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  1. Agreed. Hauled some corn to town for the relatives several years ago. Met my wife's uncle at the crest of a hill as we were rolling two streams of coal. Everyone that saw it thought it was cool.
  2. I just checked auction results on it. $10,750 bucks. I didn't really have a number in my head but I'd say the seller should be happy with that.
  3. Anybody else think this is cool? Or just me? Found it just a few days ago. No affiliation to it, just thought it was to cool not to share it here. ENJOY!!!!! https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1973InternationalFleetstar2070ATriAGrainTruck
  4. Glad you had a good time. We did to. And thanks for the compliment, same to you. I jokingly made reference to something of that nature but it was all in fun obviously. Aaron asked how much longer till lunch? I said, what's wrong, not enough reserve? We both laughed and kept moving. I have plenty of reserve myself so it was all good.
  5. Bought a 756 on a sale of a friend's dad's estate. He told me take it home and go haul some corn with it to work it cause it was slobbering to. His brother in law drove it on a tractor ride. Had to run it in high 3rd and plenty of throttle to keep it from slobbering. I politely told him that's not necessary. I switched it to my fuel source and problem solved. He came down once and drove it on a tractor ride. He couldn't believe the difference. My 826 that normally wears a 2350 loader is the same way. On dad in laws fuel it slobbers to. Switch it back to what I use and it stops slobbering.
  6. Thanks for the offer. Let me know if you get it bought. I roll east bound I80 somewhat regularly.
  7. Guy I got my m from sprayed with it. One time he shifted it to the high side but forgot to disengage the pto. Blew a hose off and sounded like he took a bath.
  8. I think so to. Have a H and a M both with the Heisler. I'm thinking Heisler was more of a mechanical shift and M&W I think was cable shift.
  9. I'm guessing 75% was gravel and I'm like you, I like it that way. If it's dusty we just spread out a little. And a shower will cure the dust at the end of the day. No complaints from me that's for sure. Didn't hear any other complaints from anyone else that I heard. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. And as stated, their will be more coming when we get that camera card back. Stay tuned.
  10. I've worked on mine and they do work. But if I had some time I should massage one or the other just a bit more. They are handy. I've considered buying another set. One for pallet work and the old set for abusing. Haven't done it yet tho.
  11. #1. My 05 9900 doing what it normally does, tires and tractors, just not usually at the same time. Tires are normally in a van trailer. I always wondered what a load of tractor tires on a flat bed would be like. Now I know I NEVER wanna do it again. But this time was the only way. The tractor and the tires were at the same place and I wasn't about to make two trips. 1,033,000 on the clock now. ISX Cummins, 13 speed, with Canadian spread. #2. Another shot of the 9900 with a full load of tractors. #3 & #4. A 1984 4300. A friend and fellow forums member turned me onto it. However a different friend and fellow forums member wanted it more than I did so I let him have it. I already had the white one. #5. My old 72 C60. Sold it 20 years ago. Can't believe it's been that long already. It was top shelf equipment back in its day. 427 with 5&2 as well as air brakes and air tag. Only owned it a little over 3 years but I loved that truck. #6. My 4300 Eagle. I'd been looking for a 4300 for a long long time. When this one became available I was all in. 350 Cummins with a 13 speed. Just over 700,000 on the clock. I believe it's accurate cause the cab is extremely tight yet. #7. My 4300 Eagle setting next to my 9900 Eagle. Can you see the heritage? I can.
  12. Have a pair of forks that go on your bucket and use them all the time. And I did just what you did, they still work just aren't even anymore.
  13. Some don't make it. Matter of fact our lead tractor bowed out after lunch. Battery was so dead you couldn't even pull start it. We've also been going to the Dyersville, Iowa ride, I think we've missed one in ten years. Somebody generally has tire issues of some kind. And one time I took my Navy tractor. A chunk came loose in the gas tank and settled over the top of the sediment bowl and it quit running. Half full or better but it wouldn't run so we towed it back the last 5 miles. So it happens. Thanks. Your welcome, and it's a standing offer. And I understand, I've got a tractor like that on my brain to. I haven't said anything to the owner cause I know he's not ready to sell.
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