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  1. The earliest O-4 came out with the 3 spoke front wheels. Once these tractors got into the orchards it was noted that tree branchs were penetrating the wheel openings and twisting the branchs off. This necessitated a change to the solid front wheels to protect the trees. I'm not sure if the were then standard equipment or as an option but a benefit arose when they noticed the front ends of the tractors wouldn't lift as easily in a heavy pull. The earliest O-4's had a tendency to snap the axle ends when the fronts lifted and the weight came down on the outside edges of the front wheels. The changes of a heavier web thickness of the axle, heavier wishbone and a spring pack above the axle to prevent drooping of the front axle came into effect. Note: when an H or M was ordered with the low low gear the heavy/solid front wheels are typically on them as well. War years may have been an influence on the option of the solid wheels, I don't know. Hope this helps muddy the waters.
  2. Serial number would be on the 4-series S/N list. They were all made concurrently...W-4, I-4. U-4, O-4, OS-4, etc. Yours is a 1947 model.
  3. Very informative posts here. I'm sorry for the loss but fortunately she is no longer suffering. I'll be looking this post over quite a bit as I to have an early 400 Diesel (pre W) I'm making the call on to restore or pass it on. Mine is S/N 706 what number is yours. Seen the tag of one in the 600's but that's about all that was left. Both of these came out of Wisconsin.
  4. Thanks Steve! I'll give you a call at some point. Although my O-4 has been on my family for 42 years, all I know is the serial number (OBH-20225W1) and that it was purchased at a dealer in Green Bay, WI in 1950. In the deep recesses of my memory, there were two sets of fenders. But most of the time it's had what look like W-4 fenders. I'm just trying to do an accurate restore. T...

  5. Hello, I would like to talk to you about the O-4 tractors. I have 4 of them; One being the 11th one made. There are so many changes over the course of production that I will need more info to narrow it down. I am doing this via phone so cant add much online. Give me a call 620-899-6310. Thanks Steve

  6. I understand what you are saying red-reaper. What I was doing was keeping the owners name, address, contact information on file. If someone was asking about a specific tractor I could pass the information on to the owner and let them take it from there.
  7. I have been doing a registry on the O-4, OS-4, I-4, O-6, OS-6, ODS-6, and I-6. I would be willing to add any Orchard tractor and other Industrials. I would like basically the same information as others have been requesting. Also I would not give out any name or address with out owners consent. Guess I should add the W-400 and W-450's also if nobody else is doing them. My email is stroh42468 at yahoo.com Thanks
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