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  1. JohnHoffman

    Anyone else have a pellet grill?

    I’ve heard they are real touchy with wind...sometimes doesn’t have to be blowing much at all I guess. I’ve been really looking into them as I want one...either Traeger or Camp Chef, but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’d like to know how you like yours Pete and how much you’ve used it so far and if you have a blanket to use in the cold temps.
  2. JohnHoffman


    Very Nice Videos!! Thanks for posting them. Mr Legonut, what kind of drone are you using??? Does a nice job for sure.
  3. JohnHoffman

    These 68s are just getting to high

    It does have a little roar to it!!!
  4. JohnHoffman

    These 68s are just getting to high

    Since I always like to see pictures on here, I’ll put on a couple of my 1568, around 3,600 hours. I’ve owned it for coming on 17 years now. Only major things I’ve done to it was put a cab kit in and switched it to 134a A/C with rotary compressor. It still has the original cab material around all the gauges and I left that in there. I need to pull the injectors sometime and get them cleaned and checked. I’m like Red Tractor Fever and $20,000 won’t touch it!! It’s on the registry with Tom. I just got the 720 plow this fall, it was 5-18’s and I took a bottom off as I want to use it with my 856. So here it is with the V8 as 4-18’s. Just the right amount of frost to make a few rounds plowing, would have put some weights and the dual on the rear if I plowed longer. I have a couple videos plowing if I can figure how to put those on here sometime or send them to one of you guys that post videos often.
  5. JohnHoffman

    Pic test

    I want to test putting a pic on here too!
  6. JohnHoffman

    IH 1456 Field Cultivating: Yankee in Texas Sandbox

    Nice pics and videos Mr Long!! As always thank you for sharing!
  7. JohnHoffman

    660 hood part

    Wrangler, I got some parts for my 660 probably 6 or 8 years ago from Smiths Tractor Wrecking in Allan, Saskatchewan if I remember right. Good people and shipped the parts to the states for me. John
  8. JohnHoffman

    early 706 diesel on big iron

    Sure looks like someone put in a D301 out of a 715 combine with its electric shut off pump and spin on oil filter....if so that would be nice!
  9. JohnHoffman

    Plow identification...model 60 or 70???

    Good to hear drglinski!!
  10. JohnHoffman

    Plow identification...model 60 or 70???

    Hey Matt, thank you for the info! I'm looking at buying this plow, any thoughts of a fair price to pay for this?? It's got a new tail wheel, no cylinder, 1 thin molboard, not seized up anywhere. Northern Indiana for location.
  11. Hello All, By these pictures, can any of you tell if this is a model 60 or 70 plow?? Also what are the differences between a 60 and 70 that I can look for when I go look at it in person. Thank you!
  12. JohnHoffman

    D301 injector pre combustion chambers

    Thank you InjPumped!
  13. JohnHoffman

    D301 injector pre combustion chambers

    Hello All, Working on Reinstalling cleaned injectors back into D301. On installing the precombustion chambers, they are stamped up and when installing them with the "up" up at 12 o'clock position the hole isn't directly below at the 6 o'clock spot. Do they get installed this way or does the hole need to be directly at bottom in 6 o'clock spot, then that puts the word "up" at about 1 o'clock, which is still up I know. Please advise and thank you!
  14. JohnHoffman

    IH 1256 Delta

    Nice find like others have said. How's come previous owner parked it? Looks like it set for a little while. Sure sounds nice now that's it's running. Do you have an extra belly tank and quick hitch for this one to set it up like some of your others?? Really makes your others look ready to work! Enjoy the pics of the chevy working too!! 454 if I remember from other posts?
  15. JohnHoffman

    Beautiful twin turbo IHC 1468 in black rollin coal

    Hey Guys, Nice picture....those wide valve covers sure look like those of a 9.0 L not the ole DV550. The turbos probably ate the 550 long ago and the 9.0 took its place!