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  1. Same here. We're not crowd people ourselves. We buy advanced tickets so their cheaper, blow in and stream line what we wanna see and get out. We were there about 3 hours and that was enough.
  2. They did a great job in my opinion. Your welcome. That's kinda what we thought cause it was way down numbers wise. And I'm sure the lack of free tires hurt to. Glad you snapped a picture of the hay rake. We were gonna get one on the way out but forgot. Another CRS moment. He did a great job also. And I can relate. Some friends of mine restored one of those wagons to. They made a couple trips to my place to look at my original as well. Same here, it really got my attention to. This one, the 706 German, and the SMTA were my favorites. But all were nicely done. Glad all you guys enjoyed the tour πŸ‘.
  3. Went to the state fair today. Most things are the same from year to year. I myself like to visit the 4H and the FFA tractors. My wife likes to check out the photography at both of those places as well the main photography area for the fair. And of course the fabric and threads area in the varied industries building. We stream lined it as we're not big crowd people but still wanna see stuff. Main thing we noticed in photos and tractor restorations, exhibitors were down in numbers big time. On the plus side, the quality in tractor restorations was up. The last few years some of them didn't look to hot. But this year they were good. First stop, the 4H building. Some good pictures but one really stood out. Took a picture to share it here. Then outside for tractors and equipment. Everything looked nice, but the old Oliver combine just had the cool factor for me. The little Ford lawnmower was roped off so it was difficult to get a good picture. Next stop was the FFA building. Looked at the pictures and saw a little girl that must've hit her head. Paramedics wrapped her head and she'll be fine. Then outside for tractors. Some odd ones out here for sure. The last tractor is a SMTA and a guy looking at it, his voice sounded familiar to me. So I stopped to talk. I recognized his face but no name. He called me by my first name. I was shocked. He bought a SM on a consignment sale in Colo, Iowa a few years ago. Was leaving the next day on vacation but didn't want his tractor to set there unattended for a week. I offered to just drive it, he said ok. We checked some fliuds, I stopped for some gas and headed for Marshalltown. Was a fun day for me. He's also a SMTA nut and has a rare one, so we had plenty to talk about. And no his rare one is NOT for sale. His dad bought it new so he said it'll never leave. And I can definitely respect that. I do have the ok to stop and see it again and get the serial number. We were next to the Iowa arts and crafts building so we looked inside. Then we headed to the fabric and threads area. Lots of nice things in there. Including my wife's hand knitted teddy bear. It netted her a red ribbon. Just for fun I'm including a picture of what got the blue ribbon and the presidents award. After that we walked up the long hill to the photography building. You have to be judged in before you get to exhibit. My wife got one photo in and it was considered HONORABLE MENTION. She also took a picture of the statistics poster. Lots of pictures submitted but not many actually were displayed. One last stop, the chainsaw carver guys finished products. Cool stuff here to. My wife wears a fit bit. We made just shy of 6000 steps on the pedometer. That was our day at the fair. Hope you all enjoyed the visual tour.
  4. Way to go slick 😁. Can't say much tho, I've been there myself. Hope she heals up soon.
  5. Your correct. One of my email buddies knew it to so I googled it. Here's a link if anyone is interested. https://www.google.com/search?q=Polyphemus+moth%2C&oq=Polyphemus+moth%2C&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l15.7009j0j4&sourceid=silk&ie=UTF-8
  6. Same here. Wasn't gonna go to my 5 year reunion till I ran into some of the guys uptown. They convinced me to come. After about an hour I realized nothing had changed since leaving school. I left and that was it. Haven't been to any since and don't plan on that changing.
  7. I started my day by opening a can of whoop a$$ on some out of control horse weeds. They had engulfed the rear axles of a old IH truck I have and a small tractor was disappearing as well. So the war was on. By noon I had accomplished what I wanted. During my morning workout I found something I'd never seen before. Some kind of moth. It evidently was stuck in the weeds cause when we freed it, it flew away. I'm including a picture in case anyone knows. After my lunch break I cranked up my skidloader and hauled my trimmings away. Next project was weed eater but that got sidelined, no gas. That was my own mistake by not having enough on hand. No biggie as I was gonna call it a day before much longer anyway. So I looked around to see what else I could accomplish before calling it a day. And then I spotted the little H I got at the antique tractor auction this summer. And if you remember it will only run a short time before it dies and won't start again. So I decided to try and diagnose the problem. Hit the starter and as usual it lit right up. After probably 30 seconds it died. My initial thought was it was suffocating. The glass jar is missing from the air cleaner. Didn't take the tube off the carb but looked unobstructed. Looked at the sediment bowl, looked cloudy but ok. Next place to look, in the gas tank. And I have my answer. Theirs a lot of sediment over the top of the sediment bowl. Over time gas seeps down through just not fast enough to keep it running. So I at least know what's wrong. I'll order a screen to put in the sediment bowl that sticks up in the tank, rinse the tank, and be good. I also got word from a friend that a project that was supposed to be done before the power show is on the docket for sooner rather than later. I'm definitely not complaining, he was busy, I was busy, and it wasn't important enough to work on it when it was 118 heat index.
