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  1. I have a 4-99 Perkins diesel I would part with cheap if someone wanted to try this. It is a 4 cylinder 99 cubic inch engine off an old reefer unit.
  2. A 29 year old man shot and killed his 62 year old Dad with an arrow while turkey hunting near Sioux Falls, SD. Freak accident and very sad. Be careful out there?
  3. Would be a heck of a "road trip", for me!
  4. The fuel shut off on a German diesel should be pulled out all the way until you hit the spring loaded "Stop". That is the overfuel position where the engine is started. To shut it off, you pull it past the spring loaded stop and that kills the tractor.
  5. I would change the sleeve seals in the block since this far. That can prevent a leak in the future and those are just to old. Then, at the least, a set of new rings and deglazing the cylinders. Sounds like the bearings are useable but the rings are not.
  6. The owner should put the dog down herself. If she does not, she needs to speak with both her insurance agent and attorney. The insurance company could cancel her homeowners policy if she don't. Both will tell her to get rid of the dogs. Once they bite someone, that is on record. If they bite another person, the owner looks like a complete idiot for not taking action the first time. Owners insurance will catch he!! as can her checkbook. If the owner has insurance, or any money.
  7. The Golden Years. You cannot take your gold with you and the doctors want your gold so you can avoid pain. Your call on when to wave the gold under the doctors nose? Somethings are best fixed earlier before a complete rebuild is necessary. It's like replacing a bushing rather than fixing a wallowed out hole.
  8. Mad Maxine should be in jail but there are no prosecutors with a spine in Minnesota. Compound Nancy Pelosi cannot see that she done anything wrong. I also see Sharpton showed up to put his 10 cents in and to continue to stir the pot, a lot.. He has to keep this race thing alive as he gets paid to do so.
  9. Don't stop at family doctor. Go directly to the orthopedic surgeon. They know their way around the body. Maybe a Cortisone shot will get you going again. The orthopod fixed my shoulder 7-8 years ago. He said I would be at about 98% and he was right. I gets tired and sore more easily but no real pain. But there is a six week healing period and you WILL do physical therapy if you have surgery. You will know when it is time for surgery. Trust me, you will know.
  10. The local Hutterite Colony shop is heated with a wood stove. They feed it with the payloader and it gets about a 1/3 of a tree every three to four days. Less cutting and splitting this way. The Hoots seem to build things on a more grand scale.
  11. About 2/3 of the western counties in Minnesota have shown interest in seceding from Minnesota and possibly joining South Dakota. That would leave the eastern 1/3 in charge by the Dems. The South Dakota Governor has put out the welcome mat. https://www.newsweek.com/minnesota-state-rep-proposes-some-counties-secede-become-part-south-dakota-1579486
  12. The rubber hose going to the pump was a main problem. Those swell on the inside and shut off the fuel flow. This will be rather easy to check. DO NOT USE a hydaulic hose if replacing. This is a special hose for that application and has to pulse internally. Get one from IH. Then use Stanadyne Fuel Conditioner religiously to protect your pumps.
  13. The Robert Bosch pump is very expensive to work on, if you can get parts. The Roosa Master conversion was iffy, at best. There are conversions to newer style Robert Bosch's that seem to work far better. I have never heard a converted one run or talk with anybody that has done one. You do need a thick checkbook when dealing with Robert Bosch. There can be water in it but if it has the new low sulfur fuel in it, things are probably rusted and stuck internally. Loosen the injection lines at the nozzles, crank it over and if no fuel, then the pump needs work.
  14. The one, exactly like this one, still stands in Watertown, SD. It looks as bad as this one but I am sure is still structurally sound. These were a parts warehouse that shipped to the local dealers. Someone need to get some lumber from this and make an IH sign, or something, in memory of the building.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS on the win! A terrific looking Binder and worthy of the award. When are you going to invite us to your area for a RPRU? I would not want to go North of South of you, but your area sure looks nice. A show by you and the crew would be my only reason to come to California.
  16. My best friend recently passed. His gun auction is this Saturday, April 24th, 2021. Here is the listing of the scatter guns and more. All good quality and mostly older guns. I get no money from this sale. https://areawork.hibid.com/catalog/270753/anderson-gun-auction----april--24---2021--10-00-am/
  17. You can run this for a long time with the flex ring gone. It will start to eat away at the aluminum case over time but not enough to scrap the case. Most times the pins are fine as they are hardened. The worst case is you would need a new governor weight retainer. Then you buy the one that does not use the flex ring and it is fixed forever. The Elastacast ring (flex ring) was originally put in to stop governor surge issues. But running one with the solid retainer never caused any governor issues. Here is one for $85.00 so you know what you are looking at.
  18. Try re-torquing it first. You will be surprised how much those bolts will move. Then reset the valves and try it.
  19. Make sure you have no ethanol in them. They were not made for alcohol and will balk and foul plugs. Altitude makes it worse. Especially if engine in not in like new condition.
  20. With Amazon coming to Sioux Falls, and the normal growth, the housing shortage is staggering. There was an open house in Sioux Falls with at least four couples waiting to get in. The people stood in the driveway throwing out offers on the house like an auction. It sold, then and there, for $40,000 over asking price. I heard that contractors are standing around as they cannot get products to install. A big shortage of lumber, electrical wiring, electrical boxes and the list goes on and on. But, Sioux Falls is turning into little Minneapolis. They are the liber
  21. I ordered a specific bearing from Ebay for an H transmission. Have been waiting for it but it is no emergency. It was to be delivered, by tracking info, but it was not on Friday or Saturday. Instead of delivering, they marked tracking as delivered and then forwarded. I have been at the same address for 15 years. So I printed out the tracking info and went to Post Office on Monday after the mail was delivered. The guy was trying to help but was way over his head. He had no idea where the package was and said maybe Minneapolis or back to seller. The Postmistres
  22. I can't say that I have seen an 856 gasser. A lot of 806's, 706, 756 but no 856, gas or LP. How many were made? May be more rare than we think.
  23. Depends on what you are using this for. Light work like mowing, etc., would use the standard clutch disk. Heavy use like plowing, etc., would go with that 4 pad listed. The metallic clutch disks are better at pulling but harder on the flywheel/pressure plate. So you can figure out what you are using it for and go from there.
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