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  1. Measure distance from the front of the trailer frame rail , the ball hitch coupler. And make sure the spring hangers are square. (Like squaring a wall up) if you do all three it should  be good enough.

    I would say 1/16  tolerance on square that should be most important. 

    I biult camper frames and that is what we did. That was nearly 18 years ago so my memory may be fuzzy. 


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  2. I had a old Onan 15,000 watt generator till the blizzard packed the generator full of snow and ice and it let the smoke out. My house is off grid so it got used a good bit in the winter. 

    If you have mostly propane appliances like water Heater,  dryer, stove  and heat 10,000 watts should keep your house going and comfortable. 

    My house on average draws between 4 and 16 Amps at 48 volts so that is less than 2 and 8 at 110. But it's less than most. Personally I'd buy a decent welder with a 10,000 watt generator for a backup generator, multiple uses and it would get used more often so it would stay ready to go.

  3. 5 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

    My understanding is a "true" split rim isn't what you have. True split rims are 3 piece rims, 2 half rims and a locking ring, possibly 2 locking rings. No one will touch those, the type I assume you have are solid centers and 1locking ring on the outside bead. Still not the safest. As others say, chains in several places if you don't have a cage. Be safe. Are those 16 or 18 inch rims?  I have 2 sets of IH rims from my 1200, 6 bolt. One set is highway tires, the other winter treads. Now stacked up as those axles since been changed out to Ford 3/4 ton running gear 


    They are the 16s 

    Just going to throw on a couple used tires eventually I'll put a 7k trailer axle under it. 

  4. 14 hours ago, AKwelder said:

    It’s been a rough spring




    Real smoky, hot and dry


    let me guess, they haven’t mentioned it on the news?

    First time I've heard of it...it's not even smoky from them here yet.

  5. So when I was taught by united rentals it's 2 chains for first 10k then 2 per 10k thereafter plus one per attachment that can be removed so a backhoe at 14k would need 4 chains on the machine one on the loader. And one on the hoe.

    My little ford at 3500 lbs needed 2 chains and one on a three pt attachment. 

    My post driver is less than 10k so 2 chains on the body one strap on the loader  one strap on the driver arm and weight, one on the blade. That's the legal requirement but I add one more on the opposite end of the boom to prevent bounce.

  6. Dad's last words to me that made sense were in February of 18 he passed June 10 of the same year his cancer took his ability to form sentences verbally and on paper. It also took his ability to comprehend we think, In a rare moment that February we had a 20 minute conversation ranging from how I kill a final drive on his tractor to mom and her health. To his prayers for my family. It was good and I did not know it would be the last.... they flew out one last time in late march he was nearly nonverbal. that April when we came back for the inevitable it was one word responses and the cancer was taking him. The point was I knew what was coming. So we were able to have some of those conversations early on before it got advanced. Dad was 60. Don't wait to have those conversation or you will regret it later in life.

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