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  1. 2 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    I still have my tonsils and have had strep a few times. Is that what you are referring to?  I had it bad enough once that I would swallow the ulva (sp?) In the back of my throat.  Not fun!  Do have me antibiotics and said ice cold beer helped!  Of course that was about 40 years ago and I was headed to Spring Break in Florida!

    This isn't the worst I'd have it but the worst pain I've ever gotten from it....

  2. Tuesday morning I felt off sore throat. Went home early slept 24 out of next 27 hours still sick  today I went to urgent care. I was right had to pay doctor to tell me what I already knew.  Tonsilitus got some antibiotics today should have went last week...on the way home the ibuprofen wore off I thought I was going to have to pull into the local er by the time I was home. 

    They also gave me "magic mouthwash" lidocaine gel for mouth pain nasty stuff that don't work. Looks nasty and tastes worse.

    If anyone has had it you know what it looks like.

    Hopefully on the mend now. I'm not 20 anymore and bounce back as fast apparently 

  3. Just got a small dumpster  its a load and haul yourself thing ...I'll slowly fill it and hope it covers gas money. Just nit dumping wire on the ground is worth it.

  4. Years ago we rented a house with a old hand dug well, it was in town on the banks of the yellowstone River. Water level was about 10 feet down or River level. The "cap" was rotten 2x6s and plywood. I was glad the kids were 2 and infant when we lived there so they didn't play much outside. 

    Neat but kinda scary. 

  5. Rough day...finally replaced my bad track...only to get nearly stuck, if the machine couldn't pick itself up to throw rock under the tracks it would have been stuck...

    Only to roll off the other track 10 post later...in the rain when I was out of grease... 

  6. Don't buy the cheapest gasket. Genos garage online should have a good one I did my 01 the pump and all had to come off. Check out the vacuum pump while you are down that deep too at Least on mine it and the power steering ran off the same gear.  Easy with the pump off.


    Fine Monday this Tuesday was. Truck is close to 13,000 trailer is 4,000 driver is like 8,000 and the stuff is another 2000.  Yeah, little match of mud and traction control screwed me. Had to back down and got sideways... old payloader struggled till I  got on dry dirt and curled the bucket back. Then it came out.020220419_125417.thumb.jpg.c97046e0c7a9dbdf1b9cb341cab11f56.jpg20220419_130826.thumb.jpg.7e0cae1a953b3559b1b313081206372f.jpg

    Any how easter was good.20220417_120941.thumb.jpg.94d78721a5ebf7928c8c9d8db0a2b410.jpg

    Little bit of snow last week too. About a foot biggest snow in 2 years.20220413_143750.thumb.jpg.23da0f026332f78c34df712e05e4a80e.jpg

    added more hydraulic  capacity to trackmader and it sure runs cooler. From 5 gallon in the tank 20 makes a huge difference in temperature. Might ad 5 more too. This machine will never be done but it's getting better.


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  8. On 4/17/2022 at 7:38 PM, sandhiller said:

    We bought materials to redo the corrals in all steel two years ago. 

    Kinda mad that we haven't found the time to rebuild them yet but damn glad the iron is sitting here. 


    I know a guy who will likely be passing thru that area with a whale of a post driver...

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  9. No but they don't speak of my class at my school. It was the Christian school attached to my church and last time I was there the class pictures on the wall still skipped 05. But class motto not so much. Probably something about teachers least favorite students.

  10. 6 hours ago, 1586 Jeff said:

    Then fire up the Michigan if you need more pushing power!!

    (Just do NOT tell the Michigan to “waddle faster!”.  You would like to buy a tremendous amount of ice cream.....

    The cab really helps too. That was what I missed most....my wife got off work last night at 9 and we found out her when my 5500 crossing the scale at 13,000 says the road is passable it is infact not as passible as I thought in the hour between trips the snow hardened greatly.

  11. The old post driver had a issue on hills where it would run the pump dry if the hill was to steep and the right hand suction gets above the fluid. And the fluid got way to hot... 4x fluid resvivour and center sump should help the issues.


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