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  1. Project 1206

    Hey guys just seen this. This is great. I will definitely be adding some pics to this in the next couple nights. We are getting between 6 and 9 in of snow now so I should have some time to get a few pics up. The project has progressed nicely to this point. He did get to hear it run. He wanted it all squared away before taking it back apart to paint. It was discovered it needed a torque after the fact so it was split again and changed and it was reassembled and so he did get to drive it up and down the driveway and in the field for min but it was pretty much good to go mechanical wise and so he started on the cab and that's where we are at. But really thanks for thinking of this. Great idea
  2. The Passing of a Forum Member

    I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all the kind words, prayers, and blessings. This is a great community of people that love to talk anything IH or just anything in general. I never spent much time on here as I usually was more of a "Youtuber" and "Facebook" guy, but I will start now. As long as Its "ok" with rules I would like to stay as this Avatar and login name. I will post more pics on the progress. I see its been awhile since he did any pics. I will also answer some questions I seen as I was reading the comments just give me a bit for things to settle. Thanks again for the comments, prayers, blessing. It means allot to me and espically my mom and dad.
  3. The Passing of a Forum Member

    My name is Kevin and I hate to be posting this tragic news but my brother who was known by a few people on here as IHDanielBoone had a heart attack and passed very suddenly at the young age of 48 last Monday. I found his Login info laying by his computer and so I felt like I needed to let people know. Me and him were very close and I know that he had recently been chatting with a gentlemen about restoring some Arm Rests for a tractor seat. He was also in the process of restoring a 1206 with an Ice Cream Cab that he posted a few pics in the Project section. His 1468 V8 was on the cover of the Jan/Feb 2015 Red Power Mag. He was so proud of his accomplishments. A true Perfectionist at everything he did. He was 10 years older than me and was also a father like figure in my life along with my dad and he taught me everything about body work and painting. I worked side by side with him during the V8 restoration and I have been heavily involved in the 1206 project. Me and my dad WILL finish it and it will be beautiful when we get it done. I will post some pics when of it as we go along. Please keep us in your thoughts as we try to move forward. There will good days and bad but we know that he would want us to finish it. Thank you.
  4. cab identification

    I think its a Excel look alike. If you look at the door stay mechanism at the top of the door that holds the door open it should have "Excel" stamped in one of the flat steel bars.
  5. Paint codes

    901 is the correct code for a 656.
  6. 986 cab what do you think

    Scott Knight of Knights Tractor Salvage is a false advertising non phone returning non email returning crook. He knows I'm not very happy with him on my cab purchase! Sent me a complete different WORSE cab than what he had pictured/advertised!
  7. Looking at buying 1026

    I was the high bidder at dads auction on his 1026 and it brought $21000. Machinery Pete has it selling on his youtube videos.
  8. Cub Cadet white same as 901?

    My old Napa Martin Senour 1961-67 paint book shows IHC 901 white as 90T-3965 for a paint code. Does Napa even still sell Martin Senour anymore or is it some other brand now?
  9. 1976 Case 1570 with 85 hours at the Racine plant

    Seen one out working ground a few weeks ago and I thought that's a tractor you don't see everyday.
  10. Your lucky to get the too shinny comments...all I ever get is the "Do you know my John Deeres are worth more than your Internationals" comment. That makes the ole blood boil!Truck looks great BTW.
  11. Dealership Picture 1982

    Picture of our new much smaller dealership where we love to buy seldom trade and hate to sell. Next to the golf cart is the original IH sign that stood tall one day in the 1982 pic.
  12. Dealership Picture 1982

    Hey Rick G. yea that's the dealership in Dundee. If I remember rite strong winds blew the sign out and broke it. Hydro70 They let us kids drive in the 4th July and Fair Parades every year and I drove a 5088 and a couple 3688 in the parades but seams like I always had a plow on back so I'm not sure. Dad was Head Mechanic there and the kid in the center his dad was Lawn and Garden Mechanic and that's my little brother Kevin trailing the pack. MTO My ole man would shoot me if I dressed like that...any way to erase pictures on this site??? We all could use it for that picture!
  13. Dealership Picture 1982

    Found this picture today of me (Dork on the Right) at the dealership dated July 1982.. back when rolled up jeans must have been in style. Anybody remember those shirts?
  14. Beautiful truck and not overly done with heavy modifications. The color looks great and you can tell he sanded it down and flow coated it shes got that mirror like finish. People have no clue the dedication it takes to do a project like that. Congrats on your award winning pickup.
  15. Best and Worst Rock Band Singers?

    Every night I work on restoring this 1206 I start thinking "Its A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock 'N' Roll" so its Bon for me!