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  1. Was just down to cody yesterday it's a very bad deal all around. That fire could see the flame at my house 30 miles away...
  2. I have not seen much if any dryland hay cut this year...lots of one round with the swather and turn the cows out. Already had 30,000 acres burn south of red lodge burn....
  3. This 5500 does make water hauling easier...
  4. mader656


    Im (still water county MT)yellow (d0) but it is alot worse than they are saying... My well cant keep up anymore and it's only a year old...that was expensive.... And the local creek that I've never seen close to dry isn't flowing... Grasses and trees are late august dry. Worse than the 2018 drought. Nothing but 100s in the forecast.Not to be a pessimist but if nothing changes its going to go from bad to ugly.... Pray for rain....
  5. Few days ago parts of high country in Montana had snow.... Supposed to be 100 tomorrow and 105 Tuesday.... Way to freaking hot for june
  6. Only 17 and 15 are actually in use so far... Plans for the rest tho. Most of the hose was bought last year. No highway use at one mile per hour...
  7. Kubota 4 cyl it's the top hp for its size and turned up as much as I dare... I've got a Cummins 3.3 qsb that should fit with a few mods. Detuned to 65 but plate says 110 should do the trick. It's a 49,50,51,52.... bobcat horizontal boring machine tracks, jacobson lawn mower engine, God only knows what the hyd pump was out of. A genie boom... Some steel I bought the post driver from last year. It's been dubbed "trackmader"
  8. It's got a few bugs yet but sure is better than anything I've used before. Needs more engine as the hydraulic pump needs more horsepower.
  9. I'll be out in 4 days with my machine to help...
  10. I'm still lurking....feeling kinda deprived its been almost a year since I've ran a IH tractor...the last 6 hours i used my 656 it used 2 gallon of oil... It's in the barn waiting on a inframe. For a garden id get 20-96-2 with a apron to keep more critters out. For those post at 4 feet deep of use 13 48 3 wire add some big stout braces and stretch the mess out of it. Should last a good long while. https://www.shopfarmfencesolutions.com/1348-titan-fixed-knot-hi-tensile-fence.html?id=46332705&quantity=1 Panels without top rail never look good. They bow and just don't loom right.
  11. Our church was the first to open back up after the shutdown never required masks and the only changes were more row spacing and a box for offering vs plate passing. Ironically one of the few churches that has not seen a drop in giving in the pandemic.
  12. Been a hot minute. Man I love this truck The trackmader post driver has been a success I've taken this thing places I would not take a ctl With the better hydraulics on the tracked driver it hits so much harder and faster than the Toyota Steep fenceing Lost a seal in the drive motor No access other than tracks to this fence. I got bit by the bsrb wire Old Republic t post from I don't know when. Today has been the day with nothing going on in months due to rain. Feels good.
  13. I'm still kicking around...havent been on a ih tractor in about a year....just kinda found a bunch of fence guys on Facebook to social media with and been stupid busy since thanksgiving
  14. Working alone in snake county im constantly vigilant for snakes Rattle is a sound noone will forget.
  15. If it's driveableish my folks always used marks auto in Jones mich but that's 25 miles.
  16. A bad driver is still better than a auger and way better than a double shovel.
  17. about 4-6 weeks i think hoping for less but that's realistic
  18. Little bit of travel work 2.5 hours from home last half hour is five miles...wall tent on sight recycling the cedar post into heat... I really like this 5500 Not here tho Good eaten.
  19. I think he is @ZG6E
  20. National forest in the redlodge Montana area all kinds of trails mild to wild
  21. Upgrade on the second gen 18 with 86,000 miles... Now I need a cdl
  22. Groove silicon ring here love it, comfortable and handles chemicals well.
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