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  1. To be correct, is that exhaust pipe supposed to slide over the cast elbow and be tightened down with a clamp? I doubt IH welded steel to cast. I would sacrifice the bolts on the elbow and get that off as easily as possible. The crack can then be welded and the existing pipe cut off. A good exhaust shop can either duplicate the pipe with a bender or you can buy pre-bent pipes and start cutting and welding together to get the right curves. This will take a lot of time. Most of us have more time than money.
  2. Your trying to make ice cream out of horse manure. But I can see it being done. A great tubing bender would be a start.
  3. Unless the skid steer was a piece of junk, I detect a bit of sarcasm? I just hope it was insured?
  4. My Dad was sent home after his father died in 1944. Dad was the only son and my grandfather was a farmer. Farming was almost as important as being a soldier. It was everyone, the whole Country, working together to beat the Germans and Japanese. All soldiers were in for the duration unless dead or wounded and not able to fight. Many wounded remained in to do administrative tasks, if able, outside of combat. It was a different time from today. I still remember the veterans when I was growing up. Some had seen a bit to much and had a rough time with life. Thank You to all Vets for your dedicated service to OUR country!
  5. It's all about control. Government will give hungry people food so they follow like sheep????????????????????????
  6. Another reason not to live in MN? I would put into the Contract, which you do need, that I have a right, quarterly, to come to the property and inspect it, and they must allow you access. If they won't let you in, then they are in violation of the Contract and eviction proceedings would commence. Protect yourself with a good Contract so the Courts can help you, if needed. Video tape the condition of the inside and outside of the house prior to the rental. The courts want proof of condition before they moved in. If you are renting then do it right and in your favor, not in favor of a dead beat renter. If you have a queezy feeling about a renter, then don't rent to them. Your house, your right.
  7. Just a thought. Have you started with the basics? Does the battery test good and the terminals are clean with a good ground to the frame? Many voltage issues are ground related. The connector issues is also good advice. We all hope you get this figured out.
  8. Who wants to buy a model T Ford now? Not many as the majority of the drivers have now passed. The same with IH, the young farmers of today grew up with Case/IH. South Dakota is accepting Case/IH for what it is. It is the future of RPRU and the International Harvester Collectors Club. If we do not, IH will be like the model T, people will ask what they are? We do have to change with the times in order to survive!
  9. Perhaps you need to take this to another machinist to verify things are in the right place and correct.
  10. I am one who would be in California. If I'm still above the grass. Just like Alabama with the cotton, I would want to see Calfornia for the nuts. (Not the people) Each area has something different to showcase. The vegetable farmers would be great to see also as I am sure there is a lot of different equipment. The show is about IH, the area farmers and what they produce for America. I think a RPRU in California would be great. California will have plenty of IH's to show.
  11. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops!
  12. Come on out, enjoy the open spaces and friendly people. We have some neat toys here!
  13. The only thing that would get me to California would be a Red Power Roundup. I am ready to go!
  14. So, is it Missouri for 2025? If so, dates?
  15. The Hutterite kids around here don't get toys, they get the real thing. They go to the field in mostly John Deere's. Hutterites use all technology and have the best equipment. If it is made to farm, they usually own it. I seen a group of women being hauled around in a Cadillac Escalade the other day. I am sure their body shop bought it wrecked and put it back together. It looked real nice. Years ago, they only drove IH Travelalls.
  16. The older overhead valve engines all had issues with bending push rods and breaking rocker arms when the valves got loose. You have to set the valves, at a very minimum, every two years or this happens. When loose you usually have a hard start as if the starter is weak. Another push rod, reset the valves and it will start like a dream. The valve clearance determines how the compression release works. Most are set as close as .004. The new ones now have hydraulic lifters so these problems have went away. Set the valves, by the book, and that engine should run again and well.
  17. Don't let someone else tell you how to have a family funeral. You are the boss and they work for you. If they refuse, there are other funeral homes. The funerals here are getting very casual. That is one thing but a cell phone, on and in use, goes beyond decent etiquette. This is what our schools are teaching our kids. Someone has to say, "NO". Let it be us.
  18. The cart rental company does not give, or offer for sale, collision/liability insurance on their carts at RPRU 2022. You are forced to sign a waiver, or you don't get a cart, where you accept all liability for the operation, liability and for the cart, if damaged. I checked with American Family as I have my personal cart covered for liability in South Dakota. American Family would cover the rental cart at RPRU 2022 then for liability. If I had full coverage on my cart in SD, they would have covered the rental also for full coverage. Personally, I would no rent a cart without some liability insurance at a minimum.
  19. A question? What do you guys think of new decals and leave it in it's work clothes? I can barely see where the old decals were. Unsure if a guy can antique the new decals to look worn. It would involve some sandpaper and probably some practice. The clay bars are great but a lot of work. They do leave paint with a nice smooth surface.
  20. If you have a 1/2" width belt, here is one for $13 bucks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/190618208217?hash=item2c61bb07d9:g:hXQAAOxy~dNQ9tZD Here is one for a 3/8 belt and they also make one for the 5/8 width belt. https://www.ebay.com/itm/200690784894?hash=item2eba1a5a7e:g:EwkAAOxyPLpRdLEn
  21. The spacer for an H should have 5/8" bolt holes, a 4" square bolt pattern, (Center to Center) and the thin part of the wedge goes forward. The M wedge has 3/4: bolt holes and either a 4 1/8 or 4 1/4 bolt pattern. I think they also said it was supposed to help take the front end wobble out in road gear. These are after market.
  22. The glow plug meter is an ammeter that shows the amperage draw of the engine glow plugs. They usually, when all plugs are working correctly, will peg the gauge to the right. If less than pegged, you may have a dead glow plug or more. I use a 10 amp battery charger to test each glow plug. I put the ground on the head and touch each glow plug with the hot from the charger. You should see a good amperage draw through the charger if the glow plug is good. No draw, bad plug. This puts both 12 volt and amps through the plug to test it. There is no truth to the 14.4 amp use of glow plugs once the engine starts. Stay on the glow plugs until all cylinders are firing. They are designed to take it.
  23. Very interesting. Red is very easy to listen to. I heard the other day that the writer of Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan, is now part owner of the 6666. He too is a great horse man and will do the ranch good.
  24. I have Dad's 1941 H that looks like yours. If I paint it, I would not want to let is set out at night. I was one of only a couple in their work clothes at the Huron RPRU. It actually got a lot of interest. Mine is staying the way it is. I'm not afraid to use it as everything mechanical is up to speed. Just the way I am!
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