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  1. I need a church buckle
  2. Stopped at the Montana silversmith outlet. In town looking for a gift for the wife's birthday and it was the first thing I saw...for 2 bucks...i hope she likes it.... Kidding I got her a necklace and earring set...
  3. ID use it...be handy when you are at the end of 150 feet of lead or in my case if the welder is outside and im indoors...
  4. mader656

    I hate people...

    Swing by the local dairy and get a scoop of sh!t half way thru loading too... Sorry you had to go thru that.
  5. 100k miles no grease. The worn side is the front. If you really think it does not move that much...
  6. On a curve and double yellow with oncoming traffic...
  7. X4 Ill bet my Gooseneck has close to 100,000 miles too...
  8. Disturbing...but just scratching the surface of what happens to these victims....
  9. "Rusty Shakleford 867 5390" is the new sign in number...
  10. Must have stored it with a leaky diesel tank?
  11. Its a extremely hard crime to get a conviction for, the victims are brainwashed into thinking of their trafficker as a protector or boyfriend. Trauma bonds or Stockholm syndrome is the term used. Victims are also afraid to testify in places without immunity for their crime as well. So some laws need changed. But getting better.
  12. I Its in every town in every state to some degree...most most do, the one here's address comes up somewhere completely unrelated for safety and security of all those involved. Fastest growing and highest profit, illegal trade. There are more people held in slavery (as that is what trafficking is) today than in the height of pure civil war slavery. A gun or drug is sold once. A girl can be sold over and over (20 plus times a night) I90 is the major route between Washington and Oregon and big cities east. I can't fathom how many people are trafficked thru town. These are our girls, run aways, bad home life, poor, rich, overprotected and sheltered, unloved children all are targets. A runaway will be targeted within 72 hours of living on the street by a trafficker (pimp) Yeah Im passionate. Wife and i plan to get deeper involved in helping women and if we can get thru the red tape, girls heal from this atrocity.
  13. I think if people knew the true amount of people, especially girls as in 12 to 14 years old trafficking victims (prostitutes,) in this country we would demand a end to this vile crime.
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