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  1. I've had pex pipe in my shop for years as air and water line only had problems with water line when freezing russ
  2. your answer is both they are indirect when running on gas and direct when running on diesel. The starting valve closes the precombustion chamber when switched to diesel russ
  3. my first one was a 1740 case then a 1845B great machine loved it then a divorce then a 1845C Junker all new hydraulics and a radiator $11500 invested sold for $12000 then a LX565 New Holland ISO controls still not used to it guess some habits die harder than others only problems are computer and alternator two each so far has about 1100 hrs on it so far dealer say's water in computer killed it both times its overhead in rops "don't like having a fair weather machine" keep it in storage container now instead of shed alternator is obsolete now so charge light stays on all the time. I've run bobc
  4. If my recollector is functioning with in parameters KOO had a v12 GMC at one time don't know if he still has it or not russ
  5. they were used to cut trees into log length without pinching the blade and worked amazingly well and were very popular amongst the loggers of the 50's thru the early 80's when the knuckle boom and slasher became more affordable I've got 5 of different size's all McCulloch's russ
  6. I've still got lots of the saws dad and granddad used years ago and one is eerily similar to the sign post one it's a model 99 McCulloch and has two straight blades of different length's 4' and 7' iirc along with a bow blade of about 4' dia. also 2- 180 Mac's and approx. 15 others of different vintage's up to the ProMac 700. But I've moved on to Husqvarna saws now as parts for the old Mac's are getting harder to find. russ
  7. dad thought there was nothing but a mac and we ran the 710 and 700's mostly but when mac went out we bought a stihl 031av and it was a good saw then we quit logging about 1980 or 82 only cutting fire wood and when the stihl needed work I was told its obsolete buy a new one so I went with a husky 268 like 70cc's and 24" bar add bout 5 years and all the mac's are dead I get a 455 rancher great saw light powerfull 20" bar with 14", 16", and 18" optional length's now 5 more years later I'm looking for a smaller saw like maybe an arborist saw top handle as my back doesn't like either of the saw's
  8. If I'm right there is either 4 or 6 bolts in the center that are removed after tractor is jacked up. Be SURE no weight is on spring before removing bolts or spring will roll and whack ya a good one along with throwing tool at your face! Spring is heavy slide to one side until out of track frame then let it down and slide to other side until out of track frame on last side then it's out of your way best place to put cribbing is just behind spring mount. Is tractor on concrete or out in the dirt because you don't want it to move at this point so put blocks against front and rear of at least one
  9. you need to jack the front of the tractor up and remove the equalizer spring that supports the front of the tractor after spring is removed it's easy to get pan off and back on just use a 5 ton or so jack and use cribbing to support tractor for safety! have fun russ
  10. yep the points are indeed under the cap. the new points that are available are of a far lesser quality than those of yesteryear therefore I would suggest sanding the old ones to clean them also check the contacts on the inside of the cap for corrosion as they are brass as well as the rotor button just a few scrapes with a pocket knife or screw driver usually dose the trick and did I mention we love pictures! welcome to the forum also! there is a wealth of information here that dose not exist else where for these machines and all ya got to do is ask a question somebody will be along with an ans
  11. I bought a sand blasting attachment at northern tool for my pressure washer makes the job a 2 man job as someone has to man the hose in the bag of sand but it works for cheep russ
  12. Congrats now your ready for the pressure washer some degreaser then some paint great job russ
  13. this is the best place to find help on these old girls even though they're not cheep dates you may want to start your own thread or post for your machine most of us will see it quicker that way and welcome to the forum russ
  14. I too am jealous of your lube bucket as it looks almost new mine is rusty and dented big time and doesn't work anymore. and welcome to the forum. I use a blast cabinet for the steel plates and a da sander on the fibers just enough to knock most of the rust off but most of the ones I've done are way worse than the one's in your pictures as for the gaskets for the axle flanges a little squirt of carb cleaner and high heat {red or copper} silicone used sparingly will seal her up pretty good. what part of the country are you in as that looks like an ag tractor not many around my neck of the woods
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