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  1. I would like to add the H4-L can be used in the Diesel rigs but they will start hard and the H4-D can be used in Gas rigs but they run hot. Not advisable because it is hard on the rig.
  2. Just went through both of my H4 -000-000 D mags there are several variations of the H4 mag but they all work the same. here is how they are broken down Gas Diesel Clockwise - CW Counter Clockwise - CCW And in degrees of Spark Rotation 10* 15* 35* and By DSTM as shown in graph Don't let the dogma drag you down just some specs you need to be aware of so find your Mag and go with it. All parts are available to rebuild but some parts might be listed under the J4 Mag (coil). I find the distributor much more cumbersome than the Mag but that's me. Ele. ignition in these old rigs is not only overkill but to me a bit repugnant. Kinda like the new fuel that produces H2O and messes up the innards. Man, I TELL you what ... !!!
  3. Ran across some older IH OEM U.S. Army K-7 truck manuals for 1 ton and 2 1/2 ton. I have to admit I was looking at some yellow paint track loaders for a smoking deal. In the process I did locate these and other yellow original Manuals and can have them all if I buy the loaders. Wife, loaders, wife, loaders? .... Hum, I'll get back to ya on that one. 🤣
  4. First picture is a model No.311 Adams Motor Grader on a runway. IH T9/TD9/UD9 engines and Oliver 80 Standard transmission and finals w/ EOA 35 (Engine Over Axles) High/Low. Notice cutting edge seems non-existent or hammered. Second picture is an odd application. Third Picture is different makes and models awaiting shipment
  5. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/list/category/1109/tractors-100-hp-to-174-hp/manufacturer/international/model/1206 three 1206's for sale one with SN numbers
  6. I got a good lead on a complete engine rebuild kit through Steiner Tractor Parts and also ordered a mag rebuild kit for H4 - D through Steiner. I don't think the price was bad at all but I think price is related to how bad you want to play with your big boy toys. Being the old girl has a bad case of the "All Overs", that just gives me something to focus on while the streams freeze and snow gathers on the trees. As you can probably see each part I fix I paint. That orange has got to be the ugliest color but that is the color the Territory and the State of Alaska picked many eons ago so it's the color I'm going to stay with. Adams color was a yellow a little lighter than cat yellow. Here is a pic of an Adams ID tag and a good idea of the color. Ironically this is a picture of one of the last Adams made its production date is 2/61 the last of the Adams were sold in late Dec. of 1960 and the contracts were fulfilled by Feb. of 1961.
  7. O man you ain't joking. I was plowing my drive several years back and got stuck, I shut it down to regroup the SOB refused to start. had to have it air lifted ... er ua I mean had to have it towed back up into the yard and has been setting there sense. I had a few health issues to resolve first, now that I'm on the mend I want to see if I can kickstart this puppy again.
  8. Had more than mag trouble. First off my multi-meter took a long walk off a short pier and was giving me bogus readings. No matter what I did the combination of old parts and bad decisions couldn't make the mag fire. After getting a new multi-meter I started questioning everything. With two H4-0000-000-D (TD) mags I had double the trouble. One coil checked out both sets of point looked good no appreciable pits or burrs, one condenser was way out of spec (bad but not shorted), cap and button are old and probably scrapped clean way too many times, plugs wires and ends were new and in great shape, then I found two of my four spark plugs were kaput (looking for my spares now). So once I bought a full mag kit I discovered that one set points were at the proper gap but did not have enough contact when closed to make sufficient contact to complete the circuit - I just assumed they were opening and closing. Once I discovered I had enough good parts to make one mag at least fire. I proceed to make this sucker fire - time to fish or cut bait. Checking Ohms, continuity and cleaning all the connections, I found I could get "ONE" good spark - just one. Hmmmm? Why only one spark? Running through the process and getting ready to swap points I compared the two sets closely finding one set was not quit the same shape one spring had been manhandled and misshapen. I bent the spring back using my extensive knowledge of trigonometry and toque specifications I twisted it into shape - yeah that looks good enough 50/50 - 50 feet or 50 MPH looks great and man you don't want to put your tongue on it now. I had never run into that issue before so this is new to me. well need to trek out into the snow find something else that needs fix'n on the old girl. Just thought I'd bring the subject up in case someone else runs into the same issue and don't want to buy a mag or kit.
  9. Yes thank you from the great unfrozen north, it has been warmer here in Alaska than 3/4 of the rest of the lower 48. I need to work on my old inj.pump so this information is going to come in really handy. My Bosch inj. pump is bleeding fuel out of the weep/overflow hole on back - on the engine side of the pump. The IH inj. pump uses engine oil to lube the pump and returns it back into the block. I've heard of overflow happening to IH pumps and it starts making oil which only makes sense because it would return any fuel bypassing the seals to the engine block. The Bosch inj. pump oil is a self contained so when the fuel weeps past the seals it flushes the oil out the overflow and fills with fuel.
  10. WOW! Thankx everyone I would have never checked NAPA for a coil. I looked for a condenser at the local NAPA, several years back, but the kid behind the counter was lacking the knowledge of condensers. God said treat others as you want to be treated, yes Lord I agree but I must add - Ya just can't fix STUPID! 😮 Was that in my out loud voice. Price is not too bad if you need to plow a foot of heavy sloppy snow/slush out of your driveway
  11. I'm thinking your right about buying a new coil. 😕 the 003 ohms I bet is too low. Wonder where a guy could pick up one of them bad boys?
  12. Ha ha that's the newer one that came out of my T9 which had a TD mag. The one that came out of the 46 Adams was dated 7-44 but it has no continuity in the secondary winding. 😯
  13. Ok. Ok, ok I know another question about magnetos and coils. I have looked here, there and over there too but I can't seem to find the any specs on my IH H4 coil resistance. Anyone know what the acceptable ohms between the primary leads? And an acceptable ohms reading between a primary lead and the secondary lead? Well poo!!! my 1980 something ohm meter just took a long walk off a short pier. Off to town in a snow storm
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