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  1. Winter rpru, warm place...shut up and take my money...hoping south Dakota will be my first tho...
  2. Historic Event 32 yrs ago.

    Chernobyl was 32 years ago...
  3. Where did all the antique tractor pulls go?

    Our fire dept is a hybrid paid/volunteer dept. 4 or 5 paid with a couple on-site cheaply paid interns and a lot of supported. Last summer was the first and only tax I've ever voted for...local level to keep a extra guy or two on staff 24/7 between fires and ambulance they do tons calls a year during bad weather up to 20 a day. So I can see where fundraisers won't cut it...they do so a pancake breakfast once a year, to keep involved in community.
  4. fencing pictures

    Had to put a 2 3/8 drill stem into a 2 7/8 pipe easy if thereis no more oil residue, a challenge with a visible film, near impossible with a eigth inch of junk inside, I got it one inch In And the maul could not move it any farther, so i got bigger hammer, i did try and push it in with the loader first no luck, That made very short work.
  5. fencing pictures

    Day he will Never forget Kids came to work the lot was a pancake. Daughter too. Hopefully he won't remember this Smashed his fingernail good old torch drill to the rescue...
  6. fencing pictures

    What a mess...the fence broke just put up another layer...x4 in places...what a mess to remove. removing 600 feet out of the willows not pleasant by any means some is going to stay...
  7. Broke the record

    This morning a 10am they anounced that the .1 inches of snow had fallen in billings montana to break the record for. Snowiest winter on record...103.6 inches. My town broke its record weeks ago I sure hope spring comes and stays soon.
  8. Spring finally came

    Sunburn Saturday 6 inches of snow today bright side my burning was safe today...
  9. Broke the record

    End of day brought total to 106.1 Yes there is a ton of water locked up in the high country yet...let's hope it's a slow melt not got with rain... Yeah hope the Dams are river looks high and no high country melt yet...
  10. fencing pictures

    4 inches of snow and lost the rear driveshaft on the'll sit till it's dry the bolts that hold the shaft on sheared or backed fix glad it happened where it did not 4 miles away when I met FedEx...
  11. fencing pictures

    Never heard of sait blades...
  12. fencing pictures

    Insult to injury...
  13. Figuering acreage.

    There are smartphone apps I use for fencing forget what they are called... But walk drive perimter and it tells you.
  14. Wife and I paid out a pocket bet we spent less than 3000 just as married as the folks who spent 50k. Should have eloped and saved the money, wife and I are not alone in this sentiment...
  15. acytelene price increase?

    YTalked to the awg delivery driver asked him about price increase he said he just got the new price sheets out I was right down... I pay 94 for a 145
  16. Life in Alaska

    *live hydraulics don't appease OT.
  17. fencing pictures

    Fourney seem to be the longest lasting...I'm comparing that with the dewalt blade for half the price to see if it last twice as long I do think the dewalt cut faster tho so that may make up my mind...
  18. My unpopular opinion.

    X2 my 89 Ford 150 was shot at 180,000 My 6 year newer dodge lasted 280,000 with a tranny at 220,000 and some tug o war was involved.
  19. acytelene price increase?

    Funny I musta got a deal last week cause I thought it went down....
  20. fencing pictures

    Cutting pipe with a view almost 70 degrees today.
  21. fencing pictures

    Oh we had. Mud I spent 3 Says ditching to get water off the roads to aleviate the mud.
  22. fencing pictures

    138 inches of snow 50 typical all melted was 65 today. Pics are from today.
  23. fencing pictures

    Gosh I was wrong.... Put a new Jack on the shulte mower today.... Glad the loader is big
  24. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    My 14 foot grain bin is now a my wood shed...the heat should dry firewood well...
  25. fastenal question

    Great bussiness plan ...they bought out a chain called fasteners those guys were good one offs were ok and not a waste of their time...