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  1. The 610 was a workhorse in the 80's. Our crew had two and they both worked well. But they are big, heavy and awkward. Not like the newer, more powerful and lighter saws. I agree with the $50 max.
  2. You had a valve guide work up in the head until it put the valve into a bind. Something had to give and in this case, it was the rocker. Look thru the valve spring and see if that guide is setting higher than the others. Check the push rod too for straight as that was really stressed. This always happens on #6. Probably due to additional heat. You can replace the rocker with a new or used one and take a chance of it happening again. I would not try and weld it again. You should pull the head and have all guides looked at and fixed. Your call on that one.
  3. I bought an old propane Knipco on a sale. Was trying to get it running yesterday. I tore it down cleaned the pilot light and nozzle and found the thermocouple is good. I hooked it to a 20# cylinder and lit the pilot light. That works as it should. I plugged it in, the fan started, so I moved the switch that is moved when the fan is working and it fired right up. I then put the lid on it and it quit. If I get it working, but leave the top forward about 4 inches, it will work and very well. But when I move the cover back to put the screws in it, it quits. Once
  4. Same deal here. 30 years at end of December. But we are going after a 55" TV for her. She had holes in the macula on both eyes and has a hard time seeing. The 55 should help her see the TV from her recliner. I would like the air compressor but I am sure I would not see 31 years if I bought it. Just saying.
  5. If possible you could get her into the Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. They only do heart work there so no Covid. This is a top notch place with Doctors that could be at the Mayo Clinic. They put me back together and I cannot sing their praises enough. A first rate facility.
  6. South Dakota passed a Constitutional amendment for recreational marijuana and a voter initiative for medical marijuana. We also passed Sports Betting in Deadwood. What's next, prostitution? Why not, everything else can kill you. The girl is pure pleasure. God help us all as this will probably turn into a Sh!t Show.
  7. I just used the leaf blower to clean the garage yesterday. It will take dirt off the floor that a broom only spreads around. Open the big doors, go to the other end and start blowing. The cloud going out the door is amazing. You do have to watch the wind direction.
  8. A guy has a Chevy dual quad 409 under glass. The intake and carbs are probably worth more than his house? I did overhaul a flat head Ford and it did run very sweet when done. They have gobs of torque for a V8.
  9. I'm headed to work the polls so I hope to see you there. Put out your American Flag for the day. May God Bless America!
  10. If that is an overhead valve V-Twin, check the valve clearance. Those will bend push rods, break rockers and cause all kind of issues. The valves on a 25 HP Kawasaki are set at 0.007. Real tight tolerance. Kohler's are well known for bending push rods and breaking rockers. If you hit the starter and it does not spin freely, without stopping, then you have valves out of adjustment. The valve setting also sets the compression release for starting. So if it has hard starting, or missing, that is the clue to look at the valves.
  11. Polytyshan 47 yrs ego me couldnt say it, now me are one!
  12. In South Dakota, law enforcement gets none of any fine. Here is a common ticket and the costs accessed. For a $105.00 speeding fine on an interstate highway including fines and costs! $39.00 To the school district in the County where the violation occurred. (This is the fine) $23.50 To the Unified Judicial System for Court automation. $6.00 To the court appointed attorney and public defender fund. $2.50 To the victims compensation fund. $2.00 To the Court Appointed Special Advocates fund. $1.00 To the 911 Telecommunicator Training fund. $1.00 To the
  13. Many of those cheap gauges are made in India. I have not dealt with them as they are really cheap and may, or may not, work. A fuel gauge works on Ohm's resistance. If the gauge will read, say, 0-30 Ohm's resistance, the sending unit must send that range to the gauge. You can test this with an Ohm meter. Set the meter to any of the Ohms readings on the dial. . You should be able to take the sender out, then put the black, negative wire to the steel so it is grounded. Then the red wire to the electrical connector on the sender. Then move the float to full and
  14. Same with tv-evangelists? Have they ever visited a supporter? Probably depends on the amount of support?
  15. Niece is a top notch RN and Director of Nursing for a large nursing home. She supposedly tested positive so she was working the Covid wing. After two days of no symptoms she retested and came back negative. Who is right?
  16. Like we are still waiting to see what is in the Affordable Healthcare Act?
  17. I hear many dealers will "NOT" take a truck in on trade without the DEF being in place. The EPA is supposedly cracking down on people messing with the computers and emissions stuff. So you would need to sell to a private party and hopefully your state does not have emissions inspection. Around here there is a guy buying DEF takeoffs. If I removed mine, it would be put away in case I got caught without it. Very expensive to replace if yours is gone. Remove at your own risk. Thank You very much EPA?
  18. Question: When you can vote six weeks, or more, before the election, isn't that enough time to get your poop in a group and vote? Or see far enough ahead to go vote in person on election day? They could put a reminder on their phone, if needed. Or have Mommy holler down the steps to go vote? Or maybe if Xbox shuts off their gaming consoles for an hour, they could pry themselves out of the basement and vote. Voting should end on election day night. Period! If you are such a moron that you need more time, you deserve to miss the voting.
  19. Gill Favor was the ramrods name but unsure of his real name. Paul Briniger was Wishbone, the cook.
  20. Since men jumped off a boat at Normandy for our country, I can at least do my part and help with the election. The wife and I signed up, had class yesterday, and we are ready to get the election done. And we require a photo ID in our state. Mask or no mask. Your choice! Chinese plague be damned!
  21. I get at least 20 e-mails a day from him, and his friends, and family. I just delete them. Ya, it is somewhat annoying but also neat to get messages from POTUS. I'm sure we will get a Thank You message when this is over. Be sure to vote Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. When the floods hit in 1987, the County had a lot of roads under water. They were raising what they could but the wind and waves were tearing away the roads. They needed to rip-rap the sides of the road to stop the erosion. The County Highway Superintendent came to Dad and asked what he wanted for all the rock piles on our property. Dad told him to take all he wanted, no charge. Our ground was picked clean and some of the neighbors still had theirs. I guess some wanted paid for their rocks. Dad and a neighbor blew up a rock that was still underground and abo
  23. The wife has sleep troubles and is now chewing a CBD gummy once in awhile. That seems to have cured her. The CBD is made from marijuana without the THC. The THC stuff that gets you goofy! She was impressed with the results.
  24. My inquiring mind wants to know what you already have. Pull the pan and check it out. Could be an easy fix and may be junk. Then you will know!
  25. Hugh has been dead for years and he still has a smile on his face. Kink, or not?
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