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  1. Thank you all ! Waiting for a little warmer weather, I’ll get serious with it then.
  2. I haven’t cranked it. The paint has been burned off the injection pump which makes me believe it’s had some kind of damage. Again I bought the tractor for parts but just going through the motions to see. what it would take to get it running again. I have another 656d that needs a motor, the burn tractor would be the donor or parts off my runner onto the burned tractor. Just trying to make up my mind.
  3. Here is the rest of the story. Bought this over the phone cheep. The seller said the 3pt, TA, clutch and motor was good. I’m on the fence about un bolting the front end and sticking it on mine. BUT the fire I’m sure, cooked the steering orbit, steering pilot valve, wirring and flow divider valve. Seriously thinking about replacing those parts for a good runner. I’m just not sure if the injection pump made it through the fire ok. I’m a ASE master gas mechanic but never done a diesel injection pump. Not afraid of it but I don’t know what I don’t know. thank you for your input.
  4. Has anyone reseal/rebuilt a stanadyne injection pump. Picked up a 656d for the engine. It have gone through a fire starting at the voltage regulator (gen system). Easy to do?
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