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  1. red tractor fever

    656 Question

    Not sure. The information I shared is all I got. I'll pry a little more.
  2. red tractor fever

    656 Question

    Was on the phone with a friend tonight talking tractors. He had a friend call him today. Their conversation was about a 656 gas hydro high crop. He asked if I would ask here about it. Is it rare and or collectable? Or nothing special. Please share your opinions and I'll let him know. Thanks in advance.
  3. red tractor fever

    Looking for

    Found that one to. 15715 was for sale on Craigslist last year and 15722 is south of me right now. But lining that many up would be impossible in what time I've got left to look for tractors.
  4. red tractor fever

    Saturday fun day

    Copy that. I've got a uncle with some other color tractors. I grew up driving them. I'd buy them in a second if ever given the chance. I'd have to eat a lot of crow on them but considering they came from a relative and I have history with them I think most would understand.
  5. red tractor fever

    Saturday fun day

    Copy that. I have a friend that says, "He'll buy red till he's dead." And I agree. However I've got a friend and neighbor that likes his pumpkins. He's got some cool stuff.
  6. red tractor fever

    OH NO...

    Thanks for the compliment. Wait till you see the next two she's working on. I'll post them when she gets them done. They don't call them turbo rockets for nothing. She tells me they do help quite a bit. And I also wouldn't have the patience to do it. Especially when she starts tweaking and or customizing it to her liking. I'm good with watching.πŸ˜€
  7. red tractor fever

    Semi crash

    Not a chance, HA HA. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  8. red tractor fever

    To replace my 1840 SS?

    I have a 782 with a blade. Tried leveling some dirt with it once. Messed around awhile and got tired of not getting anything accomplished. Switched to my skid loader. Got more done in 5 minutes with it than the previous 30 with the cub cadet. Just my 2 cents. Nice looking machine regardless.
  9. red tractor fever

    Some People Should Be Shot Parts 2 & 3

    Here's a few more that need to be on the list. I hijacked the title but not the threadπŸ˜€. The first one just happened in Des Moines, Iowa. The second one I found while looking for the first one. And I know this was asked in the other thread but, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?
  10. red tractor fever

    OH NO...

    100% her creation. She starts with what's in the picture. She calls it knitting. I call it amazing.
  11. red tractor fever

    OH NO...

    Thanks. Both. She has a pattern she follows but adds her own twists to get what she wants.
  12. red tractor fever

    OH NO...

    Is at it againπŸ˜€! Here's the last two creatures to come to life off of her knitting needles. We delivered them to the Des Moines, Iowa animal rescue league yesterday. She donated them and they will be silent auctioned off tomorrow to raise money for the horses they're currently taking care of. Tucker the bear is 10 inches tall sitting and 15 inches tall standing. Trotter the horse is 14 inches tall from head to hoof and 16 inches long. Meet Tucker and Trotter.
  13. red tractor fever

    Looking for

    If you read my 7 DIGITS post you know the big IH rolled over the million mile mark not long ago. And from my SHORT FARM TRAIN post I told you guys we took some time off. And it was mostly cause business is down. Well I got back in the saddle yesterday and we got back work. And I've been enjoying watching the numbers rack up with the 0 on the left. Saw some neat numbers today. 460 560 missed 660. But saw 666 682 684 686 and 756 rolled past pretty close to home. 826 will happen tomorrow. And speaking of 826's, the trio of numbers rolled by today to. One was that ever so elusive magic number. And it happened in the general vicinity where all those 826 numbers have been appearing for me. Gotta research some contact information on the one. Not having much luck. 😠 Just sharing and keeping the post current. Here's a few pictures.
  14. red tractor fever

    some people should be shot

    Like them or not this is UNACCEPTABLE. We've rescued our share to. Can't stand anyone that abuses animals.
  15. red tractor fever

    Short Farm Train

    πŸ‘. Neat little machine. Still no roomπŸ˜ πŸ‘Ž.