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  1. So my question is under the 5th ammendment if a high po gets out the portsble scales do you have to incriminate your self and help him by driving onto the scale. Or just park and let him set them with a jack?

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  2. On 7/28/2022 at 1:26 AM, mike newman said:

    ,,,been very wet down under,...thus I went visiting an old friend...running cattle and Red  Deer    on his hill country farm....He does a lot of deer fencing, on some miserable slope  gradients....with this exact set up...except  his old Hitachi Excavator... coloured   'purple''  of all colours..is not at all photogenic....so here is a picture for @mader656....It may be of interest to him, although he is  well set up with his track machine...

    I thought it quite innovative...and its great for my old Mate, at 68 yrs...especially for those 10 foot deer posts......



    I could have used that rig but spider excavator today.

  3. 43 minutes ago, nate said:

    No way in heck I would use round pipe for the cross bars!   Wet tire or track will slide right down

    My plan was expanded metal for traction.

  4. My trailer needs new ramps the current ones are shot I rebuilt them to light about the only metal affordable right now is drill stem 2 7/8, 7 lbf as I have a plethora of short cut offs around ramp width its mostly equipment I load they would be 72 inches long and no more than 10,000. If I put a triangle so the span Is no more that 3 feet. Would it be strong enough. ? 

    The 3 inch channel did not hack handle it constant bending I've realized tracks are hard on ramps

  5. Re water witching: bull ship.

    My first hole was supposed to be 100 feet and 10 gallon. He was right. At 100 feet he hit 10 gallons total

    505 feet later it was still at a solid 3/8 gallon per minute.

    Broke off casing.

    Witched for better water 175 feet and 6 gpm, Drilled a new hole 305 feet dry hole. 

    I'm a septic.

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  6. Measure distance from the front of the trailer frame rail , the ball hitch coupler. And make sure the spring hangers are square. (Like squaring a wall up) if you do all three it should  be good enough.

    I would say 1/16  tolerance on square that should be most important. 

    I biult camper frames and that is what we did. That was nearly 18 years ago so my memory may be fuzzy. 


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  7. A freind brought up his mini telehandler yesterday got these heavy windows into my house, finally. It is really nice to see this part of the vision coming together.


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  8. I had a old Onan 15,000 watt generator till the blizzard packed the generator full of snow and ice and it let the smoke out. My house is off grid so it got used a good bit in the winter. 

    If you have mostly propane appliances like water Heater,  dryer, stove  and heat 10,000 watts should keep your house going and comfortable. 

    My house on average draws between 4 and 16 Amps at 48 volts so that is less than 2 and 8 at 110. But it's less than most. Personally I'd buy a decent welder with a 10,000 watt generator for a backup generator, multiple uses and it would get used more often so it would stay ready to go.

  9. 3 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

    We need to stop calling these split rims and use the proper term, lock ring rims.

    My generation has hardly seen a lock ring let alone a true split rim.


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  10. 5 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

    My understanding is a "true" split rim isn't what you have. True split rims are 3 piece rims, 2 half rims and a locking ring, possibly 2 locking rings. No one will touch those, the type I assume you have are solid centers and 1locking ring on the outside bead. Still not the safest. As others say, chains in several places if you don't have a cage. Be safe. Are those 16 or 18 inch rims?  I have 2 sets of IH rims from my 1200, 6 bolt. One set is highway tires, the other winter treads. Now stacked up as those axles since been changed out to Ford 3/4 ton running gear 


    They are the 16s 

    Just going to throw on a couple used tires eventually I'll put a 7k trailer axle under it. 

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