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  1. It seems keeping the split rim is the only option till it gets a 7k trailer axle.
  2. Alternate thought. Use set the payloader bucket on the rim as a safety cage when inflating
  3. I think is a 6 on 7.25? Correct?
  4. I'd like to get away from the split rims.
  5. I had a old tire go on my dump trailer it's a ih truck axle and 6 bolt any idea on rim bolt pattern.
  6. First time I've heard of it...it's not even smoky from them here yet.
  7. You have to use encouraging words. You like "waddle faster"....
  8. I would use wood defender fence stain. https://wooddefender.com/buy-online/ Stuff is amazing and goes on fast. I realize it's not paint but it will last.
  9. Yes all rentals in area full then several area towns lost multiple houses. So yes they are very short supply. Wife says some of her customers are living at a hotel because it's the only place available.
  10. So when I was taught by united rentals it's 2 chains for first 10k then 2 per 10k thereafter plus one per attachment that can be removed so a backhoe at 14k would need 4 chains on the machine one on the loader. And one on the hoe. My little ford at 3500 lbs needed 2 chains and one on a three pt attachment. My post driver is less than 10k so 2 chains on the body one strap on the loader one strap on the driver arm and weight, one on the blade. That's the legal requirement but I add one more on the opposite end of the boom to prevent bounce.
  11. Apparently this was off a model aa ford truck thought you may be able to confirm this. I've never seen anything like. Auto locking bed and auto dump gate.
  12. I did find a YouTube video of similar on a a ford frame.
  13. There is a gear reverser on the pto shaft. It might get a ball hitch and a electric pump and hydraulic so I can use it on the truck.
  14. Mechanical lock down, Mechanical lift Mechanical auto tailgate latch. Ih truck frame is my guess it's pretty cool if nothing else.
  15. You turn the pto on and it runs cycles up and down till you shut it off. I can't find any others on the internet.
  16. Mechanical dump trailer, runs of the pto on the tractor 25 bucks it came home with me. Its got me curious how strong the hoist is? Truck is on a FedEx truck frame...
  17. I've been putting off reading and commenting till after his death anniversary had passed.
  18. Dad's last words to me that made sense were in February of 18 he passed June 10 of the same year his cancer took his ability to form sentences verbally and on paper. It also took his ability to comprehend we think, In a rare moment that February we had a 20 minute conversation ranging from how I kill a final drive on his tractor to mom and her health. To his prayers for my family. It was good and I did not know it would be the last.... they flew out one last time in late march he was nearly nonverbal. that April when we came back for the inevitable it was one word responses and the cancer was taking him. The point was I knew what was coming. So we were able to have some of those conversations early on before it got advanced. Dad was 60. Don't wait to have those conversation or you will regret it later in life.
  19. 2 more inches of rain today. This is my friends yard. Rivers have not yet come much.
  20. .75 inches of rain forecast today. If could stay north of i90 that would be good. Stillwater is near floodstage already from high 90s yesterday. They don't need rain. North always needs rain.
  21. I don't know...i know it won't happen till fall due thst river moves fast.
  22. At least one major change...
  23. Red lodge is Reddot Absarokee is yellow dot Columbus is blue Black is reed point I'm 10 miles north of Columbus the Divide Is a long way away. The flood event went from the northern half the park to i90 and from the Divide 50 miles east of Red Lodge. The worst was from the yellowstone drainage In gardener east thru all the major rivers east to the plains I stated earlier it was 2 inches of rain brought out 2 inches of snow water equivalent. (Swe) It was closer to 5 inch of rain and 6 of swe. Or a years worth of water here in about 36 hours. The Divide is a long ways off. Most of the worst was east of the divide.
  24. I'd say 35 is optimistic this is the road to emerald lake campground it was paved and nice last fall
  25. As guy who builds barns on occasion I would not touch that job with a borrowed 30foot pole.
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