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  1. Had a routine visit several years ago, DOT, told me they look for cars riding low and if they're 1 mph over the limit they stop them and have a look.
  2. Funny thing, happens here to. And like you, every year. It seems so easy to get it there and so hard to get it back.😏
  3. Was talking about this with one of my customers yesterday and here's his story. Local seed company wanted new tires on the back of a tractor they were gonna sell so obviously they wanted cheap ones. He took BALD Titans off and put new Sampson on. The new Sampson were enough shorter when he let the Jack down he couldn't get the jack out from under the axle. So the off shore stuff is considerably shorter.
  4. He is pretty sharp. And thanks, it will happen just not Tuesday. That would be correct. πŸ‘ Boy they do look similar. Pretty cool. And that's one thing about Scout, he never was a roamer or a fighter, neither were his ancestors. And considering he's indoors now he won't be expanding the population. His day will come, just as stated, not on Tuesday.
  5. Thanks and they for sure do. He's the third one we've had that color. Trooper, his grandpa, we'll call him was a transplant from my sister in law. He was born in their shed and their dog hated cats. So he moved south. We actually tried the house with him but he would have no part of it. He was really my buddy outside. He's gone now. Scouts dad, my wife calls him Jake. He's a roamer for sure. Not always around and can't be petted. Sneaks in for food and takes off again. We have a open door policy here. Food goes out in the morning and picked up at night. Any cat that's here can eat what it wants. And Scout is pretty laid back to, other than yesterday of course.πŸ‘―
  6. Buy the good ones. They will definitely be worth it in the long run. Cheap tires are cheap for a reason and that's because they aren't as good. One other thing I've noticed with cheaper off shore tires, they are generally shorter than their counterparts. Best wishes whatever you decide.
  7. Yesterday my wife called into the vet to TEMPORARILY cancel a surgery. This guy was supposed to loose his "MAN PARTS" on Tuesday. But due to scheduling conflicts it was cancelled. And I wish you all could've seen him dance around the house all day. No doubt he'd got a reprieve and he knew it. Normally you rarely see him during the day. But yesterday he was under foot all day. He even ate lunch with my wife and she admitted he's NEVER done that before. So they definitely know what your thinking. And today at this very moment I haven't a clue where he's hanging out. And for him it's just a health situation. He's not spraying the walls etc like some males do. He's just living life without a care in the world. By the way, his name is Scout.
  8. I can relate to this to. Your right it's not Christian but sometimes they leave you no choice. Life gets better when you remove the bad ones from it.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly, everyone has their favorite and that's totally fine. And I'm also fine with giving and taking a good ribbing on different things cause I like having a good time. However the character involved here wasn't just having fun. And as far as his lights not working, that's out of service if he gets stopped. At least it was for me one time. Got stopped and the right turn signal wasn't working on the trailer. DOT said out of service unless you can fix it. I got lucky and it simply came unplugged. I messed with the prongs a little, plugged it back in, it worked and I was on my way. It also works on the Ford guys when necessary. πŸ™Š
  10. Had another situation like this the other day. Was down at the tire recycling plant the other morning. Company driver getting ready to go and I noticed his flashers were working rather intermittently. So I honked my horn at him to get his attention and got out and politely relayed the message. He wasn't to concerned and stated he wasn't sure what to do about it. I said that's fine I just wanted you to know. Then he proceeded to ask me how I liked my TRASHINAL, obviously slang for International, for the second time cause he's done it before. I said I love it and we parted ways. Then karma stepped in cause it took him between 10 and 15 minutes to get his peterbuilt out of the parking lot. Now I'm not gonna stop helping people when I get the opportunity. I'm not built that way. However next time I see him he's on his own. And I'm ready for him if he asks me the TRASHINAL question again. I'm gonna tell him I love mine and it sure beats driving something they circle the problem before it leaves the factory. Am I that anti peterbuilt? No. But it might shut him down.
  11. I debated about posting this here for a couple days. It appears the door is open so I'll share. Was in at the vet this morning and when we got there two young girls were talking about the Iowa caucuses last night. And mainly the fact that their weren't any results yet. The one admitted she would definitely be voting democrat but wasn't a Bernie fan but did expect him to win the nomination. She said he's as far left as Trump is to the right and that we'd be trading one extreme for the other. The other girl piped up and said really, not a fan of Bernie? Nope the one said he's old and might pass away cause at rallies etc his face turns bright red and his hair gets all out of wack. The other girl then stated, and this is a classic and the reason I'm sharing this story, BUT HE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A PRESIDENT. I didn't know a president had to have a certain look? And of course I'm not trying to make any political statements here or bashing women by any means. I just thought it was funny someone would base their vote on a person's physical appearance rather than what they did or didn't stand for.
  12. Friend sent me this tonight. Had to share.
  13. Don't know if this fits or not but my birthday in numbers is 11-07-70? And yes this year is the big FIVE O. Can't believe that much time has expired in my life already😏.
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