  8. I agree 100%. Sometimes you just gotta walk away.
  9. Cool pictures. And it does take time to accomplish all that.
  10. We do the same when we loose one. Wrap them up in they're favorite blanket and include their favorite toys etc. And your right, they grab your heart and don't let go.
  11. Hauling out of the field in the fall without question for me. When I was a kid my dad and uncle hauled Dekalb seed beans for two local farmers into the plant in Beaman, Iowa. I loved riding with either of them. My favorite truck at that time was my dad's blue 1971 C50. He ended up selling it to that farmer before I was of driving age 😭😭😭😭😭😭. However they made a agreement we could use it in the fall just for seed. So my opportunity to sit in the pilots seat finally arrived one day. It was only 20 miles to the plant but I wished it was 200. Last I knew my dad must've ended up buying it back cause it was in his shed last time I saw it. No pictures of it. Fast forward to 1995. That's when we bought the 72 C60. I also hauled seed beans with it. Bulk in and bags out. And the last time I hauled out of the field was 2013. My Heiders had been reunited after nearly 40 years of separation, no way I wasn't gonna not use them together for a few trips. A few trips turned into 13 but I wasn't complaining. Trucks or tractors, hauling out of the field is what I enjoyed the most.
  12. More on the unexpected duty I was asked to do. I got the honor of being grand marshal for the parade of power. The guy that normally does it, he and his wife were king and queen this year and he obviously couldn't do both. He built a flag pole on a two point hitch so not just any tractor would do. So they hit up a friend. He had a 330 utility. And I emphasize had because my wife recently purchased it from him. So plans changed from his grandson driving it to me. Their idea but I sure wasn't gonna turn down the opportunity. As stated, it was a true honor to get the chance. I had to scramble a bit myself. I wanted my three 826's to go through. I did find a couple friends that I trusted to drive them. Saturday we almost had a malfunction. I was supposed to start lining up around 2:30. It was going to be announced as well. I was watching the time. I checked the time, 2:20. No problem, I've got time. About that time someone started a tractor with a straight pipe. I missed the announcement. Next thing I know it's 2:43. Those 23 minutes flew by. I fired up my 826's, told my three guys I didn't care who drove what just which order they needed to go through, 69 first, 70 in the middle, and 71 last. I then sprinted for the 330. Headed for the parade route but changed direction as others were already lining up. It's a good thing this flagpole is made of plastic pipe as it's so tall it hit a high line wire. The pole bent, the wire danced, but luckily no damage. A good laugh happened later. One guy said it was something he'd do. He was preparing to run for the breaker box but it wasn't necessary. I was still in line in plenty of time but it was a hairy few minutes. Needless to say on Sunday I was on my game much better. That also gave several people a good laugh but that's just fine. Picture #1 is me on the wife's 330 utility, serial number 584 with the TALL flagpole πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰. It was restored by one of our best friends. Picture #2 is my 69-826 serial number 7840 with factory diamond cab and 2250 loader. Picture #3 is my 70-826 serial number 13344 with 2350 loader. Picture 4 is my 71-826 serial number 16846. Pictures #5 & 6 are the trio where they sat during the show. The show was over but I wanted pictures of them on the show grounds. Picture #7 is my 71 from Sunday's parade. It was pretty quiet that day and I hadn't looked for drivers very hard. One friend showed up as he promised. He drove the 69 on Saturday and we figured with the heat on Sunday the cab would be hot. He's driven the 70 several times and it makes frequent appearances at the show. So I told him to bring the 71. He likes noise and the temporary short straight pipe accomplishes that pretty well. Sounds like next year the state show is in Central City. That's not that far for me. I'll probably load a load and head on over. Hopefully meet a few more fellow members. That's all I've got for now.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll enter them in.
