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  1. The local Komatsu dealer in Decatur, Al has stated that he can still order also any part for the later models of the 175C, Ours is a '87 and fortunately we have needed no parts except typical maintenance items such as track adjuster seals, cylinder seal kits, and etc. Undercarriage and related parts are still available; however, like all makes at a high price. At this point in time, I don't think obtaining most parts would be a problem except maybe the highly specialized items.
  2. We have a 1987 175C and have always wondered if kits or parts were available for the transmission or the torque converter. I think the 175C and the 15C have the same transmission. I see where you have ordered a transmission kit for yours. So far, the transmission in our 175C has been bullet proof; but, you never know. Was just curious where you purchased your parts. Thanks.....
  3. If you want to see a picture of the seal responsible, go to the Heavy Equipment Forum "Track Loaders", Thread Page #11. Look for "My First Track Loader by Boone". The pictures are on Page 9 of his thread. Looks like he had a hard time figuring out which seal to use. Good info for 175C users!
  4. Manual says...... "Insert the gauge until the bottom of the gauge cap rests on the top of the filler sleeve threads. Do not screw the gauge cap onto the sleeve threads"
  5. Attached are some adjustment procedures for the 175c. Maybe they will help you.
  6. Did you also replace pressure filters? If filters are not the problem, may be a suction leak in a connector or a bad hose. Metal can come from many places, pump, transmission, gears, etc. Usually, not a good sign! Good luck in tracking it down....
  7. Agree with "farmalldr", buy a gauge and start checking pressures. Without knowing the pressures, you will have a hard time figuring out what is wrong. Anyway, I attached some info from the 175c manual. I assume you don't have a manual? If not, I would encourage you to obtain one if you are going to try and troubleshoot yourself. Hope you can read the scanned info.
  8. Here is the location of your filters and suction screen.
  9. The suction screen should be a stainless steel screen with 4 strip magnets around the screen. If yours is an older machine, it may be different than ours. Have attached a picture of the filters that are on our machine.
  10. Beautiful! Too pretty to get dirty. What are you going to do with it?
  11. Is this the pilot control valve you are looking for?
  12. I have a Dresser 175C, S/N 4290004U004166. I think it is a 1987 model; however, I have never found a chart or listing that shows it to be a '87. I have seen all the IH listings on this thread; however, they only go up to early '80's. Is there such a listing available? Thanks
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