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  1. Yes, both a square bore and a Quadrajet replacement. Just order the adapter to fit your mixer and the way you go.
  2. A big tuneup should be in order. If not serviced in the past 20 years, do the pump now and save yourself a lot of grief when the Elastacast ring turns into black sand. Don't be surprised if the inside is full of rust. Yes, diesel fuel no longer prevents rust since the sulfur was removed. Thank you very much federal government? Please, use the Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Conditioner in all diesels. This will stop the rust and prevent the pumping plungers and metering valve from sticking. A friend of mine was the shop manager of a diesel shop. He swears by Stanadyne
  3. Mix some dry Portland Cement with the bird seed. They eat it, drink water and you have concrete. They weigh just a touch more.
  4. Now some Rocket Scientist came up with the CVT Transmission. Most brands are using it and it will fail around 100,000 miles. This is basically a snowmobile clutch with a steel belt and pulleys. They are very sluggish to drive. Make sure you do not have one of them as it will fail. The transmission man I use will not let one in the door. There is no fix for them other than a direct factory replacement. I have heard around $4,000 thru Honda for a new one, if you can get one. Owning one of these is like owning a hybrid car that needs a little work. You
  5. Not sure what is going on here but I overhauled a lot of pressure plates when one could get the parts from IH. There was a special fixture that I used to set the fingers for each particular tractor. I would test the springs, replace the wear surface if needed and the backing plate, if PTO splines worn. This was setting the pressure plate correctly for the tractor. A shimmed pressure plate means it is not right for that tractor unless shimmed out. I would look for another pressure plate unless Ford showed, in the book, this is how it's done.
  6. 4th of July parade in a small town. Kids pickup bags of candy. Fireworks going off everywhere, almost everyone has a beer in hand, the people have to move out of the way for the parade floats to go by, beer is given from one float, at least. No one hurt and is a bit out of hand. Parade lasts over an hour. 4th of July parade in big town. Candy throw before the parade for safety. No throwing candy from any float during parade. Must stand behind barriers. No beer, no fireworks, no fun. 1/2 the crowd in big town as the small town. Parade lasts 1/2 hour. Where would you want to go?
  7. I hear what you are saying. Some say you have to get the shot to stop the pandemic. Some say this will not help. In any event, we are all Americans who have the right to choose on our own. It is this, "You have to?" or, "You can't do that?" culture that has taken individuality away from us. Perhaps if we received better information that doesn't change every fifteen minutes, we would be more willing to accept what some say is the "Truth". I know you have heard it. And you still don't know if I got the shot, or not? It's a secret.
  8. Which boils down to: Liability, Liability, Liability
  9. I was being run down that rabbit hole. I finally said, enough, and changed clinics and doctors. I now have a PA who will sit and listen to me and we work together to keep my fat, tired old body some what functioning. Far less B.S. and more acceptable behavior out of both of us. I now appreciate my PA and am far more trusting in her then the last quack. PA's don't have the ego problem like a doctor. They just want to help people. PS: Drove by the old clinic the other day, hardly a car in the parking lot. Last time I was in there, you could count the patients
  10. Or are your cab mounts bad and that is kicking the lever one way or the other. A thought?
  11. No turbo, muffler. Turbo, straight pipe. I made a muffler inside a straight pipe for my H. It works surprisingly well. Looks good without the noise.
  12. If you unhooked the 6V batteries and tested each separately, then the tester is hooked direct to each battery being tested. Then to get 12V you had to use a cable to hook the two batteries together. You tested it long enough so any bad cable should be hot in the bad place. High Resistance. Run your hand along it until you find the heat or use one of the laser temp sensors. If you had the tester hooked to the cable from the two batteries that hooks to starter, and the ground to the frame, you are now testing both the cables and batteries. I have seen ground cables, wher
  13. That LP manifold running on gas will give you serious driveability issues. LP is a vapor so no heat needed. Gas is liquid and needs heat to vaporize so the heat riser, spring and all needs to be operational. Let the clutch out, it will cough, sneeze, wheeze and die unless you choke it. This is very aggravating and a real pain in the posterior. My Dad bought a 560 LP converted to gas but the manifold was still LP. He swore at that tractor. I brought a new gas manifold home and put it on. A week later I told him I was going to put the LP manifold back on.
  14. We were ready to call the rubber International truck?
  15. You don't do anything without first displaying your badge of office and identifying yourself as a cop. This guy sounds over zealous and a problem child. A trivial matter that cost him big time. He brought this on himself and should change professions. He should practice, "Do you want fries with that?"
  16. The only Greenhouse Gas is coming from the politicians and news media. Turn them both off.
  17. The engineers at the Skunk Works were all in a big room with their desks back to back. They designed the SR71 by committee. If someone had a problem, they just asked the others. Someone usually had the answer to the question. They built a plane that would really fly. Now day's, you can't have an office like that or even a water cooler. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand has done or is doing.
  18. My dad was in the military in WWII and swore by the Salvation Army and swore at the Red Cross. The Salvation Army would give the troops what they had, and more. The Red Cross would charge the troops for cookies and coffee. The only thing the Red Cross was good at was getting him home when his Dad passed away. Give to the Salvation Army. Some, not all, are professional Pan Handlers and make a good living doing so.
  19. Back to square one. Did you drive this with the fire truck pump on it and if so, was the hop there at that time? Trying to determine if the issue was there before the truck was shortened?
  20. Jack up the rear end and set the frame on cribbing so the wheels are 6" off the ground. Then with the box up, and someone watching the rear end and driveshaft, start it up and gently bring it up to speed. Do this slowly as this can get out of hand and if as bad as you say, could try to jump off the cribbing. If it is that bad, then either the driveshaft will start to wobble, the rear end will start to jump, or both. I am betting money on the driveshaft. Most bigger towns have a driveshaft expert who can spin your shaft and find any issues.
  21. The way I read it, the dealer replaced the 540 PTO shaft and just looked it over, as per owners request. I would never go into one of those without a new kit being installed. New brake pistons and o-rings make them stop like they should. It appears this may have bit the owner in the butt?
  22. Sorry, thought we could see something else.😀
  23. Convention of States can be done so there is no revolution, other than the people taking their country back from our so called, "Leaders". We need representation and not leaders.
  24. I know of no way, like you have, in the US to recall the idiots. If Biden is no longer with us, the Presidency goes to Harris. If Harris is no longer with us, the Presidency goes to Nancy Pelosi. There are not three active brain cells in this entire group. It would be great to have a recall election but it is not in our Constitution. What the US can do is the states group together with a Constitutional Convention for: 1: Term limits so the Washington elite can't become so powerful. 2: Put the Congressional Retirement System back onto Social Security. 3: Put t
  25. How dare you use that I word. That is truthful so just mean in the eyes of the Left Teats. That word has not been used in years so Joe does not recognize it. He just likes the higher taxes the seller pays.
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