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  1. That's interesting. If your serious send me a PM. I'll give you the shop number. I haven't a clue what's it's story is. But I do know it's been there a long time. Today proved equally as interesting as the rest of the week. I ended up in northeast Iowa today. Road construction lead to a detour. The detour became a roller coaster ride. And the roller coaster ride turned into truck driving school. It was up and down hills. BIG and LONG hills. And rather rough with a 40 mph speed zone. Empty trailer wasn't a problem. The loaded one required lots of shifting, thus my comment of truck driving school. I haven't had to drive like that in a long time. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  2. Monday was a interesting day. Wasn't all that productive but you'll have that. Long story short I ended up at the shop for a couple minor things. In the parking lot, this old GMC Astro 95. It's been setting in a grove the last 30 years or so. Sounds like the transmission is going in a different truck. And somebody wants the tires off the back axle. Can't imagine they'd be any good if their that old. By the way, the shop guy said it had the BIG GREEN MONSTER in it with turbo. I'm assuming he meant a turbo'd 318 Detroit Diesel. He also said it had a unique air box. Sounded like the remainder could be bought pretty cheap. However I've got enough projects. Had to share the pictures anyway. Tuesday followed suit with Monday. As the picture shows, somebody had a bad day not long ago and ruined a really good tire. Theirs a scrap yard not far away. Probably hazards of the job. Check out the landscaping in the pictures. Some genious did it without asking. I went in and asked the shop owner what the plan was. He said they'd been waiting for me to see it. He also told me to drive over it which I did after removing the cement pieces. Then about 25 miles from home something went BOOM. Yupper, a trailer tire let go. I knew which one it was without looking. Didn't think we were quite to that point but STUFF HAPPENS. So I limped it to the closest shop. I normally do my own but late in the afternoon and the possibility of rusty nuts I opted for help. These guys were GREAT. They found out I was a junk tire guy and we were suddenly playing 20 QUESTIONS. So I gave them stacking lessons which they sincerely appreciated. They weren't getting much of a load the way they were doing it. They thanked me for the information and help and I headed for home. And today, Wednesday, was auction day. The big Colo, Iowa sale was today. Left home with the truck, stopped by the sale for a little more than a hour and moved on. There were a few collectable items but nothing I had to have cause I've already got them. I snapped two pictures while there. The red truck was really nice but not for sale. Somebody bought it somewhere and stopped by the sale. The orange one, well it was a bit crusty and rusty. I stumbled onto 3 friends and visited with them a few minutes. Told them I was leaving to go make money instead of spending it. It's been a interesting week thus far. Hope it continues.
  3. Same here. We normally get new residents in our barn every fall. They eat more than the cats. So they gotta go. No suffering or cruelty from me. Hate to see any animal suffer.
  4. Same here. We normally get new residents in our barn every fall. They eat more than the cats. So they gotta go. No suffering or cruelty from me. Hate to see any animal suffer.
  5. To bad it was a conversion. I have a few l.p. tractors to. They normally draw a crowd at shows to.
  6. The answer to your question is just didn't care. And stuff like this happens REGULARLY. I never know what I'm gonna find when I get there everyday. Lost a couple tires the other day from being drug. They replaced them obviously but such a waste. These two incidents, especially the super single, seemed worthy of sharing. I've heard others do that to if they aren't real bad. I'm thinking their probably ok. I looked at the pictures again. The back tire looks clean like it's been rubbed clean. And the front outside if you look through the super single looks shinny like it's been turning to. I'd like to be there to watch the activities of getting it out. I'm assuming a skid loader and a chain would do the trick. Right now it appears as if that trailer will be part of my Monday routine. If it's not out they'll have to get it out. I'll post a update Monday night.
  7. Is at it again. Nothing surprises me with the night shift anymore. And today was no different. Got to Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday morning after surviving the wind to find what is shown in the pictures. More mayhem. 😏 The first trailer appears to have been hit with a loader. It actually broke the light. I remember when we got that trailer and had the lift gate removed, I was wondering how long before the lights were damaged in their current location? They lasted about a year there. Part of the fix will be moving them to a safer location. Of course not all the expense will be ours. 😁 And the second picture, that's a 425 65 R 22.5 otherwise known as a super single stuck between the tandems. We think they ran over it and it somehow flipped itself up and ended up between the axles. 😱 Pretty sure it's gonna take some power equipment to get that out of there. And the next question, will the 4 tires actually on the trailer be ok or will they be damaged cause they were skidding or sliding instead of turning? Hopefully that question will be answered Monday morning.
  8. That's what I'm thinking to.
  9. Here is part 2. Sometimes I wonder why I scavenge through some of my customers used tires. And sometimes they will let me know when they have some they think I can use. Even have one that I can just take whatever I want, they don't care. I assume I probably haul stuff I could use but I'm not about to go looking. Trust me, I've got better things to do. Well it's been paying off. As you know yesterday I raided my inventory for 16. Today I raided it for 22 more. And that's how my day started. Earlier than expected to. I assumed it might be a tough morning after yesterday. But I stepped out the door about 7:30. Raided my inventory, got them ready to load, they will be mounted elsewhere. During this process I checked yesterday's work. All 16 were up, no flats. That right there made my day. Then 4 of those 22 made their way onto the 4 leftover rims from yesterday. After everything was loaded I headed out. That's when plan A turned to plan B. Was planning on going trucking. However a trailer we just purchased was ready for 8 of yesterday's 16. By that time it was to late to head out. So I'll go tomorrow. However more tire work is on the horizon as the pictures will show. And with no more extra useable rims, it'll be dismount and mount and reuse the rims. But that's fine. And just in case your wondering, inventory is low. I'll be looking at those customers now and probably be looking at new ones. As stated, I'm not about to dig through my loads. I'll buy new before doing that.