  14. As Bo Duke says, "Yee Haw." Everything I was responsible for getting back home after the show is sleeping on it's own property tonight as planned. As you know iowaboy1965's 826 went back home yesterday afternoon. This morning we went back and made two trips to Grinnell and got all of Aarons babies back home. Then went back for the third time for my three 826's. They aren't unloaded but are home. We backed in and called it good as it was after 6pm. I can unload another day. Tomorrow is back to my regular job. I do have a few pictures I'll hopefully be adding tomorrow. Was planning on today but their simply wasn't time. I gotta thank Fearnau Truck Repair for making everything possible. They understood I was in a pickle and threw a water pump on my rig asap. Picked it up Sunday morning and all is good. Stay tuned for those pictures.
  15. Thanks for the compliment. And I reciprocate the sentiment. I only wish we could've visited a bit longer but a unexpected duty called and I was happy to answer that call. More on that later. Wife took a few pictures over the weekend. Will post them later. They're on her phone and she's currently in snoozeville. We returned iowaboy1965's 826 this afternoon. Played a little game of chicken with DTfan. He was in his 1066 and I of course was in my truck. He swerved till he figured out who the loose nut behind the wheel was. I blasted the air horn as we met. Fun stuff. More trucking tomorrow to return more red paint to where it belongs. 7 tractors in 2 loads for Aaron and I'll snag my 3 last. That way if it gets late or I get tired I can dolly down and unload at a later date. Tuesday morning my day job will be calling.
  16. Caught up with him today. Definitely lots of red paint on the move yesterday. Definitely sad news for sure. We still managed 7 826's. One gold demo, one gas hydro, and 5 other gear drive diesels. And all three years represented. I'm calling it mission accomplished. We didn't end up with them all together like we planned and I doubt theirs room anymore. So we will have something to look forward to in the future and try it again sometime. And isn't it amazing how those last minute issues happen that prevent a guy from doing what he wants? I'm not complaining cause lots of my projects are incomplete as well. Your welcome my friend. Happy to do it. And don't worry, mine aren't the way I want them as well. They started and ran so away we went. It has been a weird year for everyone. Talked with several friends today and they mentioned the same thing about being busy but not getting much done in toy land. We all participated and contributed what we could and that's better than nothing. Saw you once but missed the second time. I was pretty sure that was you. Nice looking 1066 all dualed up. I'm a sucker for duals myself. They just have a stout look that way.
  17. Here's my contribution to the show and a bit of commentary from the rest of my day. Hope you enjoy the entire post. I had a great day today. All I hauled was 826's. Loaded my three last night to be ready for today. Then slipped down to Newton, Iowa for another one. We were supposed to snag one near Haverhill, Iowa on our way back but he backed out. His needed new batteries and it sounded like a good bath was needed as well. So as stated, he backed out. Break down on my load. On the front is a 69 826 with a serial number of 7840. Factory diamond cab and a IH 2250 loader. In the middle position is my 71 826 with a serial number of 16846. And on the back is my favorite 826. It's a 70 826 with a serial number of 13344. And it's got a IH 2350 loader on it. So all three years will be represented at the show. Beings I'm a numbers guy it would have been neat if they were on in the order they were built. However with two wearing loaders I didn't have much choice. During my trip to and from Newton I met a couple fellow forums members that were show bound or had been there. I think I met DT fan driving his 1066 northbound towards the show. And when I was northbound with iowaboy1965's 826 I met a guy from Baxter, Iowa with a empty trailer. He waved as did I but for some reason his name and or profile name eludes me at the moment. SORRY. And thanks to iowaboy1965 for allowing me to get one more 826 to the show. And now for the rest of our day. After the tractors were delivered we took the truck to the hospital. Water pump started leaking yesterday of all days. Considering it was show weekend I ran it today and fix tomorrow and back in service to return the 11 tractors I hauled in to return them to their rightful owners. Next stop was the grocery store. Milk and bread were the highlights. Considering we were in town my wife suggested pizza hut pizza for supper. So I dialed the phone hoping a certain lady would answer the phone. She's tons of fun, you can say anything to her. I was in luck, she answered, and I blindsided her. I asked for a different representative. The line went quiet. She finally came back so I asked if she was ready for my order? She said yes but only after I wipe my eyes. She was laughing so hard she was crying. When we got there to pick it up, she was still laughing. Her coworkers were laughing and asked if I was the guy that said it. She admitted it was the best one liner anyone ever laid on her. So I made her day. And that's what it was all about, having fun. I had to wait for our third visit to say it after I thought of it tho because twice someone else answered. But it was worth the wait.
