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  1. Hey guys just seen this. This is great. I will definitely be adding some pics to this in the next couple nights. We are getting between 6 and 9 in of snow now so I should have some time to get a few pics up. The project has progressed nicely to this point. He did get to hear it run. He wanted it all squared away before taking it back apart to paint. It was discovered it needed a torque after the fact so it was split again and changed and it was reassembled and so he did get to drive it up and down the driveway and in the field for min but it was pretty much good to go mechanical wise and so he started on the cab and that's where we are at. But really thanks for thinking of this. Great idea
  2. Your lucky to get the too shinny comments...all I ever get is the "Do you know my John Deeres are worth more than your Internationals" comment. That makes the ole blood boil!Truck looks great BTW.
  3. You don't see many in that nice of original shape anymore..very nice!
  4. I don't use any type of photobucket I just go to the folder that my picture is in and left click on the picture I want then right click on it to bring up edit then I can resize it to about 25%
  5. Try Steele Rubber Products I can usually match door seals from them. Steelerubber.com
  6. Nope not really.. when I first went and looked it over good I knew rite then what I was up against. He did throw in a full set of weights and the rear duals so that was good.
  7. Got most of the front section blasted this week and "Cut In" with paint tonight..hopefully I can get this thing sitting back on 4 wheels by this weekend.
  8. When I buy a project like this and bring it home and start tearing into it its exciting and fun then about half way through I start thinking about all the hours and money I have to go yet and I think I MUST BE CRAZY then at the end when everything gets painted and assembly starts it becomes exciting and fun again that's when I realize it was all worth it!
  9. Time will tell but that's my thoughts on these old cabs too.
  10. I don't think its the sand it almost sounds more like you don't have enough air pressure, it should clean those pits up fairly quick. I know the Eastwood Company has good reviews on the rust converter they sell but ive never tried any of it.
  11. Rust is like cancer keep blasting till its all gone then epoxy prime your parts as soon as your done blasting or those pits will rust back up fast.. sometimes just over night depending on conditions.
  12. Its some kind of oil filter that he had plumed into the original oil filters called Harvard oil filter then he added Deere fuel filters to the fuel system on the fuel side....the guy definitely loved his filters!
  13. Thanks. I really didn't need another tractor but I just hated to see someone not do anything with it or worse become a parts tractor. Its a good feeling to finally own one.
  14. I wasn't sure if the Rt tire would hold air so I pulled a rim/tire off the 10 just to get it home.
  15. We took the ICB off our 1256 when I painted it and I'm still kicking myself.. and that picture is not helping! WOW
  16. Yep I think ill restore the cab on this one too. I don't mind the looks of these cabs and I enjoy working on them plus it just seems part of the history to me.
  17. After months of working out a deal we finally got to bring the 1206 home this Saturday to get started on another long winter restoration project. No collection is complete without a 1206!
  18. My main man Dan trying to bring some fire to the ole girl that was parked in 1995 and has not moved since the day it was backed in the shed. Dad started working at Raymond G. Knapp & son IH dealer in 1954 and is still going IH strong to this day!
  19. Found this 1206 back in April with the help of a forum member parked in a shed.. what turned out to me to be more of what I would call a IH treasure chest. Days like these are always good!
  20. This is the difference in the three whites from left to right its 901 902 935
  21. Hope this helps you out with just being on two paint sticks but that's IH 935 on the left and PPG 901 on the right.
  22. Body filler always takes the blame for some ones piss pore metal finish job! Anytime ive ever seen problems with filler is when people try and form a panel with it by caking it on or filling rust holes with it or by not having the weld seam fully welded. If you weld in patch panels take a bright flashlight behind your welds in the dark and look for any pin holes in your weld..the slightest pin hole will let moisture in behind the filler and make it pop almost every time no matter if you use Bondo, All Metal or even Tiger Hair!
  23. BASF also has their cheaper line of paint called LIMCO and I know they have a "Harvester Red" that they can mix. Not sure if it even matches 2150 or 50 red...usually the cheaper the paint the worse the color match! Mike
  24. This is the only chart I could find for RM #50 which doesn't help much with years instead of RM codes. BASF "RM" may not have a formula for it im guessing!
  25. If that's newspaper on the tires.. how long did that take you? Best newspaper mask job I have ever seen!!! Looks great.
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