  10. I hit my wall at about 44-45. Things haven't been the same since. I to take glucosamine and other things. I also have changed my ways. I'm like the tractor someone mentioned above. The age is one thing, I'm 49 now. But I'd hate to guess the hours on my body. I to wish I'd taken better care of myself had I known I'd live this long.
  11. I use them on my trailers when I can find them cause they set so much. But since they're so EXPENSIVE now days they don't come along very often. These 16 were in inventory awhile but it was time to put them to use before they aged out. Yes I will sleep good tonight. Tomorrow morning might be tough to get up and going to. And yes that's a diamond cab off a 856. Eventually it will land on a 826.
  12. My day started by pulling 8 tires out of my personal inventory. Next I began rounding up all my extra trailer rims. 19 came out of my storage trailer and 2 were already outside. The 19 had to be handled twice to get them on the ground. Of course something else was in the way. One got put back. It was a ball seat rim and I needed hub pilot for today's activities. Then I began sorting and matching up. Ones with decent paint were reserved for outside positions. And the ones with not much paint were reserved for inside positions. The majority of them were 5 hand hole which I like better myself. The first set were all 5 hand hole and the second set was 4 and 4. 5 on the outside and 4 on the inside. Also after mounting The first 8 I raided my inventory for another 8 tires for the last 8 rims. And ironically I have two of each left for a single axle puppy trailer. They should've been mounted today to. However after handling basically 40 rims, 13 stem removals 3 had already been removed, 16 stem hole inspections, some of course which needed attention, 16 valve stem installations, and 16 tire mounts, my body was COMPLAINING, and rather LOUDLY I might add. So I called it a day. It actually began complaining on the 14th mount but I dug DEEP to finish 15 & 16. The other 4 will just have to get done in the morning. As well as raid my inventory for a couple other trailers that need attention in the tire department as well. I'll also say a little prayer tonight all 16 I mounted today are up in the morning. You just never know with used tires. They were all take offs per say, and I did clean the rims and use new stems but stranger things have happened. I forgot to take a picture, but I have a bead blaster. Days like today that thing is worth it's weight in gold.
  13. I know anything can be put on the internet. But I read somewhere once they had to hold the Charger back during filming of the Bullit movie cause the Mustang couldn't come close to keeping up.
  14. I've heard that to. It's sad, some don't wanna work and others cant. I'm noticing the same thing to, the old guys show up but the key word is older. Eventually were gonna run out of workers. Your absolutely right. I told the welder story to another friend and he had the same feeling you do. His thoughts were a certified welder should get around $30.
  15. I can relate to this cause for over 15 years I went wide open 24-7. And suddenly I was old for my age. I have slowed down a lot and feel better. I still gotta and wanna work but I take time to smell the roses when I can to.
  16. Signs are EVERYWHERE. And no I'm not looking for help 😃😀😁😬😉🙉. The DAIRY SALES thread not long ago they mentioned some guys selling out due to not being able to find and hire any help. That got me thinking about some of the stories I've been hearing in my world and I thought it might be of interest to some on here? So I'm sharing. And feel free to ad your own stories as well. My travels took me to southeast Iowa the other day. Two guys have moved on from this establishment since I was there last and he can't find replacements. One guy applied, got the job, and has yet to show up for work. The store manager is back in the shop and back in the service truck. The neighboring business builds fertilizer handling equipment. They've been looking for a welder for a year now. First ad was $14 bucks an hour. Next was $15 and the guy is now offering $16 and no takers. Told his buddy he didn't know what it was gonna take to get somebody. Another place I know of is looking for one more employee. One person has applied. He wants $20 bucks an hour right out of the gate but has no experience. Other things I'm hearing, hired but always late if they show up at all. Another place hired a guy without experience. They tried teaching him how to dismount a tire without damaging a sensor. I don't think he ever got the hang of it. And one thing I'm hearing everywhere, this younger generation has no sense of urgency. A shop close to me says theirs been occasions where it takes their help 45 minutes to fix a tire. And that's a money loosing situation. Another one. My neighbor who's a farmer needs a tire changed on his pickup. Shows up at the shop at 7:30am. The main guy is already gone on a service call. But his helper is there. Tells my neighbor, I DON'T CLOCK IN TILL 8. Makes him wait 30 minutes, then it took him 45 minutes to do what needed to be done. I also sent this to my email pals. Here's a response that fits this to a T. We have the same problem. We hire them they never show up, or they work till noon and never come back from lunch. We got lucky once he worked for 2 days. If you call it working.
  17. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. I spent the day with a steering wheel in one hand and a gear shift in the other. Not complaining at all.
  18. That's a problem everywhere. Lots of my customers are looking for help to. If it's manual labor or dirty nobody has interest.
  19. Same here. Went to retrieve a non running tractor once. Last minute I decided to take a big tractor for a pull tractor. Glad I did cause the brakes were stuck on the dead one. So I learned a valuable lesson the easy way. Now I always take a bigger pull unit than I think I need.
  20. I would like to thank all past present and future service members for their sacrifices. I never got to serve but have several relatives that did. I to have lots of respect for all service members.
  21. Back in my shelling days we shelled for a guy that hauled with pickups and wagons. His words were 25 mph loaded going to town and 45 mph coming home empty. Also in my shelling days we had a husk or leaf wagon. It was built on a Westendorf gear. Pulled behind the trucks and usually around 40 mph. It never bothered.
  22. Nice looking truck. Is that a Crysteel box? Always liked the looks of those boxes.
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