont 05445. As you pull in to the compound it will be the first house on the right. Good luck!
  14. I agree with Andy, that looks like an INCREDIBLY HANDY unit to have on a farm. Just the reach alone would be handy. Bags of seed, duals, changing tires, duals, welding projects, duals, fetching things, duals, and oh yeah, it would be great for installing and removing duals too! I would like something like this! (Standby for pictures.........)
  15. I know a couple of fellows that would call that their motto!!!
  16. One piece at a time..... (But it did cost more than a dime.....) That looks nice! I have rebuilt tooooooo many rusty trailers. I would not know what to do building a trailer with ALL NEW STEEL!!!!!!
  17. Tyler, What is the boom truck that you are using to set them in/out?
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