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  1. It looks like the switches are normally centered and open with momentary left/right or up/down. The red wire would be power in. The black wire then would send power to something when you move the paddle left/right or up/down. This may fix you right up? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-waterproof-DPDT-Momentary-Off-Momentary-ON-OFF-ON-Toggle-Switches-15A-1-2/261332883174?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3cd8a756e6:g:NXcAAMXQyY1TTYct&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACgBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkXKoKcbeZcOrOku%2BoOBl%2BSycgfXK%2FQeoinyykP6xYzMcdVHdPh4qKVlWsF8GqTjMe%2FIKyw
  2. The problem is, find either? I was in Scheel's the other day and the cupboards were bare. Glad to hear she has the shooting/hunting itch!
  3. If the toggle switches are bad, I would assume you can figure out how they work with a multimeter and replace those rather easy.
  4. Snowing here now. They are talking 2-4 inches today and tonight. Way to damn early.
  5. Far better here with the dry conditions than fighting the mud like last year. Lost a few machines to fire. Nothing ever seems to be perfect. A guy I knew was setting in the pickup watching his son and family finish up the last of the corn harvest. They finished up and found him dead in the pickup. I guess if you have to go, there are worse ways.
  6. In the first IH dealership I worked for, the girl in the office mowed the lawn on an old rider. I sharpened the blade for her and took it for a spin after. The thing vibrated so bad I could hardly stay on the seat. I wanted to fix it but the shop manager had offered and she wanted it left alone.
  7. This new fuel is almost to the point of being garbage. The steel parts in pumps will rust with this fuel and things then stick and die. With the high costs of pumps, you need a "GREAT" fuel additive that will protect these high cost pumps and fuel systems. The best found is the Stanadyne Fuel Additive, Performance Formula. It is cheap protection since the costs of pump repairs, if you can find parts, is rising every day. Howes, and the others, may stop gelling in the cold but they do little for the corrosion. Farmall202 had mechanical issues but there is a lot of fuel
  8. Look at #31? There is an adjustment bolt at the bottom of the cover. That takes the slack out of the band and pushes it up close to the drum. I believe, that you tighten that down snug and then back it off a turn. I know it has to be backed off otherwise this adjustment will leave the band touching the drum and then it will drag. It does make a difference. I also think that is the 1st adjustment to be made. It's been awhile since I adjusted the H.
  9. Add -30 below temperatures and 30+ mph NW winds in South Dakota. It's called a blizzard that can last for days. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I need to get to Arizona for the winter PS: A friend uses this statement, a lot! "A goose has the brain the size of a pea and it still knows enough to go South in the Winter!"
  10. 22 degrees here this AM. Had a dusting of snow last Friday. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. I drank a lot of whiskey in Vo-Tech. Diesel Tech. Drank little as was a non-trad in college. Business I mostly took up, "SPACE".
  12. Fire up the gas powered leaf blower. That job will be taken away from you in a hurry? If she hasn't left you?
  13. I certainly hope the people responsible are brought to justice. This is not a random thing. I would look at this as a local idiot with anti-Trump feelings. Due to the location, it normally is someone local. Why would other people be in the area. It is certainly a sad situation when a farmer cannot leave his property in HIS field. These types of situations are getting out of hand. Hopefully these types of hate crimes are over, and soon. We can hope all was insured but that rarely covers the replacement costs. May God bless America and the American farmer.
  14. If there is diet Iced Tea then there is diet water?
  15. It is the F2tz9b249a Fuel Filter Housing Heater Element 9J294 for Ford 7.3L IDI Diesel It is installed coming up from the bottom. See it here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/F2tz9b249a-Fuel-Filter-Housing-Heater-Element-9J294-for-Ford-7-3L-IDI-Diesel/203037829798?epid=8033610807&hash=item2f45ff6aa6%3Ag%3AzUUAAOSw9EtefqNM&fits=Year%3A1989|Model%3AF-250|Make%3AFord
  16. I too cannot get it to work. The dimensions would be great. I can see a 3D printer project coming. On a smaller scale. Thanks
  17. Weren't those either a 2-53 of 2-71? The 238 was a 6-71, if I remember right, and that was 238 HP.
  18. Things are getting hard to find and expensive. fudwayne has a great idea. We have a blacksmith shop with a plasma cutter that would take more time to get it into the computer than to cut it out. May be the best option. Keep those "Bottle Rockets" alive!
  19. You can jack up the tank enough to get the rockers off. Take a close look at the valve guide where the rocker broke. Look thru the valve spring at the guide to see if it is higher than the rest. Those engines had a tendency to have a loose guide move up in the head until it went into bind and the rocker was the weakest link. Also check the push rod to make sure it is not bent. You can replace the rocker and hope it don't happen again. Something had to have happened that caused that to break. Always seems to be #6 exhaust so must be due to the higher heat,
  20. 766's are very rare in our area. I would take it, even without the MFWD. I say very rare!
  21. If the metering valve is free and the rotor is not seized, then: I wonder if a person brought the pump to TDC with the timing lines aligned, and remove the bolt from the #1 line. Then look in and verify the rotor port is aligned with #1. Then air time it with as much air pressure that you can get. With any luck, that will force the pumping plungers, rollers and shoes out against the cam ring. Would only take about 15 minutes and may be enough to get it to loose and back running. Agree/Disagree?
  22. When fishing at Eagle Lake near Vermilion Bay Ontario, we would go to the local Coop. We always stocked up on Malkins jam, the great maple syrup and side pork. Malkins is most excellent with the majority of it being fruit. Running's is selling it now under a different name. Then we went to the liquor store and stocked up on Labatt's beer and Silk Tassel whiskey. There is not enough o's in smooth for that whiskey.
  23. England has done away with guns for years. They now have the same crime problem with knives and stabbings. People will overcome and adapt to get what they want. If you can't have a gun, or knife, them maybe baseball bats are next. Australia done away with guns and crime increased. The crooks knew there were no guns to be scared of anymore and they still had theirs. Laws only make politicians feel good. There are thousands of gun laws on the books and we still have gun crimes. Only an idiot would think that one more law will make a difference.
  24. I won a pair of the 3M's and wore them mowing one time. The radio was great but I could not hear anything. I knew I hit a stick, would feel it, but didn't hear it. The engine could have been grenading and I would not have heard it. I gave them to my sister who loves them. Was in hospital and a young nurse came in with a mask and bug shield on. She had a soft voice and even when she raised her voice I could not hear her. Some frequencies I just cannot hear. Need hearing aids but I do not want to spend $7,500.00+ nor do I have a smart phone to control the
  25. I just got done overhauling one off a 220 Allice Chalmers. The metering valve was not stuck, but super gummy. It would barely move. The advance piston, weight retainer and all steel inside was rusty. All four rollers, shoes and pistons were free. Delivery valve spring was not broken nor were the transfer pump blade springs. Of course governor weight retainer ring was gone. Damn government with their new fuel recipe. Please, use the Stanadyne fuel conditioner in any diesel. It is good stuff and will save you from a costly overhaul. A friends 856 pump
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