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  1. They try that around here. One replacement and they are through. Shops get full replacements but not the every day Joe. A snot nosed kid threw me out of Advance Auto because I needed another replacement alternator. Needless to say, I don't buy there anymore. But I overhauled an alternator the other day for my 99 Chevy pickup. Autozone says free alternator testing so I had it done before I put it on. Worked fine. Wanted to insure my work was right. It only took three guys and 20 minutes to get it spun up and tested. I sat back and smiled!
  2. Thanks Mikey? And Merry Christmas to you. When can I pick this up?
  3. She advised unless you're having problems not to switch. She said when you first sign up for Medicare supplement they have to cover all existing conditions but if you switch latter they can deny coverage for existing conditions. Like said, she cost herself a commission but it was in our best interest to stay with who we had. This is why you have a local agent who you can talk to. They work in your best interests as they want to continue to have your business. Try getting a straight answer from an internet site or from a call center out of India? Shop locally!!!
  4. Every 10 minutes and they run for 10 minutes. "Good Bye" Joe!
  5. If you will be gifting money to charities, give them the taxable income. Save the non-taxable for the family. Life Insurance, etc.. It makes a big difference to your family in taxes they will have to pay.
  6. A bit of humor to this? During the middle ages they celebrated the end of the plague with wine and orgies. Does anyone know if there is anything planned when this one ends?
  7. .264 Winchester Magnum in an old 700 Remington, SS barrel. Been my go to gun for the past 40 years.
  8. Let us know if there are any complaints from the turkey?
  9. A tip can be anything. Like the breakfast sandwich for the tire guy. He is a part that keeps the organization running. That little sandwich shows him he belongs to the group. It's not the what, or the amount, it is thanking the person for the help with a problem. We tip all the time, just not in the usual sense.
  10. The G Kids want Grammas meatloaf so she is making that for the young ones. The usual turkey and trimmings for the rest of us. It will be a good day.
  11. It looks to me like Zach would rather talk on the phone about tractors than write about them on the forum. To each their own.
  12. I watched a YouTube on the Ford diesels and antifreeze. Ford has many variations for the different engines and antifreeze. They recommended the green be changed every 15,000 miles and the new HOAT up to 60,000 miles. Making sure all the old stuff is totally removed before changing from one to another or the change will cause troubles. What I was basically looking for was a test strip to tell us where the antifreeze is currently at. Then to tell us how to treat it so we do not over-treat, or under-treat with SCA. Both are dangerous. With the IH engines eating
  13. Since it is the season to test the antifreeze in your equipment and vehicles, this may be the time to talk about this? Hopefully, there are some chemists, or people who know, that will chime in here. All manufacturers say you should clean, flush and refill your cooling system about every five years. Why? What goes bad in antifreeze? Can the pH and nitrates be adjusted with the addition of new additives? Explain green, orange and red antifreeze as well as oat and hoat coolant. I see Ford diesels recommend an SCA, (Supplemental Coolant Additives) be added if needed after
  14. My sister went through this 35 years ago. She says there is not enough drugs to keep the pain in check. No one should have to go through this. Heal up, and soon!
  15. Look close at the in floor heat. It is great! A friend comes home at night, drives his pickup inside, throws his wet coveralls on the floor and goes in the house. The next morning the coveralls are dry and warm, as is his pickup. Amazing stuff. Go with LED lights too.
  16. I put two 100 watt equivalent LED daylight bulbs in my refrigerator. With all the lights off, it is like it is like opening the doors to the Pearly Gates. 😀
  17. I always heard Meals on Wheels was the rendering truck?
  18. As Joe Soucheray would say, "Minnesota, the state where nothing is allowed!"
  19. I seen a Yield Sign at a railroad crossing. Apparently someone didn't and got into an argument with the train. (Which can hurt, a lot!) I love how the news reports a train hitting a car? Sounds like the train jumped the track intentionally to hit the car. You just can't fix stupid!
  20. A guy told me he wanted three dashes on a truck. That way he could haul more stuff right in plain view.
  21. Why are schools an issue? They have taken away the history they want and taught their new way of life. Close the schools and set the kids in front of CNN. The Libs will then have the next generation properly indoctrinated as followers.
  22. Local Hutterite Colonies raise a lot of turkeys. When they load out turkeys, the pay loader is setting close by. A turkey's heart will just explode when being loaded due to their size and normally they get little to no exercise. The dead ones go into the loader bucket. The Hutterite women breast out these turkeys and freeze them for their use. The ones that live go to Dakota Provisions, Huron, SD, who is the local turkey kill plant here. Call: Wyshbone Market (Local Dakota Provisions retailer) 325 Market Street Huron, SD 57350 (605) 353-9759 M
  23. As a former cop, I agree 100% with this. These idiots are officially looking for someone to blame other than the criminal. Throw your badge of office at the idiots who are governing and run like the wind.
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