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  1. Dana Loesch

    X2 russ
  2. Is this not discrimination?

    AT&T already gives lots of $$$ to anti gun groups all ya got to do is google it russ
  3. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    mom and dad used to say "you better do this or that or your a$$ wont hold shucks so one day I asked mom why wouldn't I want my A$$ to hold shucks still didn't get an answer but I will never ask that question again also grand father used to say it wasn't how much money ya made or saved it was how much money somebody else could make for you russ
  4. Isn't it great.

    aint but three kinds of snake I don't like live ones, dead ones, and play ones well maybe the ones in the grass too russ
  5. TD9 91 loss of Hydraulics

    Thats the same thing i did to my TD6 when i rebuilt the engine 3 years ago wielded up crank pulley and both ends of drive shaft and machined them to fit russ
  6. McCulloch chain saws

    dad thought very highly of mcculloch chain saws hence I've got about 15 or so sitting around in various states mostly 7-10's or 700's but some really old ones too from the 50's all can be made to run again with some work! Long ago I switched to stihl and then to Husqvarna because of dealer support locally and stihl being so over priced and parts availability for my first stihl 31av. but over all were good saws of the day sadly parts are hard to come by like rocking horse excrement or unobtainium russ
  7. dead man switch 50 series

    not on a 50 series but on many other tractors and pieces of heavy equipment and I use the aftermarket ones meant for replacement of disconnects on yellow machines {Cat} as they give very little trouble and are small enough to hide. I always put them in the negative [ground] battery cable somewhere. russ
  8. Tony, a Californians opinion please....

    X2 well said russ
  9. TD6 starter

    been looking for years trying to find a modern replacement for my two hard to believe no one makes a starter that will interchange with the old delco stuff that has been obsolete since the 70's the parts I've been finding are of poorest quality if you can find them good luck in your endeavor for mine has been fruitless russ
  10. Cleaning work clothes

    if it's not too fer gone NU FINISH once a year car polish will bring it around good luck russ
  11. What USED to sell newspapers?

    history channel needs to change it's name to Oak Island Pawn Pickers or some such crappie like dat russ
  12. So what DID happen to him?

    my dad knew fisher personally and his carb actually worked and was bought by one of the big oil company's dad said he was afraid for his life and the money was too good so he sold out. but IMO its always been about the money and if ya'll could follow the money trail the truth would be known russ
  13. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    first bus I can remember was a IH probably around 1964 bluebird body rode till 70 and they replaced it with another IH both were gas 5spd started driving a bus January of 78 {turned 16 in December} a 1966 chevy 292 4spd without a governor "carb had been replaced" next year my senior year got a 1978 ford 700 391 5spd governed to 45 mph Thomas body brand-new drove 2 hrs. every morning and evening had a 36 gallon tank and usually took 33 gallons every day to fill it up cannot imagine a 16 year old of today with that much responsibility times have sure changed russ
  14. Case 1845C hydraulic issues

    Ron that's what the dust dump is supposed to do so the dust can be collected there and dumped as for the hydraulics yes there is a valve stuck in your block but cannot remember where or which port I should say that needs attention when I sold my last 1845c my books went with it. my best advice would be remove the entire block clean the outside then disassemble it clean it again inside and out looking for foreign material and trash if any metal is found it will get very expensive real quick good luck russ