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  1. The 400 Versatile was a great swather. Simple and easy to work on. Versatile sold thousands of these in South Dakota alone. Almost everyone owned one and used for both hay and grain.
  2. This setup has a horizontal second cylinder underneath the RR axle. How did that work with two cylinders?
  3. Finding one with the heat shield still on the distillate manifold is very rare. Most were taken off and thrown away. Make sure that stays with the tractor.
  4. If open at the top, and not bolted to something along the way, you can put a new piece of line on top using a connector. Then push the old one down and out until the new line comes out. Two guys work better. One pushing the new line down and one pulling the old one down and out. Cut and install on top and done. Or, drill a hole and run the line on the outside of the cab. Paint it green if you like.
  5. YouTube has a lot of them listed and "How To's". I always wanted to take out the rivets and take the back off one. Then remove about 3/4 of it until the rear end is exposed for a 5th wheel ball and a then shorted for a trailer hitch. Then put the back of the bus back on. So you have room for "The Boys" to go to an auction sale together and the goose neck behind for the purchases. It can then pull the 5th wheel camper and have power and braking. Another project that will probably not happen. If you really want to go in style, this is Will Smith's camper.
  6. The guy in the upper right small photo is Art Nordstrom. He owns Nordstrom's Auto Recyclers by Sioux Falls, SD. He is driving his Ford tractor with a flat head Ford in it. He done the push work at the local dirt track with this. It was, and still is, a show in itself. Thanks Art.
  7. When I seen, "I just LOVE spending someone else’s money!" My initial thought was about your running for public office?
  8. One has to be a threat to themselves, or others, before forced mental treatment can be had. Also, if no signs are present, then everything appears OK, when it is not. I have seen a boy, who later committed suicide, because he was released from treatment because insurance refused to pay. Treatment can last a short time or for years and like I say, insurance spends little on mental illness. The usual is medication. Many people are productive members of society because of daily meds that work well for them. Some people feel better, or have side effects, so quit takin
  9. A tractor engine could use up to a gallon of oil a day before warranty would rebuild it. The very same engine in a dozer could us 2 1/2 gallons before a warranty overhaul. Makes me believe the dozer was doing far more work.
  10. In the mid-70's, I would find a fair amount of misses in the 06/56 series tractors. Would pull the head and find a bad piston/cylinder. This was usually due to a bad nozzle, especially if the fuel screw was opened up a bit. One could still see the cross hatch in the cylinders at 10K hours. Would put one new cylinder in it, fix the nozzle and the way it went again. People then were proud of their tractors and most treated them right with oil changes/filters, etc. Some just drove them and then complained when they broke. Nozzles was probably 75% of the cylinde
  11. I'm glad to hear a Federal Judge, with brains, is still out there. There may be hope yet?
  12. We used to fish at Vermillion Bay on Eagle Lake in the 80's. We spent a lot of money in Canada. When the passport thing went into effect, I decided to stay home. The fishing is great, but some things are just not worth the hassle. I keep my money now in the States.
  13. Somebody should wake up "Sleepy Joe" and complain?
  14. Stanadyne Fuel Conditioner is the best.😃 After filters, the main hose that runs from the final filter to the injection pump head can be an issue, too. Only replace with one from Case/IH and DO NOT use a hydraulic hose. This should run better. How many hours on it? Do the cheaper stuff first, including making sure the timing is correct.
  15. "Yet another government attempt to idiot-proof the universe" This is similar to painting a bikini on a nude woman? It's just for show!
  16. Safety Third! The words one fears, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help". Get the Vaseline and bend over. It will only hurt a little. Why are people more concerned about me than I am? The list goes, on, and on, and on.
  17. I have seen people who are using Elliquis, and the other name brands, to thin the blood, to prevent a stroke. The Ellequis family is a super expensive drug but they say you do not have to be tested, by what they call an INR, to see where your blood is clotting at. A good friend of mine fell to the floor and was unable to get up for three hours. When I found him, he was laying in a pool of his own bright red blood. None had clotted. He was on Elliquis. I will never use that Elliquis family of drugs as it thins the blood to much. I am on Warfarin/Cumiden, which is basica
  18. I have heard the Roosa Master conversion is not the best. We need a report on how well it runs?
  19. For pretty much a "Parade Queen", I would use the pistons after a very good cleaning and looking over. The dings in the tops look bad but those pistons are thick and tough. You could run a sheep turd hone down the cylinders and treat it to a new set of rings if you can find new rings and pay for them. I would have the head looked at first. If the head is cracked, then your priorities have changed and then do you go forward? Many people want a perfect engine for very light work. These engines were Jerry Rigged together in the past and can be done so now. It pr
  20. Go commercial grade if you want one to last. They say the "Box Store" ones have maybe ten uses in them, or less, and they are junk.
  21. That extra wide Dixon seat was designed for the "Women of Wal-Mart".
  22. My friend has two ex-wives. His words of wisdom is: "Rent, don't buy!"
  23. Jimmy Carter just gave a sigh of relief as there is now a president stupider than him. At least the first three levels of our government are enemies of America.
  24. Where do I get my Prius worked on when it reaches old age. What is the costs of new batteries? Who can work on these, other than the dealer? It appears the hybrid vehicles may work reasonably well until they are considered well used, or have serious issues. This is not a backyard fix to most of these. The ones with real issues go to the wrecking yard as the cost to repair exceeds the value of the car. This is something the "GREEN" people have not thought of.
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