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  1. We've only been to one this year to. Pretty much everything else got nixed. Skipped a local one. And it sounds like another local one is gonna happen but only a half day. So we're skipping it to. I myself don't mind just jumping on one and heading out for awhile.
  2. Do they have this every year? I'd be interested next year if so. Looking for some new rides to go on. Thanks.
  3. I am forced to mask up when I enter the building at the tire recycler and get my temperature taken. As stated, it's mandatory. Funny thing, the other day my temperature was 93. And what gets me in my situation. It's about two steps to the window I need to get to so I can sign my paperwork and leave. I'm in the building longer to get my temperature taken than signing my paperwork. So that doesn't make sense to me at all. In my opinion they should let me mask up, sign my paperwork, and get out of there. But that's just me. And just today we went to Wally World, not my favorite store but it's what we've got. Mask on to enter, mask off a few paces out the door. Instantly had a headache after putting it on and it went away pretty quickly after removing it. I feel for anyone that's forced to wear one all day. Glad I don't have to. And I to chuckle at the people wearing masks alone in the cars. I understand their thinking but it is comical.
  4. My uncle had four boys and tried hard and hoped one of them would wanna farm but none did. And this was 20 years ago. And I believe it's the hours that scare them away. Just my .02.
  5. I've seen them both ways. I think I remember seeing a old binder once they were on the outside. And my old 72 they're on the inside. And I believe the 79 GMC I drove for my dad they were on the inside. Hated those hoists if you weren't on level ground.
  6. I use to have the problem that my brain was writing checks my a$$ couldn't cash. But not very often anymore. The repercussions from bad decisions eventually teach you to stop doing that. ?
  7. I like approximately that speed on rides myself. Much easier to enjoy the scenery. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  8. I can relate to most of these posts myself. I've worked hard most of my life and my body reminds me every day. I can't retire cause I'm not quite 50 but close, about 3 months yet. I've slowed down a lot to. And I've learned to say no if I want to. Still enjoy pounding the pavement cause after 22 years on the job most of my customers are now my friends. I'm just glad we went to drop and hook or I'd probably be crippled by now. So as stated, I've slowed down, learned to say no, and take time off when I can. I still mess with my own stuff and as you guys have seen on here I help my friends get tractors to and from shows and enjoy that very much.
  9. That's just cool. So happy you found them back.
  10. I don't drink at all. It doesn't interest me and my cdl is my livelihood. I do believe to each his own obviously. However I do like this time about it. Enjoy!!!!
  11. I have a 756 gas burner to. Kinda different but I like it. Obviously it's your tractor but i wouldn't just kick the gas engine to the curb without a little investigation. It is very cool it's the first one off the line in 69. No serial numbers registry on 756's that I know of. I offered to do them when I started the 826 registry but it never got any traction. Nice tractor by the way. ??
  12. Same here. Bead blaster is always my first choice. But occasionally I run onto a old stuff tire. Ether is the only way. It normally takes a few tries as I use it very respectful.
  13. Saw him once I believe at the Iowa State Fair. Great show. When he sang The Devil Went Down To Georgia the place went crazy. Glad I got to see him. RIP Charlie.
  14. Well said and oh so true. Can't imagine life without pets.
  15. After that long they're definitely part of the family. Remember the good times as they will get you through. Condolences from RTF.
  16. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to know the serial number? Got a couple to compare it with just for fun. Thanks!
  17. Bummer on the no pictures but I can relate. I've done the same tho. Walk away from something, drive away, just to think to myself, you moron, why didn't you take a few pictures. Darn autocorrect, and I understand skipping around. We skipped around to in that red 73 which was my first experience. It was a 366 and had a aluminum box. It would scale 550 bushels of beans. As long as you didn't make ridiculous big jumps it did just fine. I hit the half century mark in a few months. But I understand what your saying, most guys can't handle one stick and a splitter button. Give them another stick and their like a fish out of water. Your old Merc sounds cool to.
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