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  1. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    I agree. Glad I'm not the only one looking around when I'm traveling for old IH stuff.
  2. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    I had these same thoughts a few years ago. The Marshalltown dealership building was for sale. I sure would've like to buy it and turn back the clock. At $190,000 it was a huge pipe dream. But it was fun to dream of how I'd set it up.
  3. Cool old Kenny

    I just stumbled onto a few pretty cool videos. Thought you guys may enjoy them to. Some behind the scenes stuff from BJ and the Bear and Movin' On. And a short one on a real Convoy Rubber Duck Mack. And one more on a original Duel truck. Learned a few things about the Convoy movie to I didn't know before so that was pretty cool to.
  4. I Don't Understand

    I have a cub cadet friend in southeast Iowa. He said the same thing. The rubber mounts on the engine were junk and the decks rusting out was common. But for $25 bucks I can't go wrong. Better than scraping it. Sent this to a friend last night. He wants it for a father son restoration project.
  5. I Don't Understand

    Went to a new customer two or three weeks ago. Spot this Cub Cadet out by the scrap pile. Mention to my wife that we'll have to investigate that before we leave. So we do. The deck is rusted out in the front and the lower front grille is missing. Otherwise it's all there. So we start asking questions. First thing we find out is the business owner and Cub Cadet owner passed away from a pulmonary embolism over the weekend. RIP my friend. Anyway we find out after the owners passing his employees rolled this Cub Cadet out to the scrap pile. After talking to the fourth guy we found the guy that could make the executive decision. Start talking price. He won't say what he's thinking. Makes us to look again to see if the engine will turn or what. No way to tell without a key. So back in we go. Tell the guy the scrap guys won't give much and I'll beat that no problem. The guy finally spits out $25.00. And yes the decimal point is in the correct place. I know it's a great deal even with the unknown condition of the engine. What I don't understand is why it seems if it's old or may not run of whatever the case may be most people just wanna scrap it vs part it or better yet get it running again. This particular unit was slated for restoration someday till the owners untimely passing. So it can't be a total POS. Here it is. It's a 1450 hydro.
  6. NY Auction

    I'm a fan of those cabs myself. Just look different. That 826 was a good lookin ' machine. If 15699 can be found I sure wouldn't be disappointed if it was wearing a decent diamond cab. All his tractors looked good to me.
  7. milk price for jan.

    Not trying to hijack here but grain farming in central Iowa is the same way. Corn price sucks right now. And in my travels I see HUGE piles of corn on the ground. And last year's yields were unbelievable considering the dry weather we had. Yet I still see people plowing up ground that hasn't been farmed in years. And I also see trees being knocked down for more farm ground. So we have to much corn now and their putting more ground into production to get more corn to drive the price down. I just don't understand I guess. And know of two land sales lately. One in south central Iowa brought over $10,000 an acre. And one here in my neck of the woods brought around $7000 an acre. Again SORRY if I hijacked. Wasn't my intention.
  8. Letter Series at Work

    Don't know if you consider parading work but I can share these. 54 Super M L.P. pulling two Stanhoist built IH barge boxes mounted on two twin reach 6 bolt IH running gears. One 6 X 12 box and one 6 X 10 box. 54 Super MTA pulling two Knapheide built IH barge boxes mounted on two single reach 5 bolt IH running gears. Both 6 X 12 boxes. The front wagon has a steel floor and back wagon has a wood floor.
  9. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    Cool story. Like those finer details. That's why I'll add more details when I can on my posts. I'm a sucker for details and I know I'm not the only one.
  10. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    I liked the Old and new to. Not sure how often that'll happen but I'll try. Thanks for the clarification as we weren't sure. Knew HD Cline was there. Didn't realize they bought the Old building. And we didn't have our three ring binder with the list with us either. So the Tipton one was a guess. That binder will become standard equipment for the truck tomorrow morning. And you can count on more posts. I wanna see these old sights myself. May as well take pictures while we're there and share with everyone here.
  11. NY Auction

    Curious if you grabbed any serial numbers? Thanks!
  12. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    That's all I've got for today. As we travel we will get more pictures and post them up as we get them. All I can say is STAY TUNED! Theirs a lot more coming.
  13. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    This is 1910 East Euclid Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa. It's on the list from the website. I think I read on the internet it was a lawnmower warehouse but I can't confirm that. After IH it was owned by Central Trailer Service which is a trailer repair shop. They out grew it when 53 foot trailers came out. Unhooked they'd hardly fit. No room to walk in front or behind the trailer. Then it was owned by Jacobson Transportation and now XPO Logistics which I think bought out Jacobson. Their could've been things in this building between IH and Central Trailer and between Central Trailer and Jacobson. This is just the information I know. I drove by this place for years without realizing what it was. The red brick spoke to me like the Trickles building in Ames but wasn't sure why till finding the dealership website. So I started watching addresses on my next trip to Des Moines, Iowa. Bingo. It's in front of the tire recycling place I haul to. So during the work week I generally go by it at least twice a day. Funny thing the day of this picture. As you can tell it's normally where trailers are parked. That day the building was wide open. Didn't even have to get out of the truck.
  14. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    Here is 1901 East University Avenue in Des Moines,Iowa. It's about a mile west of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. I learned on these very forums this building was some sort of parts warehouse. It's now some sort of thrift store.
  15. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    This is 803 North 3rd Avenue in Marshalltown, Iowa. I have three names associated with this address from 1948 to 1969 according to the website. Went in once a couple years ago and asked if I could look around cause I was a IH guy. Was no problem. No sign of IH inside. This building I drove by millions of times to. Then one day while going by my dad in law pointed it out. That was a great day.