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  1. 2 minutes ago, poor farmer/logger said:

    Wow that’s a huge change. Wonder if there will be efforts put forth to divert it back to the old channel.  That’s definitely not the way I’d want to obtain riverfront property. 

    I don't know...i know it won't happen till fall due thst river moves fast.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Delta Dirt said:

    I presumed all of the flood pictures shown were on the eastern side of the continental divide-----looking on maps of Red Lodge, etc, it appears that Red Lodge is near on top of the Continental Divide.

    How much further West did the rain flush the snow pack off the mountains???.  Would not expect the Continental Divide split off the rainfall??

    Can still see small snow cap on mountain in background on Mader's last picture of  of road to Emerald Lake campround.




    Red lodge is Reddot 

    Absarokee is yellow dot

    Columbus is blue

    Black is reed point 

    I'm 10 miles north of Columbus the Divide Is a long way away. 

    The flood event went from the northern half the park to i90 and from the Divide 50 miles east of Red Lodge. The worst was from the yellowstone  drainage  In gardener east thru all the major rivers east to the plains 

    I stated earlier it was 2 inches of rain brought out 2 inches of snow water equivalent. (Swe)

    It was closer to 5 inch of rain and 6 of swe. Or a years worth of water here in about 36 hours. The Divide is a long ways off.  Most of the worst was east of the divide.

    images (1).jpeg

  3. 1 minute ago, searcyfarms said:

    @mader656wow man i feel for you all and nice you could help out the reed point folks - i have former family in red lodge but not in town she is up on the flats heading towards columbus just north/west of the golf course - i know those streets well and surprised to see all the granite rock over the streets i know it was always so beautiful along the creek there in town in the summers. 

    howd 78 hold up from Red Lodge to Columbus, luther, roscoe, absarokee etc........so many places there for the river to consume things - devastating to say the least 

    The town of roscoe got hammered hard the bridge over the rosebud is gone. The rosebud bridge on the nye road hwy 419 is gone. The road is gone just down from the mine. 

  4. Monday I started brakes on my trailer they have been suggestions for a little while (7-8 years..) pulled the hubs of Monday went and got parts. Got home got one hub on and my friend needed help sandbagging.  Today I finished the project. 

    Trailer brakes get spendy fast. But hopefully good for another few years.

    Tomorrow recover from this week and requote this fence. It's on its way to the gulf of Mexico. I have so much better tools this time it should go much better.



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  5. 2 hours ago, mike newman said:

    .....love to come and help.....

    ...we have a great crew here....all old blokes...!!!!

    ..Just on a  short section of about six or seven miles we have   put in over 7000  tons  of big  rock, via the Cat Dumpers  shifted thousands of cubic yards of   gravell  to prepare for groynes  and replace carriage ways...The South Island's   ''braided' rivers are  an on going problem,   not from  globull warming  /climate change /  the deer eating the alpine plants  or any other BullSheet  the 'Green''  brigade comes up with...Its the eternal erosion  from  the mountains ...whereby each winter brings down , collectively , thousands of cubic yards of shingle scree...which slowly raises the river beds...which in turn means the ''flood plains '' get more of the same....year in ..year out...

    ..by the look of those  'flood ''video's on this site and on our National news.... the substrata of that terrain looks interesting....and would I be correct in saying that  the flooding of that magnitude  is a very infrequent  occurance..??    If  that stone deposited on your Red Lodge pictures is indicative of that valley,,it is no wonder that the over all damage is so great....

    Trip through Yellowstone in 1972   was fantastic....The last trip in 2015 was just so different ..seemed to be a pale shawdow of its former glory


    All  the streams that feed out of the beartooth mountain are boulders and the higher up you get the bigger the Rocks get.

    Rock creek, rosebud, stillwater, Boulder, and yellowstone for sure are rock with very little sand.

  6. 21 hours ago, Mike H said:

    that's going to mess with the water supply the rest of the summer loosing the snow all at once

    what kinda shape is the Madison river in

    spent 5 weeks near Norris  a few years ago

    awesome river for fly fishing


    Madison got high but not as much as to the east. 


