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  1. Just think how complex it will be after a government overhaul. I mean just look at health care.
  2. I stole this picture from Facebook. One of our firemen took this. Still windy though not as bad here today.
  3. http://rs300.pbsrc.com/albums/nn37/mader656/Screenshot_2015-03-29-15-26-51_zps0mwthbgo.png~320x480?t=1427578459 Park city montana
  4. Gary how's the weather there terrible wind and fire here.
  5. Well two plus fires with 20 miles and another 50 miles away. 45 mile an hour winds to boot. It's been hot and Dry so they are hard to stop all fire dept. Are on it. Along with every cat available. HHopefully God will send rain.
  6. Trade you for our dry spring and fire weather again. I sure hope it rains some this spring.
  7. What I don't understand is if your price is down so much why hasn't milk dropped much in the grocery store? You're a good man from what I have seen on here and I respect you. Praying you weather the storm. God bless.
  8. Good price great ride for vacation. Doubles as a tank if need be.
  9. Headed to work? Alaska is on my to visit list.hope to get up there someday.
  10. I hate car seat laws they want rear facing till 2 now crazy. Just be smart people
  11. Good friend had a nice 4 4 1990 Cummins back in 00 get totaled there first offer wouldn't buy a 2wd half ton.
  12. Magnum rifle There off of numbers
  13. They are lucky, if it had to happen better there than in eastern montana. I wrecked east of hardin once. It very easily could have been fatal I was one hour from a competent hospital. And i was half a inch from losing my leg.
  14. If it's not totaled trackside auto in billings is the best shop around that stretch of interstate is terrible I can understand the road was clear and it was snowing. The snow is so dry it just blows off and the roads are so warm from the Temps recently I'm glad he's ok.
  15. It's on the Prairie with not much between there and billings. Mostly just a eastern montana/ west Dakota joke.
  16. This the one ??? elson.jpg I would not want to be anywhere near that if the wind was blowing. Just because there is nothing for 200 miles to stop the wind doesn't mean it's bad.
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