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  1. Many stick a current date newspaper into the wall too. As by the time the wall is torn apart again, they will be a thing of the past. Along with CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and the other "Imaginary News Networks".
  2. Only if we let it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so show up in numbers to oppose this. Get to your school boards and make some noise. This is just wrong!
  3. One of the age old questions? "Not knowing when to quit!"
  4. I guess me better not say about the propane I put in a car air cunditioner. Kept my beer very cool.
  5. Thanks Cattech for the toxicology report. It stated he had a lot of drugs in him. Can someone here list them all, what a fatal amount would be and what Floyd had in his body? So a bunch of old dirt farmers can understand? Was he going to die if the cops never touched him?
  6. Take the village idiot, hop him/her up on serious drugs and try to ask them to comply? Some can keep going after a taser or pepper spray. These people are headed down the slippery slope to death and then a sober and sane police officer tries to handle them. Good luck with that. I seen enough cops at the scene. The only question I had is, why did they not pick him up, throw him into the back of the patrol car and head for the hospital or jail. That way he is not laying there, drawing a crowd, and possibly dying, like what happened. If that was policy to hold
  7. Danny S, please put your state on so we know who is close to you. Thanks I would start by removing the fuel line at the back of the pump to make sure you have fuel getting to the pump. Let it run a few seconds as it may go down to a drip, or nothing, rather quick. There could be something blocking the flow of fuel from the tank. Are you getting fuel to the bleeders on both filters? The transfer pump on these gave little to no problems. Since is has recently run, the metering valve is not stuck nor should the plungers be stuck. Everyone should run Stanadyne Fu
  8. Yes, they sell take off beds up this way for less than a grand. They have so many, you can almost pick your own color. Check around your area with a salvage yard or look on any of the iron auction sites.
  9. No matter how this turns out, Minneapolis will burn. The idiots will see it is done?
  10. That is why I wear rubber boots?
  11. We done 26 of the 66 series with the differential recall in the 70's. We found when setting the ring and pinion, use the tighter clearances for a quiet rear end. When you go to the looser side, that is when the differential noises start. The inside of these are basically the same but I can see many changes from my time.
  12. That's the spirit. Fix it right and make it work again. I'm afraid I cannot help. The amazing thing of these engines is how they can burn so much gas through such a small fuel line.
  13. I love the grease zerk as a front sight on the shotgun. Somebody put a lot of work into this. Thank You to who did it.
  14. Now for a bit of trivia. Albert Champion started his own company making a better spark plug. He then worked with GM making spark plugs, etc with the company later being named AC, AC Delco, etc. So when you buy an AC or Champion plug, they were both from the same guy. Albert was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1977. https://www.automotivehalloffame.org/honoree/albert-c-champion/
  15. Hisses and what you described are usually due to a valve not sealing as it should. Compression is being leaked back into the intake or exhaust stream. I would first remove all the nozzles and have them tested for break pressure, dribble, etc.. While out, do a compression test, if you can get the nozzle adapter and gauge to do so. Most diesel shops can do this for you. Also check the pump timing to be sure it is correct. A general tune-up may get this running back the way it should.
  16. If you got done with this and the blood is not running down your arm, you are one lucky guy.
  17. If you looked in the IH Parts Book, there were various heat ranges for the Champion plugs. So, if you had a tractor using oil, you should have upped the heat range to get a good clean burn. There were also lower heat ranges for tractors running hard in the higher heat of the south. The tools, (various heat ranges), were there if people used them.
  18. I put a lot of Champion D15Y's into IH tractors and never had a problem. Champions are factory to IH. The only plug problem I ever seen myself was with Bosch plugs. -30 below and a 4 cylinder Honda would not start. I had heard there were issues with Bosch so got a set of NGK's. It fired right up. The jist was that Bosch tries to use the same plug for multiple applications so the heat range, etc. is wrong. Then they sell them cheap at the Walmart. The owner of the Honda took the plugs and was going to have some fun with Bosch. I never heard how it tu
  19. Basically anything, like grease, silicon, gasket cement, or most products, on a gasket makes it slippery. When you tighten it down, the gasket then oozes out the sides due to the clamping force. So I wipe down both surfaces with Brakleen, Carb Cleaner, etc and make sure it is dry. Then when the gasket is installed and tightened, it is captured by both the dry surfaces and will not ooze out unless you over tighten. The new style head gaskets I wipe down head and block with Brakleen and let dry. I will not touch the gasket surfaces as you may have greasy hands and your h
  20. If they think they "Need" a phone number, I put in: 605-555-1212 Which is South Dakota Directory Assistance. My name is in there. I also have an old Hotmail e-mail account that I use for these sites. An account I never check.
  21. This would be a great time for everyone to check their member information to the left of the screen. I think this is called the Avatar. If all would at a minimum, put their state on, it would be appreciated. Sometimes things come up and it would be nice to have a general idea where that member lives. Just filing out the location would help. Thanks!
  22. The nozzles do need a rebuild. They should all break at about the same pressure with a fine mist and no dribble at all. With all the fittings out of the return on top of the pump and running, there should be noticeable fuel coming from the pump return. Not squirting but a fair amount. Put your finger over that hole, while running and it will die. I believe those use a rubber line from the final filter to the pump. If a rubber line, replace it. Those swell inside and shut off the flow of fuel to the pump. Let us know what you find.
  23. Marriage is the true cause of divorce? Think with the big head and not the little one!
  24. We got along just fine in South Dakota in 2020. But, we have a Governor that believes in letting people make the decisions. Hopefully Illinois lets things go forward.
  25. They are all the same but I have found them gone and every substance known to man packed into the holes. Screw driver them loose, blow out with air and run a tap down the holes to make sure the threads are good. Hopefully, if missing a bolt, it is not broken off in the hole. If so, things get more complicated.
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