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  1. Butter lots of butter. Start with a hot pan with a good bit of butter my best bet just find the fat the government says is the worst, and that fat is the best for you. Use that one generously
  2. Doesnt @King of Obsolete direct start some of his cats.
  3. Anyone used a hp trailer? Id love a diamond c or maxx d but 10-15000 cheaper. To go this route. https://pullhp.com/ Looking at a 35+9 hydraulic beavertail. 24k gvw My current trailer is to light duty, to short, and needs lots of work. It would be kept for a beater and scrap hauler.
  4. Seemed like a good place to re add my kids first flights.
  5. We added ladderless access to out roof easy cleaning.
  6. The pressure has been adjusted in the past and a gauge was used to adjust pressure. Running around 2200.
  7. This fence is on the busiest secondary road in the area...it needs to be perfect.
  8. The last picture was a guy in uk driving some big post.
  9. turned the enclosed trailer i used 2x a year into a tool trailer. So nice to have everything i need in one place. Ive wanted to replace this line of fence since i saw it. I finally got to. Hired a media guy to make some adds for next spring. got the tree up in our addition i mighthave gone overkill but hey kids are only young once right had 42 youth over for freinds giving mo day night i love having space to not feel crouded. Dont know why its upside down but that machine just plugs right along for me almost always does what i need it to do
  10. Threads on in the inner part. So it does not back out right away. I guess peen the threads is a better term.
  11. Leather here. Useually non insulated. For dexterity and just a little warmth check out plain jans chore gloves. Thin a little warmth but dexterity.
  12. Another update. Used the machine for a hour today. Lost pressure again took it apart again and reset the relief and spiked the threads. Hopefully fixed.
  13. If i wanted a tractor for only loader work, a small wheel loader would be impossible to beat, but they only do loader work is the drawback
  14. Im thinking that gate had all kinda of issues biggest being no fall protection in back.
  15. My gut says a rolling gate such as a cantilever a brief google street veiw shows some big double swing ornamental iron gates so idk both preventable
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