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  1. russ

    2000 Chevy battery dying

    you can also use multi meter set to dc volts between negative battery terminal and negative cable after it's unhooked as previously described. the higher the volts the higher the draw. note approximately 4 volts is to be considered normal on '89 and newer vehicles up to about '14 haven't checked anything newer good luck russ
  2. had a Massey 8 for a while it was free to a good home so I thought what the H@#$% and it followed me home got it running but the cable to the hydro had been trashed finally converted it to rod linkage and sold it. it had a Tecumseh engine russ
  3. russ

    TD6 Oil pan

    If I'm right there is either 4 or 6 bolts in the center that are removed after tractor is jacked up. Be SURE no weight is on spring before removing bolts or spring will roll and whack ya a good one along with throwing tool at your face! Spring is heavy slide to one side until out of track frame then let it down and slide to other side until out of track frame on last side then it's out of your way best place to put cribbing is just behind spring mount. Is tractor on concrete or out in the dirt because you don't want it to move at this point so put blocks against front and rear of at least one track safety first! it will hurt you! have fun russ
  4. russ

    TD6 Oil pan

    you need to jack the front of the tractor up and remove the equalizer spring that supports the front of the tractor after spring is removed it's easy to get pan off and back on just use a 5 ton or so jack and use cribbing to support tractor for safety! have fun russ
  5. russ


    yep the points are indeed under the cap. the new points that are available are of a far lesser quality than those of yesteryear therefore I would suggest sanding the old ones to clean them also check the contacts on the inside of the cap for corrosion as they are brass as well as the rotor button just a few scrapes with a pocket knife or screw driver usually dose the trick and did I mention we love pictures! welcome to the forum also! there is a wealth of information here that dose not exist else where for these machines and all ya got to do is ask a question somebody will be along with an answer good luck russ
  6. russ

    TDC5 Hydraulic pump

    back in the day when we logged we never had an IH skidder but lots of other brands not to be mentioned here! but to make a long story short most hydraulic shops can match up a pump that will work fine for your application just take your pump off and take it to them either replace the cartridge in yours or replace the whole pump good luck russ
  7. russ

    Welding rod question

    being a millwright and machinist, electrician, mechanic, fixit man for 40 some odd years now I've had to wield myself out of grief many times while there are many specialty wielding rods out there I only keep a few different ones on hand; nickel99 , 6010 and 6011, 7018, 11018, 308 stainless for the tig, and super missile wield for dissimilar materials that I've got to machine afterwards like wielding a chrome shaft to cast steel then drill and tap it through the wield to repair a cylinder. only comes to mind because I just done it 2 hours ago and it will hold for a long time too russ
  8. russ

    Where will it end. LOL

    cannot wait until I can fly over a field in a saucer and plant a thousand acres in less than an hour lol russ
  9. russ

    Axle cracked

    wow! Disaster averted! let a customer talk me into wielding an axle on an 1655 Oliver once didn't make it back to their farm { about 1 mile} talk about something mean to move! A narrow front with no rear wheel wound up getting a wrecker to get it out of the 4 lane road and back to my shop but could not get it in the garage had to tear it down in lot to replace the axle took two trips with the wrecker russ
  10. russ

    Rocker arms not getting oil

    were this my tractor I'd let him replace the rocker arm assembly and head gasket and filter with oil on his dime and I would have him replace the rod and main bearings on my dime then call it good and be happy it was caught early enough that no more damage was done I'd also plan on changing the oil again in say 25 to 50 hours of use just to satisfy my own mind that all the crap is out of the engine all the while operating it like it is a rental! if it is going to fail do it sooner than later good luck russ
  11. russ

    I lost my hammer 😢

    when I started working away from my dad I bought a Blue Grass 12oz hammer used it for 20 years lost it on a wiring job thought I'll just buy another and they are out of business now who would have thought that the best hammers in the world would just disappear I've bought probably 40 new hammers since including Eastwing, Plumb, craftsman, Snap-On, Mack, Cat, and so on just cannot find that perfect hammer any where russ
  12. russ

    Grandpa Ross

    Sorry for you all's loss we're loosing our WWII vet's at an alarming rate Prayer's for both family's from Virginia russ
  13. russ

    Cutting Firewood today , cleaning off fields

    I use my skid steer with the rock root grapple bucket and pick logs up off the ground this makes it easier on the back and the saw chain then after their cut in small chunks scoop'em up in the grapple and dump'em in the ton dump bed and away we go then grab the stumps roll'em around and squeeze'm some and either drop them off in the woods or load them up to be dumped sommerselse and some I haul to a friend so he can make pretties out of them like cherry or walnut not much goes to waste that way russ
  14. russ

    What are these medical tools ❓

    definitely abdominal surgery tools got a set similar to these. very old and were very expensive when new a set like this is worth approx. $200 at any estate sale in Virginia but somebody that collects them has to be there to bid on them. I guess I'm a little weird bout that stuff as I buy every set I come across this set looks to be about 1880's to 1890's vintage and if they are not rusty and complete will bring a good price russ
  15. russ

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    cut my teeth on Coe Mack's F model's then curseliners then bought a new superliner in fall of 85,"86 model" 525 hp V8 with 6 speed trans. was lazy man's truck shuck her back in high and let her growl 78 MPH wot but would do it up and down hill jump on rt 40 and not have to change gears till I got to hill into flagstaff AZ and then just to cool her down water and exhaust temps would go way up was one h#$%^ of a truck twin turbo twin intercoolers wish I still had it russ