    A substation fell into the river it's amazing how fast a temp station can be biult. Hope to be online tonight. Got to be 50 trucks going.20220616_110341.jpg.c6935ce969fb49e3e4d711dfa13af9fe.jpg

    This was just outside absarokee the road I'd gone no houses cut off so it may be a bit to get fixed.

    Water Is way down...but will take years for all the damage to be fixed. 



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  7. 55 minutes ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Wow, that takes a lot of fast running water to move rocks like that!!  How high did the river get there in town?  The power of water never ceases to amaze me!

    At least 7 feet up.

    The worst is behind us. Town of Columbus had 2 feet till some houses started to flood. Had they not biult a levy  at the south end of town in 2011a few houses would have flooded. Billings is now at the peak. With 90,000 cfs on a river that was 2700 last fall...

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  8. 47 minutes ago, poor farmer/logger said:

    My brother was talking about taking off on his own this summer and going down through Yellowstone again and down through Utah as well maybe. Thinking that may get put on hold after this though. He was a bit hesitant to go too. His bike is a 87 Suzuki cavalcade. The cut off year for antique plates now in Sk lol. 

    Northern loop will be closed all year, southern loop will have a quota system to ensure it is not packed.

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  9. 1 hour ago, IH Forever said:

    Very interesting.  Glad I visited Yellowstone last summer and not this summer.

    Where do these rivers flow to?  I hear so much lately about dry conditions in the SW and the level of Lake Powell and other reservoirs.  Just curious if any of these rivers drain into the Colorado.

    They are tributaries of the yellowstone, dumps into the Missouri and then Mississippi.

  10. Yesterday 11,000 cfs today 19,000 normal for day 3000

    Yesterday went for a drive20220612_163047.thumb.jpg.fe08b1fc4579cbe3ef3df798794d2c89.jpg20220612_164155.thumb.jpg.f0ef825919dd95c84ce89925fc712225.jpg

    This was what we saw. Today both the 2 Washouts happened.FB_IMG_1655125457575.thumb.jpg.9f1dd762ddc81626be0e22762d4f5c60.jpgFB_IMG_1655166504623.jpg.5a56f4557a52701cb5a328d7b2ce7109.jpgFB_IMG_1655166514166.jpg.697c41ce1d22952e91bc6745a5ce95d0.jpg

    Up by stillwater mine mosy of the miners made it out except a small group needed to look after the place. And tend to any surprises and stranded hikers coming off the trailheads. This is the only road to the mine that does not require a dirt bike. There is another portal but the other washout prevents its use. FB_IMG_1655164620983.thumb.jpg.d79e922d2c1dd18d29d64da1854df5be.jpgFB_IMG_1655157703733.thumb.jpg.d908a6b562f5be0300aec2221269b699.jpg

    Rain has stopped and rivers are cresting. 

    rock creek in redlodge is as bad or worse. As is the Boulder River to the west. The upper yellowstone is at record. 

    Yellowstone stone Park is closed. 

    A 60 mile long irrigation ditch has blown out.

    I am fine at my house. We don't have the spring run off to deal with. 


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  11. 1 minute ago, New Englander said:

    It just makes zero sense placing solar on good farm land. Put them on crap land if they must!

    I know lots of good dryland that don't feed nothing that would be good for that. Or better that vegetationless land down south.

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  12. 2 hours ago, hobbyfarm said:

    I'm sorry about your Dad.

    Looks a lot like our Honda Rancher.  Ours has been pretty tough.  I would buy another one.


    Ranchers 350 es turned foot shift.


    2 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

    Just look what you have done with your business in the last three years. Went from a good fence guy to a fencing pro. Equipment, house, more equipment. You are loaded for bear now (can’t beat a Honda) and I’m sure your Father would be proud. Anybody could build a fence but not just anyone can do it and make rugged art of it. 


  13. Been a minute 

    I don't like lifting heavy posts any more.

    So i use the machine 



    Nice little  road frontage fence. Cant have t post poping out.



    After 8 years of fence work i finally decided its time to get a atv. Found a decent fence atv. Meaning cheap already ruff but runs well.

    Today is the three year mark since dad passed. Mom and I spread the last of his ashes today. Kinda been a hard day.




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