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  1. red tractor fever

    826, makes me want to cry!

    Would you share the serial number off the 826 if you haven't already? Please and thank you.
  2. red tractor fever

    Local Auction Results

    Those scrapper guys are a breed all their own. Sad to hear this.
  3. red tractor fever

    Iowa State Fair

    Headed down to the Iowa State Fair today. We normally go when the tractors are on the grand concourse. This year we changed things up. Decided to go on veterans day. And we were sure to attend the parade honoring all veterans. Let me tell you it was a moving experience. Everyone that was able stood for the singing of the national anthem. One young mom kept her young son from sitting down. And we stood close to a veteran. He's in the bottom left corner in one of the pictures. Their wasn't a full size flag that went by that he wasn't on his feet and saluting OLD GLORY. It was really cool. And veterans saluting veterans was neat to. The atmosphere was electric. The guy driving the Ford tractor got the crowd amped up to. It definitely was a good time and something I'll never forget. Wife had a surprise to. Her knitted teddy bear had a blue ribbon hanging on it. And I added a serial number to my 826 registry. I also found a Louisville Super M in the FFA tractors. Seen plenty of Super M's there over the years, but this was the first Louisville. First place was a 856 narrow front. And it looked extremely nice. Should've taken more pictures. By the time we got to the tractors we were hot and ready to go. The veterans parade was by far the highlight of our day. Thanks for your service to all past, present, and future vets.
  4. red tractor fever

    Ag dinner on town square

    I'm down with that.👍
  5. red tractor fever

    TA Factory Delete Question

    Love that saying. Gonna have to remember that one!
  6. red tractor fever


    X3. Sending condolences.
  7. red tractor fever

    Looking for

    Been thinking of a creative way to bump this back to the top. And it happened yesterday. So here it is. Night before last I cleaned the cache on my Kindle I do my SHOPPING on. I cleaned 699MB of unwanted stuff off it. Then next morning when we rolled out to go trucking, it was 8:26am. And that very afternoon for the fourth time in the last couple years my odometer read XXX,826 in approximately the same location. Twice on the west side of town and now twice on the east side. Theirs a place or two with a tractor or two around. Might get brave and ask around a little next trip through. And that should be in a week or so. That's a lot of numbers I'm looking for. Don't know if it means anything or not? It sure keeps my hopes alive that maybe someday 15699 will be found. And by the way, consider this post bumped.😜
  8. red tractor fever

    International Metro

    Check this out. Even Aerosmith used International products to get from one gig to another.👍
  9. red tractor fever

    Rule of thumb for animals as well as humans

    Some of my in laws should read this. Funny how they treat us like we're lower than dirt and it's ok. But when you return the sentiment they don't like it.😏
  10. red tractor fever

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    My return email from my neighbor also stated 130 pieces of Allis Chalmers equipment. He thought that was a good turnout as do I. Some neat pieces were on display.
  11. red tractor fever

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    I emailed my neighbor on your question. Here's his response. think it is to help bend the stalk over, it is right over the stripper plates, I really do not know what the right answer is for sure, Hope that helps answer your question.
  12. red tractor fever

    Rule of thumb for animals as well as humans

    Good rule.
  13. red tractor fever

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    Can't say. But I noticed it to. I'll ask my neighbor and get back to you.
  14. red tractor fever

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    My neighbors did great bringing things over. The corn picker pictured below I helped him retrieve it last fall after he bought it. Told him I'd kick his butt if he didn't get it mounted and over to the show. So as you can see, no butt kicking necessary. And I know some history on this jeep. Another neighbor owns it. Just got it not to long ago. After getting it home he sifted through the glove box. He discovered it was once owned or used by the Green Mountain Fire Department. So it's back in home country. It was a interesting show. There were some odd pieces there. You can count on it.
  15. red tractor fever

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    Thanks. Had to know. Dad in law asked to. Now I just gotta remember to tell him next time I see him.😜