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  1. Start Wednesday. But i see it coming...
  2. Honestly south of i90 in the foothills doesnt scare me...much more stuff to block snow from drifting bald prairie to the north there is nothing but the snowbanks and drifts are harder up north. Its weird here. Some places have wind blocked others go to whiteout...in feet
  3. Cow workers and swift trucks are my concern
  4. Few reasons 1. Not much fence to build 2. It sucks to spend all day doing a couple hours work. 3. Sometimes impossible to fence due to conditions 4. Stuff breaks more when cold.
  5. Building out the spring fence workload already.
  6. I should have mentioned its a seasonal position till mid march or april.
  7. Ive struged in the winters to keep fencing. On a whim i applied to run a state snowplow. Got the job...start next week...will be the first full winter ive worked in years.
  8. I run it 2 days a week...say tuesday and friday or something... keep everything going and lubed... gremlins creep in when they set. As far as def. Keep full so minimal air gets at it.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/403825119484 Tritium vials Should do the trick
  10. Plus one for no deciduous trees within a quarter mile of my house
  11. My guess would be for a dual tire setup so 10k+ just looking at the hub arrangement.
  12. I was the slow one...but in my defense the guy who helped me packout was 8 inches taller....
  13. One mile from the jeep closest elk kill yet. My pastor(friend and hunting buddy) came out and helped me pack him out. Shear luck i saw him today...
  14. I run beads in mine 5500 and my moms jeep has them. If your in dirt, mud that gets caked on its amazing to have tires that stay balanced despite mud in the rim
  15. Whatever town pump has in the bulk pump... ive bought 4.5 gallon in jugs in 2 years now...
  16. Bought some radiant heat diffuser plates from them today guess its wait and see.
  17. Nice doe. Post driver makes a good deer hanger...
  18. Anyone bought anything from them?
  19. They tested at 12 degrees what about the west where its 30-40 colder... thatll really kill the batteries. Unless they have really improved technology heat pumps dont work well below zero. So they have that going! Real western blizzard needed to really test that one. https://electrek.co/2022/01/12/tesla-owners-losing-heat-extreme-cold-heat-pumps-failing-badly/
  20. My freind had a towing job...apparently it was very common to tow teslas 10 miles from greycliff to bigtimber where the chargers are... Guy could make decent money in the right area with a diesel genset a pickup and a portable super charger.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/collinwelding Lots of good info to glean here
  22. Strive for 60 to 80% solid. It will allow some air flow thru the windbreak and the air wont eddy as bad and drop snow right on top of them.
  23. I moved to the bald prairie with no deciduous trees up with for 5 miles and a wind that rakes leave anyways...problem solved
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