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  1. I hate to grill, i don't like walking outside to cook when i could just cook in the kitchen, that's right there not out in the yard.
  2. College? The two classes I took at night convinced my I did not want to wrench for a living (mto 2.0) learned more about my trade in a 3 day fall fence forum. Than I ever could in college. Didn't drink much before I was 22.
  3. I like good coffee also, favorite coffee shop makes me coffee I can't pronounce.... Hate my facial hair....ok I hate maintaining it.... I care deeply for those stuck in the throws of human trafficking and helping them escape and heal....
  4. On a cold windy day I'll choose a good silk scarf over gloves if I have to make a choice to keep warm, nothing is as comfortable or warm as a silk scarf blocks the wind holds heat well and looks good too.
  5. Had to fix some wind damage yesterday....elbow is deffiantly dislocated as it popped 4 times in about 6 hours. No pain but i got a brace now... It's hard to take it easy. As it's all or nothing with me I can't just do nothing.
  6. Wheelermetals.com has the best price I've seen on caps
  7. I've been building a angle brace this past year, strut to the ground and longer, that style will handle all the dead pull my loader will handle. I really like to cap them. It looks cleaner.
  8. I like to have it on me cause accidents happen and its a long crawl to the truck even if it's 100 yards..
  9. Backs broken. frame is broken, it's trashed... I've got insurance on it. That'll be less that what id have in fixing it.
  10. So I need a better cell phone holder back pocket just isn't cutting it any more... My phone took my whole body weight falling backward off a 2.5 foot tall stage via my hip bones. A decent holster would have saved the phone. the belt clips that slide over your belt always break for my. Anyone found a leather or kydex holder that works (think firearm holster). Id like a full wrap clip not a spring loaded clip. Ps im a little sore. Elbow took a bit of a hit and may have dislocated something.
  11. Irwin drill bits and Boelube past best combination Ive seen.
  12. The king post is 8"x10' the kicker is 6x8. Driven to grade. American timber and steel brand post first post Ive ever seen the treat goes al the way thru. If only I could get them.
  13. Yup, tho we all worked together to do each brace. I think that big old brace took less than 20 minutes to build. Farmers tractor pull. We build fence and destroy it.
  14. Tested a standard 6"×8 foot post brace with standard 4inch strut and it should not be used as a brace. Works fine for 4 wire. If your putting mesh on this I guarantee its not close to tight enough. But increase the post size to 8 inch and length to 10 foot and the strut to 10 foot it'll hold anything. 4 foot and under the twitch wire is what fails first The angled strut will hold anything in almost any ground. if you think this brace is wrong and not strong, you are wrong. Its safer for livestock, faster to install. Less material needed. Cleaner look. Anything tamped is g
  15. I think this is the tractor pull of the fence industry. Bragging right but really it boils down too how much money and time are you going to throw at a brace to have the strongest brace in the USA.
  16. I prefer a more capable machine.
  17. Strain gauge maxed out at 15,000 maxed out a 12k winch with a snatch block pulled a 7000 machine toward it and the truck finally got it.
  18. Bragging rights. Fun Show your customer how much your brace can handle. Fun Commradery.
  19. This happen 3, 12k winches 2 skid loaders tied together, one evo, and a truck pull on a brace till it fails.
  20. Grew up in Michigan wanted to pickup some lumber dad had milled long ago to use in moms apartment. And fixing broken wires to my fuel lift pump...
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