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  1. I know it has been posted before but I can't find it ... So back by popular demand
  2. 4230007u.... ?? 00841 ?? Posted April 29, 2011 by magicmikey TD12 1981-92 501-1981 651-1982 698-1983 749-1984 813-1985 814-857-1986 My best guess built until 1992
  3. TD12 humm do you have a picture of the SN. On 40's n 50's style there are casting numbers on the RIGHT side of block that gives clues within a year or so but the S/N should be on an ID tag riveted to the dash. My T9 was a parts machine so the tag had been removed by military when purchased. The number you give I don't recognize as International - though I may be wrong. Go back a page and look at the pictures of my post the third pic shows where S/N of TD UD are stamped in block
  4. Be my guest ... like I said I was just trying to help
  5. Dose that MD have a Botch or International Harvester injection pump? Doesn't matter what type injection pump is to check this stuff : First: Fuel: status of fuel, is it old? Do you have an algae growth? Are the fuel lines free and clear from tank to the primary pump? The primary pump has the glass water sediment bowl. Are you getting fuel to the filter? again check line to filters and fittings... in the video it really starts to leak on the starter after I turned on the fuel tank valve. It was the brass fitting Glass bowl is sucking air into system Pickup pump: I had to go through the pickup pump luckily the rubber valves needed to be lubed and moved, they were still soft and worked after loosening. Then check filter and lines to pump.. The rubber valve would not allow/pump fuel to pass into filter and injection pump. Now what kind of pump is it? After the injection pump is a valve that checks the return pressure to the fuel tank This valve needs to work Has anyone touched the injection pump timing? ... don't touch ... yet!!!! I would also pull fuel and oil filters cut them up to see status of fuel and engine oil, you would looking for water, metal or foreign material. One difference between the Botch and the IH pumps is where they discharge excess fuel. The Botch pump (a sealed lubricating system) will discharge any fuel bypass into the pump thinning and flushing lubricating oil from the injection pump through the overflow on the bottom - outside the system. Whereas, the IH pump uses engine oil to lubricate and when they wore out of spec the discharge of excess fuel was returned to the crankcase engine oil thinning the engine oil and harming internal parts. This is a Batch inj. Pump on a 1946 TD9 350 IH same engine also used in MD, WD9 and UD9
  6. Heading down the rabbit hole. Stop by and watch me try to fix these old Cats.
  7. Looking back I had several 60's and 70' yr mustangs and all had front end troubles it seemed to me the front suspensions were too light weight for what they had. Might I suggest oversized torsion n anti-sway bars, beefier tie rod and rod ends, beefier drag link and beefier pittman arm. Expensive I know but it beats buying one every year, well one every other year. I know a guy that has a 64 Falcon Ranchero for sale really nice shape has early 289 w/2speed trans. trans needs work on 2nd gear I HAVE A 64.5 260 Ford V8 FALCON SPRINT punched out to 302 (basically a destrocked 302). Doesn't seem to go fast enough but boy does it get there quickly..
  8. Took 71 mustang A-frames, front disk breaks and the 8 3/4 posi track and put them on a 63 Falcon. I used Falcon lower ball joints and a 77 250B straight six and C4 3speed trans with 50 series all the way around, it looked like a bulldog the way the front set. Note pull the Ford electronic ignition and toss in the trash and install points. Great project
  9. Home coming one more after Labor Day and then I'll need one heli of a scratching post.
  10. "... makes me bes' haggler"
  11. It must be sucking air from somewhere, I'm quit sure that it is not right to be seeing air in the fuel system - ask me how I know. Check all connections twice.
  12. These Cats and Siri has kept my marriage solid otherwise I'd have to talk directly to my wife. While snowbirding we could and often did blame Siri for getting us lost.
  13. .... even Irish and Scottish too. HaHaHa I have the most trouble with that there En-gl-ish. I am, however, quit fluent in the backwoods West Virginian Hillbilly with a colorful French vocabulary - Please excuse my French.
  14. @AKwelder Yeah, it’s a tongue twister. ? HaHaHa no kidding took me six months to wrap my mouth around it at first. My mouth don't like to work that way and rip it up so bad people start looking at me like I'm stroking out.. I worked at Pump 1 for a good year one week... LOL
  15. Well Utquiagvik has had many name changes over the years, Wikipedia says it was established around 500 AD but my education in Alaskan History says it is much older. Many of Utquiagvik's names have pasted into the forgotten mists of history. The name Barrow was given the name of the village to honor a ship captain/mapmaker back about the time of the purchase from Russia. The native population wished to honor their elders by renaming the city/village to Utquiagvik. in a nutshell
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