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  1. X2 here. Never served but have relatives that did.
  2. Same here. Guy had one in the small town I lived in as a kid. It was love at first sight. Cool trucks. Hope the rear end issues aren't bad.
  3. We rarely used the single after getting the double cause the double just worked better. We had a few places the studs were to close the double wouldn't fit. And the double had a cable on the back. We would take it in the round cribs, osha would not approve 😁. But it did save a lot of work. And your statement of a high school kid with a rake and a shovel, that was me a lot. Guys would call to line up shelling, then ask if I could come to. I still have my shovel my grandpa gave me after he put my initial on it. Funny thing tho, it hasn't scooped corn in years.
  4. Same here don't use it while trucking as I don't like the in and out temperature change. But from supper time till morning I like my ac. And Murphy has been here awhile now. Weather conditions haven't been very friendly for working in my outdoor shop. Rainy and wet to scorching hot. My participation at the Marshalltown show will be less than normal. Projects simply have not got the attention I expected to give them. I'll be there just not with near as much stuff as I had anticipated.
  5. Same here for me. It was my summer job for the better part of 10 years. One time we had 4 shellers in our possession. One we completely stripped for parts. We actually had a double and a single auger to pull corn to the drag on non tunnel cribs. Saved a lot of work for sure. Had to be careful with the single as it would screw itself into the corn and stop. I did everything from shoveling to running those power rakes as some called them to eventually running the sheller. I personally hated the round ones. Spoiled corn, lots of critters, and tons of shoveling. I have fond memories of those days that I wouldn't trade for anything. But I'd sure hate to go back to it now.
  6. Thanks for posting the serial number. I'm doing a serial numbers registry on 826's and I've added yours to my list. Well wishes on getting it running again.
  7. Had a great time. It was a record turn out for them. Somebody counted 70 tractors of all flavors. The previous record was 58. Orange probably had the best showing but a huge collector lives just a few miles away. Red would be #2. And not far behind would be Ford. Thanks. Put them back under roof today to keep them that way to. I hadn't till this one myself. The built in Iowa was the draw for me as well as all original in nice shape and a complete wagon with all three components being Big Butch. I actually found another box shortly after this one. It was on a Midwest gear with Midwest hoist and was painted red. But it had had a rough life. Plenty of metal patches on it. And some of the metal uprights were bent past acceptable. They are kinda a different design and would be hard to make. It went from all in at first sight, to I'm not even gonna bid after numerous times of studying the pictures. It would never look good behind the one I have so I looked the other way on auction day. If I remember correctly it brought way more than I expected. I asked a friend whose also a wagon guy. He agreed it would probably be best to let the second one go. I don't think these two look to bad together. So I'll keep my eyes open just in case another one shows up someday.
  8. I looked a long time for the one we have. And like yours, it looks almost as good as the day we bought it. That's the way I want it to stay. I hear lots of trailers going down the road with flat spots in the tires cause they aren't paying attention. No way I'm gonna let someone else do that to mine. Then I look and sound like the idiot. That would be a similar situation for me with a relative. He'd want the truck to. But I know how he treats stuff. I'll pass.
  9. Here's our line up for Saturday's show in Garwin, Iowa. From left to right. #1.1971-826 serial number 16846 pulling I'm assuming a 70's era Big Butch wagon. A complete Big Butch setup. Box, hoist, and gear all Big Butch brand. Low use wagon still wearing it's original tires and rims. Wagon #2, Calhoun barge box UNFORTUNATELY still on the Bradford gear. My intention was to have it switched for show day but it just didn't happen. I'm glad I took it tho. Talked with a couple from Eldora, Iowa. They remember where it was sold new and the building is still standing. How cool is that? He loved the original stencil and hoped we kept it inside which we do. #2. My SMTA. It got to go simply cause it was handy when I was loading early in the morning. #3. 1970-826 serial number 13344. It to was handy and I simply wanted it there with the 71. #4. Dad in laws SMTA serial number 63135. He started farming with it. Notice the every other one going on? It was a happy accident. Not pictured. The Navy tractor took up sick after we got there. Starts and runs but something kinda grinds. So it never got unloaded. And I'm not tearing into it till after August. IH is the feature in Marshalltown so it'll be there regardless. Gonna unload it in the morning. Unless something really goes haywire, it'll be in Marshalltown. And my nephew drove his great grandfather 826 but parked elsewhere. I'm adding a couple extra pictures so the wagons show up better.
  10. Sounds like you have a great guy borrowing yours and that makes a huge difference. Most of the ones that would want to borrow mine, I know how they treat equipment, I'll pass on the borrowing thing.
  11. Went several years ago when IH was the feature. The main feature was the V8's. Great show and glad we went. As I age and drive for a living traveling becomes less and less exciting. So I doubt we ever get back. But not cause of the show. If it wasn't 6+ hours one way I would definitely come back.
  12. I have a few relatives like that to. So worried about what everyone else is doing. What a waste of time.
  13. Your absolutely right. When we got our step deck I made it known no need to ask cause the answer is no. For friends and family per say, I'll haul for basically fuel money. It goes behind my truck only.
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