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  1. Mader656, just got done with mine. Ta lever pulled back releases the ta clutch, the sun gear planetary housing will then try and spin in the opposite direction which the ramp rollers/sprag stopes it. through sun gears is where get the reduction. TA lever forward the whole planetary housing spins in high or direct. There is a nut which is kind of a poor design that loosen up and eventually take out the spline on the TA clutch flywheel. The suckey part is one needs to take it all apart to figure out what you need. IF i where to do another one again I would seriously think about buying a reman TA, the reason is the sun gear needle bearings and some of the shafting not cheap. Main clutch and TA parts north of 2K. For me, nice size tractor easy to work on no tractor payments!!!
  2. I always had to run it had hyd oil overfilled to keep the pump from sucking air. Had to work on the TA and found a bad quad ring (kind like an o-ring ) between the Ta housing and transmission/Diff housing. Amazing what 30 cents will fix
  3. Update works good with 1 modification. Aux valve tank return back to the filter cover I installed a inline check valve with a 7 psi crack pressure. The reason for this is if there's is an air leak on the tank return side of the aux valve like i installed it will suck air into the pump. How I know this is the Valve body I chose the seals were incompatible with Hyd tractor fluid. Resealed with buna o-rings all is good now. Yes, loader is little slow but perfect for my needs.
  4. Looks kinda messy, had to loop back the pump side hose to the valve. May one day change around my stainless tube so the hose lays better.
  5. Here's the results, 45 deg off the flow divider using 3/4 stainless out to the loader valve power beyond back to aux hydaulic valves. Lost the hitch hydraulic contribution. 2.5 loader cylinders with 1.25 rods in an inverted, rods on the lift side So 7 sec loader 10' top out from the ground using the rear aux hydraulics. With the loader valve 9 sec to 10' top out. Slow for most but good enough for what I want out of it. Sorry didn't put my flow gauge on it. Still need to install my tank return through the filter cover, had another spot just below the aux hadraulic relief but would have drill through a casting web, would have been a tough install. To test I returned through the rear remote,. aux valve set to float. Yes read pete23 description on hyd returns. I feel I'm safe by returning back into the filter housing.
  6. Ok here it is, 20 GPM power beyond valve stack. Starting on the LH section P1 yellow plug and next to it is a fixed pressure relief set for 1885 psi and probably be changing it to an adjustable. RH section is power beyond, top RH yellow plug is tank return. Between the to RH yellow plugs is the power beyond cartridge/plug. Bottom RH is the power beyond port. Will be installing this between flow divider and the aux valves making up new steel lines and short hoses for some flex. Tank return, will be running a line down to the filter cover. This is for charge pressure for the hyd pump (pete23 has a great description of this circuit) and like the one in the rear housing for the hyd pump pu. Hyd relief, I'd expect to see 1885 psi with max pressure or a hyd circuit stalled. No I don't think there will be stacking pressures. Steering relief is all by itself. Stock setup you have 19xx PSI relief on the aux valves. So just adding one more valve stack with another relief.. Going to verify with flow meter and pressure gauge when installed. Give me 2-3 weeks to get this done. Farmerfixemup. Yes I looked those. I'm spoiled, like my bucket float and feathering the valves. Thanks all have a great holidays!!! Jess
  7. Never knew they made through shafts for a Pto pump. Thought about a power beyond plate but would have either lose a aux valve or get real creative. Got a good plan now. Fab a valve mount next to trans shifter. Won't have to touch the battery's. Bend up some new steel lines installing the valve between flow divider and aux valve assembly. Tank return to the filter cover. Will post when done. Thanks all, Jess
  8. Did some math, between the pump and flow divider approximately 6 sec for ground to topped out on loader cylinders. Between the flow divider and aux valves approximately 12 sec loader topped out. For what I'm looking for speed is not an issue although in another applications yes it would be a concern. Thx farmall doctor! I like snowshoe idea of keeping the valve with the tractor loader off. Room in the dash, will have to bend up some metal lines and probably loose one of the 6 volt batteries and go to a single 12v maybe aI Group 31 LH side of the seat. Loader valve probably just forward below the shift lever depending on the loader frame. Ksfarmdude, I'd like to keep the pto open, I mow fair amount in the spring/summer months. Great idea though.
  9. Yes the loader valve has a relief valve with a power beyond plug. I suppose keep the loader valve with the tractor, that would be a simpler setup. Returning the tank port from loader valve to the filter cover also simple. I do think I would want to keep the flow divider, 3 gpm goes to the steering and the rest to the aux valves or in my setup loader valve. Thx snoshoe
  10. I'm tired of swapping hyd lines between my blade and loader. So found a 20 GPM power beyond loader valve. Between the flow divider and aux valve relief housing (behind your r foot on the operators platform) and install my loader valve. The two problems I can see with that is 1) is to install a dirverter valve or loop back a hyd line for oil flow to the aux valves. Also maybe install a relief valve for operator error when loader is off and wasn't changed over. 2) tank return from the loader valve to the tractor aux valves. This would keep hyd oil returning to the hyd pump pickup ( kinda a charge circuit for the hyd pump pickup). To do that I would need to add a port to my outside aux valve. I have a junk valve to experiment with. I really don't want to add dirverter valves on the implement side of the aux valves for the loader, I have something else in mind for them. Yes I would have a slow loader with this setup. The tractor and I are both slow and steady. Don't need much more that that. Thoughts??
  11. Sorry for a late response. It's heavy, but I like it from the standpoint it will cut and won't bounce to much. I can pull a full blade no problem. The down is the tractor is too light in the front, with the loader on and a full bucket it will keep the front planted mostly but blade angled or have any offset lt can spin me around. Probably fit a 706 and up better. BTW it a 10' land pride with tilt, angle and offset. The gauge wheel I just built to help finer control for depth which also helps with keeping the tractor straight.
  12. No worries for me I learn the best by doing
  13. When the carnage happened it buried the spool in the action valve. Some used parts, new orings good as almost new. One of the hardest parts was getting my arms into my coveralls!
  14. So wasn't the hitch relief. The cast bracket that holds the linkage/bell crank that goes to the action control valve broke.
  15. Farmerfixemup, tried acc valve with raising hitch no go. Ksfarmdude, I have have replaced lower 3pt torsion bar orings and checked over that hose really good. I it's a low pressure return to the hyd pump pickup. 886 dreaming built my own tool, 20 gpm flow meter rated at 3000 psi with a pintel hand valve rated for 5000 psi partially closing the valve to achieve 2000 psi with 5 gpm at 1800 rpms. (Caution here for those who want to try this, you can break parts here if you dead head the pump). snowshoe yes the hitch relief is under cover for the rock shaft housing. It's in the RF corner of the rock shaft housing I believe. BTW blue ribbon calls it the load control unit or something like that. The parts book reference hitch relief as a Pintel relief and the blue ribbon book has very little info if any on location. I have a parts tractor and will Friday swap the hitch relief BTW blue ribbon has a great description of the hitch hyd circuit and can fallow with the seven or so foldout diagrams. Very dry reading.
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