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  1. U4 Power Unit

    Serial number would be on the 4-series S/N list. They were all made concurrently...W-4, I-4. U-4, O-4, OS-4, etc. Yours is a 1947 model.
  2. My daughters new Tractor

    Awesome win for that pretty young lady and her family. Now you'll have to get another...as the disease is beginning...lol. Congrats.
  3. I'll argue this all day long as this is what the federal DOT told me. Had the man's contact info to carry with me but lost it in a house fire. His advice was if I am carrying MY tractor with MY truck and MY trailer AND NO PROFIT MADE then I am NOT commercial. If your not commercial you don't need a CDL. Hence a class A - NON CDL. I'll travel the country as I see fit with this info at my side. Don't do it if you don't feel comfortable. This 393.3f rule covers any military member driving military equipment (convoy), grandma & grandpa driving their pusher motor home with trailer anywhere they want, fire trucks and other safety equipment, etc. These are EXEMPTIONS to the CDL. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/49/390.3
  4. Tractor Production Locations. re-up from 2011

    Dr Evil, thank you for correcting me on this question. Not sure what I was thinking when I said Chicago as my O-4 I knew had been built in the Quad Cities...doh! LOL
  5. Give and take word game

    Chuck wagon
  6. Mice

    I read where people put antifreeze in the bucket instead of h2o. It tends to embalm the mouse so it doesn't stink if you can't get to it quick enough.
  7. Because I can't get the medical card (type 1 diabetes) there was no point of pursuing the CDL license. HOWEVER I carry the Class A -NON CDL, something the DMV didn't even know they could issue. CLASS A: Any combination of motor vehicles with a Gross Combination Weight Rating of 26,001 pounds or more, providing the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the vehicle being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds. Also allows for operation of Class B, C and D vehicles. This license in conjunction with 390.3F3 allows me to tow MY tractors with MY truck and MY trailer to and from shows. It's acts much like the 80+ year old driving the pusher motor home with a 30' enclosed trailer attached to the back. I'd be legal there so why can't I use a different vehicle and trailer to haul the same item? Now I don't win trophy or ribbons, in fact I purchase a membership at any show I go to so it's NOT FOR PROFIT. Those are the key words!
  8. Tying the 5488 to the ground

    I've got a backache and heat stroke just thinking about what you experienced yesterday. Very nice looking tractor you have there my friend. Hope it solves your problem.
  9. Tractor Production Locations. re-up from 2011

    Don't remember for certain but am thinking the 4-series was made in Chicago. Again not certain so maybe others can answer better.
  10. I'm diabetic and can't get a medical card any way I try. I talked with the Federal Motor Carrier Authorities in D.C. and they referred me to this: FMCSA 390.3F3: (f) Exceptions. Unless otherwise specifically provided, the rules in this subchapter do not apply to— (3) The occasional transportation of personal property by individuals not for compensation and not in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise. According to the Fed's they told me to keep the most recent rule book at hand and I would be good. I've been all over the country retrieving MY tractors with no problems.
  11. RESTART of W400D rebuild

    Very informative posts here. I'm sorry for the loss but fortunately she is no longer suffering. I'll be looking this post over quite a bit as I to have an early 400 Diesel (pre W) I'm making the call on to restore or pass it on. Mine is S/N 706 what number is yours. Seen the tag of one in the 600's but that's about all that was left. Both of these came out of Wisconsin.
  12. Where are you at Doc? 6 hrs to St Loser and 3 to Joliet sounds like your in my back yard lol. I'm just south of Freeport on the county line.

  13. Thanks Steve! I'll give you a call at some point. Although my O-4 has been on my family for 42 years, all I know is the serial number (OBH-20225W1) and that it was purchased at a dealer in Green Bay, WI in 1950. In the deep recesses of my memory, there were two sets of fenders. But most of the time it's had what look like W-4 fenders. I'm just trying to do an accurate restore. T...

  14. Hello, I would like to talk to you about the O-4 tractors. I have 4 of them; One being the 11th one made. There are so many changes over the course of production that I will need more info to narrow it down. I am doing this via phone so cant add much online. Give me a call 620-899-6310. Thanks Steve

  15. List of Serial Numbers being kept track of

    I understand what you are saying red-reaper. What I was doing was keeping the owners name, address, contact information on file. If someone was asking about a specific tractor I could pass the information on to the owner and let them take it from there.