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  1. I took an Oldsmobile into GM dealer for a 15 minute recall. An hour later I went to the shop and asked why a 15 minute job was taking an hour. The tech said he had to do an inspection and that he was finished. I went to the office and the guy had a printed off sheet of all the cars sins. It came to about $1,500.00 and asked when a good time would be to get it in and fixed? I asked if the sheet was mine and he said it was. I folded it up, put it in my pocket and said I would look into these matters myself. He said, "Oh, you are one of those." Same dealers
  2. Only one! I always said it would be a cold day in he!! when I got married. It was 30 below in December, 30 years ago this year. I think I will keep her!
  3. Mums the word? Sorry, had to do it.
  4. There are a lot of big dairies North of Sisseton, SD. Last year we counted seven Klaas cutters going at the same time. You could easily get run over by all the trucks.
  5. Pull the #2 plug wire from the cap while running. Let the spark jump from the cap to the wire, about 3/8 to 1/2 inch. If the cylinder then fires every time, you can then cheat. Open the gap on the #2 spark plug to about 0.060 and try that. My H does the same thing so I opened the plug gap and it hits every time. It runs so good, I hate to mess with it. I too had changed plugs and it remained on #2. Anyone know why, I am all ears?
  6. 42739DA is the IH part # for it. Has probably been superseded to a new #. Local Case/IH dealer can hopefully have or order.
  7. Another thing with a shotgun. Close your eyes. Shoulder the gun so it feels comfortable. It should just snap to your shoulder. Then open your eyes. You should be looking right down the rib, or barrel, with the sights or beads aligned pretty close to perfectly. If you see the bead first, the barrel if high and you will shoot high. If you see the receiver first, you will shoot low. The gun has to fit YOU! This is a basic way of finding out if it does.
  8. Oversee the pouring of the concrete. I have seen too many times the contractor was about a 1/4 yard short and didn't want to mess with it, so he fudged. I have a place behind both vehicles in a double garage that gathers water and right in front of the overhead doors. I want to choke that concrete man every winter. They cheat and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Get the amount of concrete needed and the finish on it you want. Will be well worth your time to oversee that project.
  9. Since you are headed to Grand Forks, you may want to put in a 195 degree T-stat. It can get ball bustin cold there in the winter and you may want some heat come January?
  10. My tranny guy says dump any vehicle with a CVT like a hot rock. He says they will not run over 100,000 miles and will go out. Usually just out of warranty. It is just a matter of time before they do. All the car manufacturers are trying to make them work and they will not last. Most manufacturers are trying them and there are many issues. These are the CVT's in automobiles with the snowmobile clutch and steel belt design. There is a lot of engineering to be done to make these run for 200,000 miles.
  11. Stupidity at it's finest. Do they think you are licking someone else's fingers? Another Demdemic moment!
  12. Put a plunger on the end of a pressure tire seater. The blast of air should unseat the worst plug. Then you can use the cheap toilets that no one wants. A splash shield may be required? If someone makes this, let us know how this unique invention works out? A toilet thread? What' next, how your vasectomy went? LMAO on this one!
  13. Drink a cup of that yellow bucket stuff and the toilet will flush with no issues. You will be flushed too.
  14. I replaced a lot of bull gears and brake pinions but never had a planetary go down. But they were only out a few years when I hung up the wrenches.
  15. The straw spreader came off for oats as the straw was the best bedding. More idiot blocks to go into the barn so it was nice clean straw.
  16. I need 1/2 a Viagra to stop peeing on my shoes. Penicillin stopped the drip! I also have to find it before I can determine if I have, "The Kink". 30 years ago I was contacted by a lawyer about the asbestos issue since I worked for IH. I told them I was not going to sue anyone. Worthless ambulance chasing lawyers and people who want something for nothing. I do know that after blowing the black dust out of a clutch, I would light a cigarette which almost put me to my knees. I'm sure it was the asbestos so I vacuumed them out after that. You learn by your m
  17. I went to the Lee Auto Prime to install primers. Seems easier than the RCBS mounted on the press. I can watch TV and do this in my chair
  18. My new 686 4" got a new set of Hogue grips immediately. The gun got carried for 20 years and the grips still look like new. I love wood but I did not want to beat them up in case I wanted to trade it off. The woods are still in the original box. Those Hogue's are one tough grip but I do like the look of wood.
  19. I seen swathing more this year than in a long time. Most was done due to weeds. The grain and weeds lay in the windrow, in the hot sun, and dry out before running through the combine. Rarely did we straight cut when I was growing up. 2-4D was just coming out then.
  20. 400 Versatile swathers used these. They are still setting in the trees here and cheap.
  21. Look for the Lumen amount. That is the new way of saying how much light it puts out. I have a normal size LED flashlight that uses 9 AA batteries. It is super bright and nice to use with my old eyes. And I may need to change batteries about once a year.
  22. OK, but who do you sue for the kink in your dick?
  23. M35A2 said: "When you look at the picture of the tank, the pressure relief valve is on the left hand side of the lid. The other valve is a liquid withdrawl valve." That is correct and the way it is made, a liquid withdrawal valve can be screwed onto the right valve under pressure. The tank does not need to be empty. Put a hose on the new valve and you can fill the tractor, BBQ tanks, anything that has a refillable LP tank. A handy tool to have. Yes, I did fill some to 90% during a long cold winter, knowing the furnace was burning this off before the hot summer sun hit it.
  24. 40 years of success with all the RCBS stuff and a Rock Chucker. Don't know anything else.
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