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  1. Saw him once I believe at the Iowa State Fair. Great show. When he sang The Devil Went Down To Georgia the place went crazy. Glad I got to see him. RIP Charlie.
  2. Well said and oh so true. Can't imagine life without pets.
  3. After that long they're definitely part of the family. Remember the good times as they will get you through. Condolences from RTF.
  4. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to know the serial number? Got a couple to compare it with just for fun. Thanks!
  5. Bummer on the no pictures but I can relate. I've done the same tho. Walk away from something, drive away, just to think to myself, you moron, why didn't you take a few pictures. Darn autocorrect, and I understand skipping around. We skipped around to in that red 73 which was my first experience. It was a 366 and had a aluminum box. It would scale 550 bushels of beans. As long as you didn't make ridiculous big jumps it did just fine. I hit the half century mark in a few months. But I understand what your saying, most guys can't handle one stick and a splitter button. Give them another stick and their like a fish out of water. Your old Merc sounds cool to.
  6. That would be a 1969 826 serial number 7840, earliest number in my stable, with factory diamond cab. It's also wearing a 2250 IH loader. It was on it when I got it, bummer I know 😃😁😀. Thanks. And I'll bet that was a beautiful truck. Don't suppose you have any pictures? I also most definitely agree, they just look good. I can understand your dislike. First one I drove everything was in great shape so it shifted great. Even for me having never driven one their was minimal gear grinding. It was a pleasure to drive. I never expected the pleasure of driving that red 73 Chevy. My brother and I went with my dad to southeast Iowa for seed beans in his 74 Chevy. That farmer wanted to haul a load himself. So I opted to ride with the farmer. And I watched him like a hawk cause we didn't have anything like that. Half way back he needed a pit stop. On our way back to the truck he heads for the passenger side and tells me I can finish getting us there. I made double sure it was ok and off we went. And what fun I had. My next experience wasn't near as enjoyable. It was a wore out dump truck. Nuff said. You must be a bit younger with your statement never seen such a thing. That's why this one didn't sell quicker and exactly why I wanted it. 👍
  7. Thanks. I'm glad to. And I understand what you're saying. Not all the trucks we had in my younger days are alive and well like yours. Memories are all I have left of them to. Theirs 17 feet of frame behind the cab. So I'm ASSUMING it had a 20 footer on it. Never saw it that way. All I've ever seen it as is cab and chassis. Sounds like that Mack had a tough life with a 32 footer on it. I can relate on the front axle over load. We did it to. Pretty much fill the front of the box and try stopping when we had 34,000 on the tandems. We worried more about what the tires would carry instead of the front axle rating. I would definitely agree with that. 👍
  8. Yes it does have power steering. Works real nice to. Might change with some weight but right now it's 👍👍. I'm not sure the fate of the knuckle buster as you called them. When I was a kid all our trucks had one. When I got my 72 I didn't put one in it. Liked it better that way. And don't have one in my daily driver. And for sure on the fire extinguisher. I've been around both setups you mentioned. And I see good and bad in both. I had air chambers and a valve added to my 72 for safety reasons. Thanks for the compliments. It APPEARS to have had some decent care over the years. Only time will tell.👍
  9. Correct, we rubbed on it a little and came to the same conclusion that some buffing compound would do wonders. Yes on the grain box. It and the hoist got moved to a newer truck. They left the pump tho. And I'll agree, the fire extinguisher was a nice bonus. And actually the catalyst for this post. When I found it I knew I had to share my find and how I got it. I can understand your feelings. My IH daily driver is a Eaton 13. Hadn't thought of that avenue. I thought some might think it was some sort of riddle? It is pretty clean. Eventually the cab sills under the doors will need some love but she's very presentable. Especially if I give it some elbow grease. And your absolutely right, it's nice when those unexpected surprises turn out like this one did. Thanks.👍 👍 Thanks and yes. At first I was thinking of another grain box and hoist. Then I considered a flatbed of sorts. But I've scrapped both of those ideas. Considering it's a air brakes chassis it's gonna get a fifth wheel and some hoses to be able to pull a trailer. It seems as time goes on more people wanna go with us on rides and to shows. So it seemed stupid to limit it's capabilities to one or two tractors. I know it won't be a speed demon on the road. But for a once in awhile weekend warrior it'll be fine. Cause if theirs one thing I've learned the last few years, it's ok to stop and smell the roses once in awhile. So if it takes a few more minutes to get from point A to point B, I'm ok with that. I have no idea. If you tell me what to look for I'd be happy to look and report back. And yes it's wearing 10.00x20 bias tires all the way around. But a mix and match of tread patterns and brands. Some brands I've never heard of. Hartland on the front. I think a Advantage left front inside. Power King right rear outside. And a couple Sears, Coop, and a Redi Grip. Only 4 are worth anything. But none will stay with the truck. EXCEPT maybe the Union 76. Might be fun to put it in a spare tire rack for a conversation piece at shows? This fall I think my daily driver will get new sneakers on the back before inclement weather. However there should be enough meat left on them for the GMC. The steer axle will get new. It's not worth messing up front.
  10. I'm not one for aftermarket stuff like steps etc. But I do like the looks of these. Kinda have the oem look but a way safer step. I give it 👍👍.
  11. That's just AWESOME. Glad it made his day.👍
  12. I'm with you there. Always figured if I did it would be something small and IH related on my upper arm. But likely never happen. But this is very cool and tasteful in my opinion.👍👍
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