  18. No problem. Here's my detailed description of the day. Yesterday was a blast. Hauled 7 tractors for a friend. Was supposed to be 8 but the 8th one isn't quite ready. And of all tractors, it was a 826 hydro, the one I was looking forward to hauling the most 😭😭😭😭. But he assured me I could haul it home after the show πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›. I walked out of the house at 6:45am. I needed to fill out and put a fresh inspection sticker on the trailer. It also needed it's new licence plate put on. Plus round up all three aluminum ramps as well as all my chains and binders. By the time I was hooked on and ready it was 8:00. Perfect cause that was my target departure time to be ready to load by 8:30. I then had a thought and acted on it. I went in the house and grabbed a cooler for water as it was gonna be warm soon. So I rolled out a few minutes late. Then a surprise, a hwy that's been closed at least a year and a half is open, so no 8 miles of detour. So as I've stated in several emails the last while, it was HAMMER DOWN SON. I rolled up on Maple Hill Farm, Grinnell, Iowa about 8:40. He was out front waiting for me a huitin and a hollorin. Even had a big American flag hanging out just for meπŸ‘. So I knew it was gonna be a fun day. We walked up to look at the 7 that were ready and the 826 that wasnt😭. I chose his 544 hydro for the top deck simply cause it was the shortest and would fit. Sweet little tractor with a 239 four cylinder German diesel engine. Next up was his 756 narrow front. The Germans had to ride together. Then I chose his 656 hydro. It normally wears a Westendorf loader. Rounding out the 56 series load was his 856 GAS. Yes I said gas. We hit the road after chaining down of courseπŸ™Š. When we got to the show grounds a mutual friend was there, he helped us unchain, I unloaded them and we were off for round two. We put his 656 gear drive up front. In the middle position we put his 806 diesel. Look at the Texas patina on that baby. And if you look closely, it's got a generator on it instead of a alternator. According to my friend that means it's a earlier one. And last his 1206. A couple pretty impressive loads if I do say so myself. On one trip a couple guys passed us and gave us the thumbs up motion. That only poured gas on my friends excitement fire. He was excited when I pulled up, and he was just as excited when I dropped him off. And he was running on 5 hours of sleep. Side story. I'm usually all about being efficient and not wasteful. And that came into question after loading the second load being ready to go. It was out of my way to have to bring him home, we thought about him driving part way, all the way, or riding shotgun from start to finish. Considering he hadn't done that in a long time, I finally made the decision. Told him to get in the truck, I'd just bring him home. He was having such a good time, it was worth a few extra gallons of fuel to make it last a little longer. He bought my lunch on the second trip and I thanked him for that cause I appreciated it very much. After 205 miles I returned home at 5:45pm. And I'd about had enough. It was fun for sure. I was tired when we were done understandably.
  19. Hear it all the time to, to lazy to advertise It so it's scrap.
  20. Same here, more people looking down at their phone than out the windshield. And your right, multiple times daily.
  21. X2 here. Never served but have relatives that did.
  22. Same here. Guy had one in the small town I lived in as a kid. It was love at first sight. Cool trucks. Hope the rear end issues aren't bad.
  23. We rarely used the single after getting the double cause the double just worked better. We had a few places the studs were to close the double wouldn't fit. And the double had a cable on the back. We would take it in the round cribs, osha would not approve 😁. But it did save a lot of work. And your statement of a high school kid with a rake and a shovel, that was me a lot. Guys would call to line up shelling, then ask if I could come to. I still have my shovel my grandpa gave me after he put my initial on it. Funny thing tho, it hasn't scooped corn in years.
  24. Same here don't use it while trucking as I don't like the in and out temperature change. But from supper time till morning I like my ac. And Murphy has been here awhile now. Weather conditions haven't been very friendly for working in my outdoor shop. Rainy and wet to scorching hot. My participation at the Marshalltown show will be less than normal. Projects simply have not got the attention I expected to give them. I'll be there just not with near as much stuff as I had anticipated.
  25. Same here for me. It was my summer job for the better part of 10 years. One time we had 4 shellers in our possession. One we completely stripped for parts. We actually had a double and a single auger to pull corn to the drag on non tunnel cribs. Saved a lot of work for sure. Had to be careful with the single as it would screw itself into the corn and stop. I did everything from shoveling to running those power rakes as some called them to eventually running the sheller. I personally hated the round ones. Spoiled corn, lots of critters, and tons of shoveling. I have fond memories of those days that I wouldn't trade for anything. But I'd sure hate to go back to it now.
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