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  1. 41 minutes ago, Lars (midessa) said:

    On the the subject of toilet paper, why do some people put the soiled toilet paper in the waste basket, not flush it down?

    Bad septic systems. My inlaws do this...but think it's a 60s system that's way undersized with a very high water table... like 5 foot deep well

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  2. 7 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Those stretchy tow straps are awesome! 

    I just picked up a dynamic rope. 25k break strength iirc hope I never need it.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, DavCut said:

    I remember learning on rope tows at Nashoba Valley in Westford, MA back in the early 80’s. They were home made setups that used truck axles as part of the drive train. The rope return was car rims mounted on old telephone poles. 

    I haven’t been there in years but a quick search on Wikipedia indicates that they are still using the old rope tows!  


    The only other time over gone skiing the bunny  hill had a rope tow I never made I to the top. Hated it. The conveyer is so much better to learn on. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, KY2674 said:

    Thanks searcyfarms. Seeing the high and low price gives me a good starting point. Although I'm sure the revised table will be more the way things have gone the last 2 years 

    I'll come up with the price by adding my desired hourly wage, plus machine cost per hour( fuel and fluids, wear items, cost of replacement) it will be a number that seems really high add 10-20% charge that amount. Bill for the haul too.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    I haven’t seen a ski lift without a safety bar since about 1960, lifts are something i follow like many of you guys follow tractors. Where are you finding this lift? 
    i have a small collection of chairs i have 3 Ribblet doubles, 2 hall doubles,   a Pholig tripple and a 1988 Poma 12 passenger gondola. 

    Showdown montana I think it's a triple  but you best be small....

  6. 1 hour ago, searcyfarms said:

    oh my, glad the kiddos ok,  dont let red lodge get the best of you on the snow sticks, no good for the back for sure - invest in a tens machine well worth the 100 bucks for your back 

    We went to showdown with a group it's less than 30 bucks a kid....

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  7. This counts as easy right?


    16 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

    Careful with the back. Those things can go back to bad pretty quick if you aren’t careful. The room looks really nice!


  8. 13 minutes ago, hardtail said:

    Did you have the wood previously or saw your own? Can't fathom what the costs of that is today.

    I bought the t+g on my last road trip thru Ludington Michigan. The cherry was from mom and Dads that the loggers forgot dad and I milled 20 years ago... the oak trim will be from Kentucky horse farms 4 board fence.

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  9. Mom apartment Is stained.
    Tongue and groove pine with a cherry accent wall that was from mom and Dads woods nearly 20 years ago. Dad and I milled it. I planed. Here it is.

    Thru my back out last Friday to the point I could hardly walk... chiropractor today. First time ever.. I feel better...



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  10. 2 hours ago, EquipmentJunkie said:

    Please tell me more.  I am hoping to finally travel via the UP this summer on my way to Duluth.  What would you recommend in the UP?


    No Chicago Over the Mackinac Bridge  Lake shore, Not driving thru Chicago. Pasties...the food... soiux locks If you have time. 

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