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  1. red tractor fever

    The wisdom of Johnny Carson

    I liked Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. All I'll say now is I get a lot more sleep since Leno got ousted the second time. 😱
  2. red tractor fever

    Snow Pictures

    Went and toured the neighborhood today checking out the snow. Snapped a couple pictures. First one was on a road we rarely travel. Second one is just north of my house. It's my normal corner to go trucking. The corner would be just to the left and not showing. It's currently impossible to get around that corner with a long trailer.
  3. red tractor fever

    Door to door salesmen

    Jehovah witness stopped here last year. Was washing and loading tractors for the Oskaloosa, Iowa fair. Lady was very pleasant, asked about the tractors, handed me a pamphlet, and hit the road.
  4. red tractor fever

    Bought this more for Dad then me, but I like it too!

    This reminds me of a similar situation I heard about. When my grandfather retired for the third time I hooked him and a neighbor up. My neighbor bought my grandpa's truck. 1975 C60 Chevy. Single axle with a high sided 16 foot steel box. Grandpa hauled cobs with it so the box couldn't be to big. My neighbor was gonna haul grain. They hired a different neighbor to run the grain cart. He filled it JUST LIKE A WAGON. Full from one end to the other. They took it about 4 miles to a livestock farmer. Had well over 500 bushels on it. Nicely of course, but the grain cart operator got specific instructions, DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN.
  5. red tractor fever

    Tires- Firestone, Harvestking

    Very well said. So obviously I agree. 👍
  6. red tractor fever

    Bugs, Gee who could see this one coming at us

    After the last few days I better be close to the front of the line. Haven't felt the best the last few days. Every time I eat or drink anything it starts. So send her over.😱
  7. red tractor fever

    966 Art

    Dad is very proud. And I agree, he should be.
  8. red tractor fever

    966 Art

    Got this from a great trucker friend of mine. He has a 966/1066 hybrid. 966 front mated to a 1066 rear. He's my go to guy when I buy something in tim buck two. And as stated, he's more than a business acquaintance. He's a friend. His son did this as some of the highlights in his own life. I thought it was really cool so I asked if I could share it with all of you. I got the green light. So enjoy. I'm gonna send him a link to this once it's up so he can share your replies with his son.
  9. red tractor fever

    Looking for

    Working on getting those numbers as we speak. Thanks for the heads up. Hate to miss one.👍
  10. red tractor fever

    The Dog Thread

    I have a update on Jaz our new truckin' dog. She's finally getting over her depression. It's not such a chore to get her to eat anymore. Momma made her a sweater to wear, sorry no pictures yet. And she starts pacing when I crank up the big IH. She knows it's GO TIME.
  11. red tractor fever

    Looking for

    Yes it is close. 3 of the 5 numbers are in the right position to. Thanks. Thanks.
  12. red tractor fever

    Serial Tag Question

    Friend of mine sent me this asking if I knew what the I55 means on this tag. I don't. Hopefully someone on here does. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
  13. red tractor fever


    Agree whole heartedly. Keep your chin up and talk with your friends. Sunny days are ahead. I promise. Take care.
  14. red tractor fever

    Salvage yard crawl

    Same here. Pockets would definitely be empty before I left. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  15. red tractor fever

    Looking for

    Thanks. I'll get them entered.