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  1. I was guessing an older model of the non-turbo Terrorist 10. But that would be a statement which can be construed as illegal, racist, immoral or fattening.
  2. I have never had any luck with a GM 4 banger after the Iron Duke. GM does not seem to learn from their errors, fix them and make things better. A 4 cylinder turbo is, in my opinion, is asking for problems. Now the Honda 4 bangers are almost indestructible. But Honda, as well as GM and others, have went to a variable transmission. (Honda Civics and CRV's, etc.) It is nothing more than an all steel snowmobile clutch and belt inside the tranny case. These are make driving very sluggish and weird. These were almost sure to grenade at or near the end of the warran
  3. Check with the local game warden to make sure those scopes are legal in your state? I have watched the You Tube videos and night hunting looks like a blast. I asked our local game warden if legal to use and he said, "Try it and find out?" I asked him again and I never got a firm answer. What an A hole. South Dakota wants more Pheasants but they restrict Coyote hunting almost to the point of being protected. G,F&P are so afraid someone will shoot a deer illegally at night. That's fine, make the law so you shoot a deer at night you lose your hunting privileges
  4. That girl is in trouble?
  5. We old farm boys made better Deputies in the rural areas. I investigated some missing sheep for an old crusty farmer. I asked him what kind they were? He said, "SHEEP". I then asked, "Hampshire, Suffolk, Rambolaise, etc, etc.." He then realized I knew what I was talking about and we were then the best of buddies. The sheep had strayed and were soon found. He called the office back and would not talk to the Sheriff. He would talk with me only as I knew sheep.
  6. Don't try to change anyone's mind or turn this into rocket science? If you want the vaccine, get it. If you don't want it, then don't. We still live in America and have the choice.
  7. He would still be employed if he was a black bear.
  8. That's what happens when you listen to the Imaginary News? This is happening because we allow it to happen. It's time to fire up the Tea Party again!
  9. Whatever goes into the bed must be smaller and not bulky as the dump in the rear looks like a grain gate. If they filled that with pea rock, that 300 couldn't pull it. Not exactly sure what it is, but if closer, I would buy it as an IH conversation piece. Looks pretty "COOL" to me! Anybody know what this is supposed to do?
  10. IH, and all others, used available parts rather than designing new ones. It is interesting to see some parts listings show what they actually fit. The list can get long.
  11. It says it is a semi-auto. I would be verifying before I bid. So if semi auto, anyone can own it if they can pass the NICS check.
  12. I used to love Culver's. Until they took the fat and flavor out of their frozen custard. But the Walleye is delicious.
  13. Yup, sun burnt from your knee caps up?
  14. I am German and had a vasectomy. If I get Covid, will it reverse me to fertile? Don't want to pay child support at my age.
  15. Go LED. If you don't, you will replace for LED's in the future. When you get older, you will appreciate the bright light. And they instant start, no matter how cold it gets.
  16. IH repurposed what they could. They used the same bracket for the air cleaner warning gauge, the RD pressure gauge and many used the bracket for an oil pressure gauge. It also fit on the left, center and right side of the lower dash. But the right side got in the way of the park lever. I would guess that gauge on the later tractor was added by someone for some reason.
  17. You can put a fitting/gauge in the bottom of the Roosa Master transfer pump end cap and see transfer pump pressure. That is how it is adjusted/set and that could be plumbed into the old RD gauge. I have never laid a wrench on an RD nor did they teach it at Vo-Tech. Why were they discontinued?
  18. That's like saying something will never happen? Never is a long time! Most problems are over thought as most fixes are rather simple, once found. Then you get kicked in the butt by something like this. It is not a common problem. You could take a sample and have it analyzed. Then you would know where to look for the problem, if there is one. So now you have to buy the tractor, fix it and report your findings. Explain that theory to the wife?
  19. You are very welcome in South Dakota. The amount of tourists in the "Hills" has been spectacular. Tourism is way up as people just want to get back to normal. Make the tour of the Badlands too after stopping at Wall Drug. Then move to the Rockies. One of the most beautiful sites I ever seen was on the Beartooth Highway south of Red Lodge, Montana to Cody, WY. We went in September, after the tourist summer rush, and had a great time. We then looped down to Salt Lake City for a bit of Genealogy work. We had the opportunity to listen to the Mormon Tabernacl
  20. South Dakota has legalized gambling and marijuana. Prostitution is next?
  21. A rather local parts distributor here had quite a few retail stores in our state. Rumor has it that the owner became so paranoid of Biden taking all his money that he sold out to another chain parts corporation. "Nice work Joe!" Don't seem that any store can get a person that knows blinker fluid from sail boat fuel? But they have an earring and that deer in the headlights look?
  22. I need one for .501 pistol. Looking at a Lee. Would rather have steel but aluminum will have to do. Casting bullets is therapeutic!
  23. A friend of mine bought a 100 horse Kubota with a loader. It became a shop queen. He spent thousands and thousands of dollars on it and sold it on retirement sale for a terrible loss. He wished he had never seen one, ever!
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