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  1. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. I spent the day with a steering wheel in one hand and a gear shift in the other. Not complaining at all.
  2. That's a problem everywhere. Lots of my customers are looking for help to. If it's manual labor or dirty nobody has interest.
  3. Same here. Went to retrieve a non running tractor once. Last minute I decided to take a big tractor for a pull tractor. Glad I did cause the brakes were stuck on the dead one. So I learned a valuable lesson the easy way. Now I always take a bigger pull unit than I think I need.
  4. I would like to thank all past present and future service members for their sacrifices. I never got to serve but have several relatives that did. I to have lots of respect for all service members.
  5. Back in my shelling days we shelled for a guy that hauled with pickups and wagons. His words were 25 mph loaded going to town and 45 mph coming home empty. Also in my shelling days we had a husk or leaf wagon. It was built on a Westendorf gear. Pulled behind the trucks and usually around 40 mph. It never bothered.
  6. Nice looking truck. Is that a Crysteel box? Always liked the looks of those boxes.
  7. I completely agree as I have no use for those kinds of people myself. And I would do the same if I could. Thanks. And it probably would double as a small tractor ramp in a pinch. It's definitely over built for what it's for but that's just how I am. We wanted it solid so we built it accordingly. Thanks to everyone for their kind words.
  8. Our house isn't very friendly for old people and pets. We have three entrances and all of them have steps. We also have two senior pets. Jasmine is now 14.25. And Milo is around 10. But he hasn't had a good life. He's been rehomed 3 times now. His first owner obviously didn't train him well. His second owner admitted to kicking him in the butt a lot so his back hips aren't the best. So we have a ramp out our south door leading to their kennel so they don't have to use the steps. As you will see in the pictures the old ramp had lived it's life. So we built a new one this afternoon. A little longer and a little wider. Milo's first trip down his new ramp went perfect as it's not near as steep as the old one. We built it on our flatbed trailer which served as a nice work bench. My knees don't work like they use to or we would've built it where it needed to be. And like we figured, after putting it together we couldn't carry it ourselves. So my skidloader got fired up to do the job. I told my wife we have machines to help us, we will use them.
  9. I don't wanna sound like a smart a$$ but a 366 should be plenty for that size box. We run 366's in tandem trucks when I was a kid. Unless it was windy it was plenty. I wonder if your linkage from the gas pedal to the carb is stretched out far enough. I remember having to lengthen it on my old 72 to get full movement on the carb. Made a huge difference in how it run. Another trick I've learned from a old racer, if it's got mechanical linkage for the secondaries, put a screw in the half moon slot about the halfway point. The secondaries open sooner and that engine will come alive to. And that's on a Holley carb. And as far as running it flat on the floor. They will run 4 grand all day every day without issue. I could be wrong but I think they were designed that way. I know I ran my old 72 that way and it never bothered. Hope my ramblings have done you some good. Nice truck to by the way.
  10. Friend of mine got nailed on this not long ago whose a die hard Ford fan. He was speechless. Wish I'd been there to see it. Not cause they were bashing Ford, but cause the guy was speechless. He always has something to say. When my dad started trucking he had a tilt cab Ford. It was appropriately painted yellow. Later on he bought a GMC. It was white but should have been yellow to. And I'm with you on the new stuff, not impressed at all.
  11. I myself would do the same. And congratulations on getting it back home.
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