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  1. Very nice. I am soooo glad we don't have any pulling down here or I would be neck deep into it. That's the nicest set of jackstands I ever saw!
  2. If anyone is looking for a CAT 2/3 I know where two of them are. 225-206-444 three.
  3. Here's the location of the mid mount remote mentioned above and the Hi Clear option.
  4. Get that one wire alternator your wanting. Run a large gauge wire to a quality marine terminal strip. Run another large gauge wire to your battery. Run power from the terminal strip to your volt gauge, starter switch, light switch etc. Simple, inexpensive and easy to troubleshoot.
  5. As someone else mentioned get a steam cleaner. Maybe rent one for the weekend, pull the tin on all of them and clean them good. It will then be easy to spot the leaks.
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