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  1. It would be worth a try. Get a good charcoal fire going and try it. Heat will melt that tar from the old gas. Be ready to dump out the original water and then to rinse 3-4 times with good hot water. We need a report back on this method.
  2. The 292 is a tough six cylinder. Would I want to drive one to the coast, NO! But as a use it once in awhile and move a few loads of this and that, they work great. Just don't be in a big hurry? For a cheap knock around truck, it will do you great. Parts can be found for brakes and you can always find used, if you need to. A friend just resurrected an old truck like this with a 350 in it. Finding exhaust gaskets was hard and had to be ordered. E-bay usually has what the parts store don't stock.
  3. Then the lift pump needs to be removed and a new input shaft seal installed. The transfer pump fuel is pumping into the diesel pump lube oil and it should not do so. Those seals are very hard to find but there is a fix that I cannot remember right now. Any good diesel shop should have the answers.
  4. The 340 diesel was a direct start Continental 193. It was not a gas start. I had the honor of overhauling one in 1975. The overhaul kit, if true IHC, would be worth a lot as they are very hard to find.
  5. The hose hanging out the clutch housing greases the throw out bearing. Rather than go up inside to reach the throw out bearing zerk, they extended it with a grease gun hose.
  6. Well done, Gentlemen! Thank You for your service!
  7. Put his guy on your Top Ten Asskole List! Any bids will be way over priced and you just don't have the time to help them anyway. There is a farmer in our area that no equipment dealer will work with, ever. His last new tractor was a Cat Challenger and he paid full retail. But within a year, Cat gave him his full money back and took the tractor back. Some people cannot be satisfied.
  8. I had a 73 3/4T 454 with .308 gears that would get better mileage than a 350 small block with .410 gears. It also would run up real close to 130 mph. It was not the engine that was the issue, it was the rear end gears. 410 gears would pull anything but you couldn't pass a gas station. .256 gears in a station wagon with a 454 ran over 20 mpg.
  9. There should be a "Give and Take" between the company and employees. After all, labor disagreements/strikes were parts of the reason for the downfall of IH. With the country being in the turmoil it is now, I would never have voted to strike. A very poor time to do so in my opinion.
  10. Those are steel lines as copper will vibrate and break very quickly. If replacing, use plastic or steel only. Changing the Ferrel will probably fix it.
  11. There is a clockwise and counterclockwise marks inside on the gears on the H4. Make sure you are on the right marks. This is from memory and it has been years since I done this, so I may be backwards. I put the mag on for #1 and turned the top of the mag towards the engine all the way and locked it down. Then I used the crank to bring the engine up to the timing mark. Then you loosen the mag and rotate the top away from the engine, very slowly, until the impulse snaps. Lock down the mounting bolts as it is timed perfectly. I crank mine most of the time and it has never kicked back and runs perfectly.
  12. This sounds like the same argument in the school bus 50 years ago. It's Blasphemy
  13. Does it quit running or continue to run well when the pressure goes to nothing? Is the pump lube oil overfull and diluted with fuel?
  14. Every one of those you walk away from is a miracle. Glad it was only iron that needs fixing.
  15. You may want to speak with an attorney before you go to the meeting and he/she may want to go with you, for effect. Make them fire you. You can then get unemployment and all the benefits of the government, if there is any? Advise manager that you will be filing a Hostile Work Environment complaint against him and the company. Don't let the stupidity win!
  16. Rat Rods are the ingenuity of man. The American spirit could make something from nothing. These machines prove the spirit is alive and well.
  17. In the event the entire economy collapses, the printed money will be like toilet paper. Then gold and silver will again be the only legal tender other than bartering. Most of that bartering will be in food, alcohol, tobacco and firearms/ammo. Having a few bars in the back of the safe is a great idea. You should hope it is never needed and let the kids worry about how to get rid of it.
  18. South Dakota never locked down at all. We went through the original thing but no state government mandates like where the "Tall Buildings" are. We have been going almost 100% for many months. They say we have more cases but you know how they lie. We hear of someone getting it once in awhile but think little of it. Either you get it, or you don't.
  19. Every day above the grass is a blessing. Welcome to the forum.
  20. Let it idle and pop. Pull each plug wire off and see if you can find a cylinder that makes no difference, wire on or off. Then let the wire get close to the plug so it arcs about 1/4" or more to the plug. If it smooths out, then it is spark or a lean mixture on the carb. If it smooths out, then open the gap on that plug to about 1/8" and see if that cures it. If you determine this is a specific cylinder, and the plug makes no difference, then torque the head and set the valves so you know they are right. You should then spray carb cleaner around the intake and see if the RPM's increase. Use burnable carb cleaner or this will not work. With your description of the idle mixture screw, I am still leaning towards a plugged passage in the idle circuit of the carb. Those can be a bear to get clean. The holes on the advance weights look fine, but how are the pins they run on? I have seen the pins wear before the weights, or vice-a-versa.
  21. Start with the basics. Remove the valve cover, retorque the head and reset the valves. Recently had a 706G that had a definite miss to it. Reset the valves and it vent away. Popping is valve related too.
  22. I bought a front tie rod H wide front off an online auction. The plate that bolts to the bolster was hidden and is homemade and not original. It appears they hit something and broke these parts. Is there anywhere a guy can get parts for these H only wide front ends? I need: #7 52934DA or 67956D Drag Link Adjusting Rod #20 40088D or 51696D Steering Gear Arm Pin #21 40101D Drag Link Adjusting Rod Washer #22 8171D or 9684D Steering Gear Arm Order 67949D Steering Gear Arm #23 40084DA Front Axle Bushing #26 67946DAX Front Axle Adapter Plate
  23. Bolt on stones means very old. Ammco is probably no longer in business, or in China. Maybe, just maybe, you could glue new stones to the metal backer. It looks like that was originally done. I don't have the foggiest idea where to find originals but someone on here may. Sorry
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