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  1. Don't drive a stake through the heart of the millenials. They still have the quiet bunch that become doctors, lawyers, mechanics, etc. and are on our side. But the left don't want these young people to exist as they can think for themselves. These kids are generally following the teaching of their parents. The bad ones don't have parents, they may have a mother only and are left to fend for themselves. No wonder they want all the free stuff. That is what they have been taught and this is hard to overcome without hard lessons. This is why the penitentiaries ar
  2. Correct, and why would an employer, who is desperate for employees, wait 30 days or more to call a candidate back, or just not call them back? Where is the employer etiquette these days? Employers think they can have everything their way when they actually need to kiss some potential butt. Give an immediate interview to everyone, weed out the trash and move on. You give me 15 minutes with a person and I will be 90% right on my gut feeling of thumbs up or down. The wife applied for a job with a big retailer #1 desperately looking for help. She then applied with big
  3. How do people know who was vaccinated and who were not? Both don't wear a mask. Just asking?
  4. Diesel Doctor


    My ex-BIL had a 6-71 mounted on a truck with a Case drop box for a PTO driving a tub grinder. That Detroit governor could see a bale coming. It handled that tub grinder very easily. That was far better than running a 1456 with over 200 hp and blowing up the PTO gears weekly. And the sound of the Detroit was great!
  5. Ask your questions son? It's nice to help an adopted Grandson who is working on an IH. We will give this a team effort and get this Ol Girl running. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Makes me wonder where my "Rolaids" are?
  7. The best cop car I ever drove was a 1987 Chevy Caprice Classic, 350 CI, with the 9C1 police package which included high effort steering. It would go into overdrive at 132 mph, radar verified. That was the max speed but it would set there all day on the flat. What a car? It only required oil changes and new speed rated Good Year Eagles now and then. The Eagles cost the County $40/tire from the federal bid process. I was in a county that was 1,500 square miles in it. We would put on hundreds of miles a night and never leave the county. Many times as hard as it
  8. It stated: 'Agriculture is ready for transformation' and 'Society is asking farmers to do an awful lot' Apparently they have never talked with real farmers.
  9. Yes, that piece can easily be replaced with the pan off. You should be able to take out the two bolts and find the pieces that match the piece you have. Should be an easy fix. Far easier to replace this than the park pawl of the drum it contacts. It may be built that way for a reason. Lucky $hit!
  10. This tragedy just happened in Nebraska. It is getting harder and harder to be a farmer and to "Feed the World". https://www.newschannelnebraska.com/story/43876919/approximately-10000-hogs-killed-in-fire-at-pillen-family-farms
  11. When nuclear was first used, they said it would be so cheap that meters would not be needed on your house. Oooooooooooooops, another statement that failed to come true.
  12. This seems to fit this thread? "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for, even when it isn't there."
  13. This proves my point. If we went to war tomorrow, would we have the ability to manufacture products for war? We need manufacturing done in this country for our own protection.
  14. Here are the different bearing with the serial # breaks. #38 356623R91 Transmission Main Shaft Pilot Bearing (Aetna RK-1205) (Optional with 43356DA and 68954DA) (Will work for ST702) 501-391 357 #38 43356DA Transmission Main Shaft Pilot Bearing (Hyatt BU-1205) (Optional with 356623R91 and 68954DA) (Will work for ST702) 501-391357 #38 68954DA Transmission Main Shaft Pilot Bearing (Bower MU1205L) (Optional with 356623R91 and 43356DA) (Will work for ST702) 501-391357 #38 358036R91 Transmission Main Shaft Pilot Bearing (Aetna RK-5205) (Option
  15. #38 supports the pinion shaft inside the input gear. Yes, there are various #38 bearings but unsure what the differences are. Have to go by tractor serial # to get the right one.
  16. I just seen a Duramax head in a machine shop. Machinist took .030 off the head and will then use a head shim to fill in the gap. He said it worked pretty well. Unsure if you can get them in varied thicknesses.
  17. Perhaps the FBI could be of some use and catch these pricks. Is this to much to ask?
  18. Looking at your old input gear, I see in the pictures where the gear is on the table, the teeth have been ground off, just above the table. The new one has teeth in that same place. I believe these teeth are where the sliding 4-5 gear slides over the input gear for 5th. 5th is a direct drive through to the pinion. Your old one is a "Gummer" and has no teeth for 5th. The new one has the teeth you need. So the new one is needed but you need the correct one for your tractor. Or, you can find a used one with the right part # and hope it is worn in a bit and quieter.
  19. I done it once also. I was the same way. You run on adrenalin for so long and when the pressure if off you, you just fall into a pile. I have never been that spent in my life. The dummy you work on in training is virtually the same as the real thing. Other than I felt ribs breaking. The outcome for my guy was bad. The wife started CPR not knowing how long he was down. I hope your efforts had a better outcome. Do take the course, "Please". Don't stand over a person and not know what to do. It may be a loved one!
  20. And the Rocky Mountains, including the Bear Tooth Highway South of Red Lodge, Montana. It is so beautiful it is beyond belief. Better see the Bonneville Salt Flats and then onto Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Send us your credit card #? We will get your itinerary set. Get away from the tall buildings and see what America is all about,
  21. May be this is what that "Impossible " veggie burger really is?
  22. Truckers years ago, when diesel fuel had sulfur, would go up to 5% gas to prevent jelling. With low sulfur fuel, and gas takes away the lubricity of the fuel, I would get the majority out, if at all possible. A 50/50 mix is way to much for the pump and nozzles to handle. Then I like the 2 stroke oil idea which may counteract the gas. Maybe a quart of 2 stroke oil may do it. It will be your checkbook that takes the hit if this don't work so your call on this one. And assume you will be without the equipment for a few months. If you have a 500 gallon diesel tan
  23. The dead varmints along the road will be replaced with dead idiots who eat rotten meat.
  24. There are two different input shafts depending on serial #. 52945DE is for serial # 501-391357, 18 and 35 teeth, (will work for 47893D and 66192DA) or 358024R1 is for serial # 391358 and above, 18 and 35 teeth Since there was a mid-model change in the gears, I assume they changed the pitch of the gears as all else looks the same. I also agree that when you put a new gear against a well used gear, you will have gear whine. Also, the old gear appears to have the 5th gear teeth on it. The 5th gear lockout is in the cover and just ahead of the shifter, remove the
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