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  1. In your part of the country it would take the drive to worthington Indiana and get American Timber and steel wood post from https://www.shopfarmfencesolutions.com/cca-treated-postblunt.html

    They are spendy  but by far the best wood post I've ever seen. The treat goes all the way thru. They weigh 2x what the same post weighs here. 

    Farm Fence solutions would also have great options for hand held post drivers. 

    If you have help consistently a montana 350 would be a really  good option. 


    Mounts on your skid yet small  enough for t posts.....

  2. 2 hours ago, ray54 said:

    That size rock is a every time it rains 1/2 on the 1 highway on the Big Sur coast. They have built big steel gates on each end to close if we get much rain. Closed for over a year back in 84, and again just a few years ago.  

    In the past  a rockslide kept the beartooth hwy for a year.

  3. On 11/5/2021 at 4:58 AM, Dave Downs said:

    5 or 10 vehicles a DAY!!!!????

    Without exaggeration at times we might get 5 or 10 vehicles a MINUTE!!!

    As for piece and quiet I’m going to start a topic about Jake Brakes since I also live on a hill ………

    If you don't count mine I'm a solid 5 10 a month. Past my turn-off.

  4. 410,5611 miles 198,000 were mine. Helped build my business. It's been a great rig...on to nicer things. It's time to get this thing cleaned up and sold. Still can read that frame. 

    Time to clean it up and get it sold it's just sitting...



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