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  1. red tractor fever

    A Costly Mistake....

    I here you there to. Been on that side of things as well. We live in a world where nobody cares about anything. I won't be surprised either way. It's all good.
  2. red tractor fever

    A Costly Mistake....

    That's the plan. I'm as stubborn as I am loyal. So no matter what they say, I'm moving on. Don't wanna start a pi$$ing match here but they might. One spring several years ago we had a extremely slow time. They did call and inquire if there was a problem. Told them it was just slow and everything was fine.
  3. red tractor fever

    A Costly Mistake....

    ....Not Mine. I've been buying my truck fuel at the same truck stop in Des Moines, Iowa for approximately the last 15 years. And I've been very loyal to them. One cause that's just how I am. And two, the fuel is guaranteed. And that's very important to me. I'll bet I haven't purchased 100 gallon else where in that amount of time. Well just recently they changed the financial institution to do their collecting. First thing, we got notice they wanted the bill paid 10 days prior to the due date so they had plenty of time to get it posted. Strike one. Then twice they sent our check back. So we resend it. But by the time they get it the second time it's late according to the due date. So we got dinged $100 bucks finance charge both times. Thus strike two and three. Solution to the problem. You guessed it. We no longer buy fuel there. We have a guaranteed fuel source close to home. Not quite as convenient and not quite as fast but if the other place wants to play games like they are, I won't be complaining one bit. We buy our vehicle and tractor fuel there so why not put it in the truck to? And depending on the price of fuel and how busy we are, it's between a $20,000 to $25,000 dollar a year oops on there part. I can't wait for the call wondering why our fuel bill went from $1500 to $2000 bucks a month to zero.
  4. red tractor fever

    Getting ready to leave.

    Have fun guys and stay safe.
  5. red tractor fever

    Super M's

    Called on the one today. $3200. He's done some work to it. Added power steering and painted it. Claims it was sold and the guy was coming at noon today to pick it up. He was gonna call if he failed to show up. I never got a call so I'm assuming he followed through. I remember that afternoon AND EVENING very well. I was running about half throttle myself but it was show time so we had to GET ER DONE. I was gonna haul them in the next couple of days. And I beat on the left side a long time. The tire was rusted to the rim. Eventually I won the battle. The right side was a dream compared to the left. But as stated, I won the battle. We completed the mission. Got them to the show with a sign stating their close proximity of their serial numbers. We did make some good memories and talk about them occasionally to this day.
  6. red tractor fever

    Prayers for Iowa

    A friend stopped here awhile ago. His mom works at Lennox. She is fine. They aren't sure where her vehicle is. The vets home had some damage but no one hurt. Emailed a friend that lives near the vets home. She faired out pretty good. Some of her neighbors not so good. And I sent a text to a customer of mine. Their business is a block north of the courthouse. My trailer is fine but their building not so good was the reply I got. Wife found online 9800 without power. Wanna go check it out but they're asking people to stay away and have set a curfew of 9:00pm. I offered help to both my friend and customer. That's all I can tell you for now.
  7. red tractor fever

    Super M's

    If the l.p. one wasn't $4200 I'd say yes. Thought about calling on the Iowa one just for fun. But don't seem to remember to do it at a decent hour. For those wondering about the M's. Aaron and I each have a 49 M. His is 209408, if memory serves me correctly. And mine is 209450. I hauled them to the Belmond, Iowa show. It was the state show featuring the letter series and the 06 series with the main feature being the 1206. Here's a picture.
  8. red tractor fever

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    I had the same thought on being starved for oil. At those severe angles it can't be getting much. I'm pretty handy with a skid loader. Got some pallet forks that attach to the bucket. So it gets plenty of use. But I wouldn't try going up and over like that on two wheels.
  9. red tractor fever

    Super M's

    These two probably would be considered cousins in the human world. Stopped yesterday to look at the one in pictures. It's sitting by the road west of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I needed to know the serial number. It wasn't close to any of mine so I got back on the road. Started thinking about the number. I had seen a number close but couldn't remember where. Then I had what my wife calls a light bulb moment. Tractor House has one with a serial number of 13,000. The one west of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has a serial number of 13,007. We were going by again today so we stopped again and snapped a few pictures. I'm not affiliated with either of these tractors. Just posting them due to the close serial numbers. If anyone is interested in the one by Cedar Rapids let me know. I have a picture with a phone number. Thinking it might be frowned upon it I post it here.
  10. red tractor fever

    IH can Koozie

    That's awesome. I'll take a few myself if anyone knows of a source. And considering it says STARTING FLUID, shouldn't it have Mountain Dew, Red Bull, or the equivalent? Sorry, just being a smart a$$.😜
  11. red tractor fever

    Public Exposure At....

    Junior was good for 6. 660 Wheatland diesel. 460 Wheatland gas. 330 utility. A couple of his 40 series, 240 and one of two of his 340's. And one of his 200's with the mid mount blade. I thought about pictures of his stuff halfway home. If they're still there when we go back Saturday to retrieve ours we'll try and get some.
  12. red tractor fever

    Still harvesting like I did in the 50's

    Awesome pictures. Like that 58. Thanks for sharing.👍
  13. red tractor fever

    New 856

    That'd be my advice as well.
  14. red tractor fever

    Public Exposure At....

    ....The Southern Iowa Fair. Some friends of mine requested I bring some tractors to the Southern Iowa Fair in Oskaloosa, Iowa. IH is the feature this year. Wasn't sure if was gonna work as I was having some oil leaks fixed on my truck. The parts will be cheap compared to the labor on this one. But enough about that. Back to the the tractors. I got the call Friday evening the truck was done. So Saturday was gonna be a mad dash to get ready. I used reverse psychology. If I had the tractors ready the truck wouldn't be ready. So I got up early and got started. My SMTA was in the way. Popped right off. The 54 SMLP took right off to. The 656 L.P. needed a battery installed. It then started right up to. The surprise I got was the 756 L.P. with a junk battery. Hunted one up, picked it up in route to picking up the truck and all was good. It now starts to. The Navy H lit right up to. By the time I had everything ready to go it was 1:30pm. With the two detours involved it was 3:15pm when we got there. After getting unloaded wife and I met a nice older couple. Found out he was a L.P. tractor guy. Mainly Minneapolis Moline but that's ok. And his wife really wanted the full story on the yellow H. Ended up being there a hour and a half. But they say time flies when you're having fun. And we were definitely having fun. I was also assured they'd be safe on our way out the gate. A gentleman that works at the fairgrounds also lives across the street. And there are cameras and or sensors that let him know if they have any unwanted visitors. I wasn't to worried but it is nice to know. One comical thing happened on the way down. A guy was mowing with his GREEN lawnmower. Stopped for a second to take in the view and gave us a big wave as we went by.
  15. red tractor fever

    DOT Physical

    I'm the same way. I have my own machine. Wal-Mart has them for something like $30.00. When I take it at home I'm always below DOT regulation. Go to the chiropractor where I go and it's tough to get a good reading. Sure gets frustrating.