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  1. I---------JUST----------------------Love em all!
  2. The new radios are a trunked digital signal. Requires a digital scanner, which is a lot higher priced than the old ones. But you can get it all off your computer now and probably a cell phone.
  3. My favorite was the 856. It had a bullet proof engine, would start at any temperature, and just was an overall great tractor. They seemed to just, get it right, with the 856. IMHO 😇
  4. Chapter #21 is the South Dakota Chapter of the International Harvester Collectors Club. We, tried our best, to put on The Red Power Roundup in 2020. PS: Our SD Governor just announced they will be replacing the huge Beef Barn, at the SD State Fair Grounds, that burnt a few months ago. The new one will be bigger and better and extend a couple hundred feet further to the North. More room for Nebraska Cowman to fill.
  5. If he lives in South Dakota then no income tax and rather cheap vehicle licensing. Great Pheasant hunting in that Wagner area. The next Chapter #21 event will not probably be until Spring. (Covid) Glad to hear he will be in "God's Country".
  6. I have been at the Hastings Nebraska Navy plant. Allegedly all Naval shell powder bags were made there. These bags were sewn out of silk with very course powder sewn into each. These were small buildings, with a hand pushed narrow gauge railway kind of truck system going to all the buildings. The small buildings were done in case of an explosion, so it didn't take out the whole plant. This was also done in the center of the country so no enemy bombers could get to it easily. I never seen any trucks around that plant.
  7. By the time we reached Drivers Ed range, we could have taught the class. Growing up on a gravel road made one appreciate the dangers of driving on marbles. The city kids only seemed to know pavement. The farm kids had experience early and respect for the things that could get you in trouble.
  8. Ah yes, the days before government decided to protect us? And we let them!
  9. I have the start of Cataracts in both eyes. It's like looking through a fuzzy cloud. Since on Medicare, they will not do Cataract surgery until the eyes cannot be corrected with glasses to 20/20. In the mean time, I blink all the time trying to get the fuzzy out of both eyes, have halo's around headlights and a lot of glare. I guess there is a Glare Test that can prove I can't see at night to drive and Medicare will then do it. I am looking into this now. No pun intended.
  10. This is a heater before much safety crap. If the pilot goes out, it shuts off the pilot gas due to the thermocouple. The fan will run but no gas will flow to the nozzle. If the fan don't run fast enough, the fan switch, which turns on by the air moving by it, will not allow the main propane to come on. Yesterday I had the top cover on it and then covered 3/4 of the air inlet at the rear and it starts and runs fine. It appears to be too much air or not enough propane. But which is it?
  11. I would gladly join the NRA and I would give them $5.00 to do so. They could use my name as a member and use the member numbers to protect our second amendment. The American Rifleman is a great magazine but I do not need it. Don't need another card in my billfold. Don't need an NRA blanket, etc., etc.. I would pay them to become a member but not on their fee schedule. I would think they want member numbers and this would do it. But I am sure the higher ups want their exorbitant salaries.
  12. One score and ten years here. (30 years December 29th) I always said it would be a cold day in **** when I got married. It was 30 below zero that day. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  13. I bet they put a propane exhaust on it that moves the muffler forward of the LP tank. You can kind of see the old hole in the hood from the normal exhaust.
  14. The Hutterites here all drive new and they leave the rubber tires/tracks on. Mostly Case/IH but have seen green too. They have electricity, but no radios or TV. Hutterite women do not drive. I seen an older Hutterite man driving the women and girls around in a Cadillac Escalade the other day. Far different from an IH Travelall that they used to drive.
  15. Take a bullet out of a new box you know to be your 168 grain bullets. Or whatever weight you are looking for. Weigh it using the powder scale. Then weigh the ones you aren't sure of and see if they match the weight of the new one, out of the box. This can be done for any weight. I made a boo-boo and put bullets in some .264 without powder. About 10 rounds. I took one that I knew had powder and the bullet and weighed it. The ones that were 68 grains less were the ones without powder. Pulled the bullets, put in the powder and seated the bullets. Job done.
  16. I had the gas valve apart and found nothing wrong. I do have a low pressure regulator on the hose at the tank. I have the low pressure tester and with the tank on, and the heater not running, after the regulator, the pressure is at 15 w.c.. Is that to high a pressure and causing the problem?
  17. I know of another in a basement and the owner would give it to anyone who comes and gets it. I would give it to anyone that removed it and the $200 price tag would be the max for me, if out of the basement. These were very well made which means very heavy. If I was younger, would use about four high school boys, some skids to go up the steps and a lot of rope. Remove the lid, hinges and latch and up the stairs it goes, if it will fit. Two guys pulling up on the rope and two pushing on the bottom. All my freezers are now in the garage and that is where I would put
  18. A guy in our town called his wife, "Crisco". Someone asked why and he replied? "Because it's not nice to call her lard ass in public!"
  19. I know of no dry clutch where the throw out bearing is to run all the time. As set up now, this bearing will run to the point of failure and that will be soon. Finding this, and if it is adjustment only, can save you a clutch job and another split. As J-Mech and Jimb2 says, that bearing should NOT run with the clutch out. If the throw out bearing cannot be set so it does not turn all the time, something is wrong with the pressure plate/clutch plate. Fix this first and see if the noise goes away.
  20. International has very good cooling systems that would cool on a hot day when worked hard. Most running cold issues are due to the thermostat which has probably never been changed. Many thermostats were removed and thrown away, for all the wrong reasons. The cheap gauges can also be an issue, as can be the thermostat, or both. I have an original gauge and thermostat on my H and it comes up almost to the RUN all the time. Put in a new thermostat to be sure it is warming the engine where it should. I cannot remember a good thermostat ever getting it much into the RU
  21. As long as we have fight left in us, we won't let the basterds win!
  22. I drank my gallon in 20 minutes. Ran right through me. I went through this once. The doctors said, "See you in 10 years?" I said, "Bet you won't!".
  23. If you have a special vehicle with low mileage, etc., then talk with Grundy insurance or a company like that. You and them agree on the market value before they write the policy. If the vehicle is destroyed, you know exactly how much you will get. Some of these companies do write daily drivers too.
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