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  1. mom and dad had an 80s old 88 like that one in the last pic... 307 made out of the big block engine series, i'm told. good engine, good car. i drove it a few thousand miles while they owned it. zero issues with the car for a dozen years.
  2. that's what i run... and i put seafoam in the prescribed dosage in the 5gal tank that the non ethanol gas and synth stil 2-stroke oil go in... has worked for me.
  3. I've got two farm boss sthil's, a ms290 and ms250 i bought new, and a 029 super that was dad's. The 029 super's had a better carb with the high and low adjust screws still exposed, and it'll come off idle a lot faster than the 290 will... both have the same high rpm performance, though. The 029's got a ton of hours on it and probably needs a carb kit (bad now to want to flood a bit at idle after ran a while and warmed up -- and all the gas that goes thru it and the others has synthetic sthil oil and some seafoam in it). There's an old blue XL12 Homelite here also that Dad let me borrow when I was too cheap to buy a saw. Coil wire will knock you in the dirt. He was teaching a tightwad to spend money. LOL. He had a string of those XL12 that he wore out, and killed one of them and a smaller homelight I gave him from tree impact. Pop wasn't a very safe person to be around till the tree was on the ground. I think there's still a small very old Poulon that hasn't been fired up in 15yrs now (I gave Dad the 250 that he started using for cutting up tops instead). I have the blower, tree saw, trimmer, and hedger from Sthil also, as there's a good dealer and mechanic at the coop. The only negative's been with the tree saw. Cousin and a bud both got the same saws as mine and none of them cranked cold reliably. Each of us took them back a few times, mechanic shrugged, went in the back, fired it up, brought it out, saying some of these can flood easily. Engine looks the same as my trimmer engine, which has zero issues cranking. I asked the cousin and buddy what they finally did to fix theirs... "sold the Sthil tree saws, kept everything else, and bought Shindaiwa on the tree saw." The buddy has an old Husky 77 that I found a coil for on the arborist forum. Great forum there.
  4. Yep, I agree. My case was a wrecked crawlspace that had to have the 50yr old ductwork (that vented out the top from rust, and contributed to some floor damage, along with rainfall getting under the house -- was Dad's house, that I grew up in). Cost a fortune to hire a good builder friend and crew to redo this house while I lived out of a room of it. It's 90% done and stalled out. No furniture, aside from a bedroom and a office, for a long time now. So, I could have gone window units until the flooring and crawl space was fixed (which it has been now), but I thought these ductless units would be better than window units. They kind of have been better than window units, quieter and extremely efficient (I've saved at least $1500 a year on heat and cooling costs over the 25yr old conventional unit -- though a new conventional unit would be that efficient and quiet also), but I'm not sold on the brand. These all have gravity drains and no pumps, so that's not an issue. The two condenser coils going out inside of 3-4yrs doesn't speak well. If I went ductless again, like was said, Mitsubishi has a local extremely high reputation for just performing solidly well. Another issue is that they build up dust on the fans and that needs cleaning. If I were starting from scratch now, I'd want a conventional outside unit. This ranch house built in '64 has way too short a crawl space and way too short a roof. Either path is a problem for routing ducts. But, I'll probably go overhead when these ductless units wrap up their life. We took out a load bearing wall and did the inverted truss overhead, and that takes up a lot of room over the living/dining/kitchen open room. Alabama weather trend allows for a heat pump to be ok 70% of the winter, but a backup of LP or wood or electric heat for the coldest times is still needed. Friend of mine built a house in the 80s for the first marriage location. I always admired his approach on the HVAC. Gambrel roof, window unit in a port in the wall up high in the utility area, just off the kitchen dining area, ceiling fans in every room, and a return vent with filter and a fan on the other side, up above the window unit, at the top of the stairwell's landing area, with a thermostat deciding on when to pull heat or cool from the AC or the baseboard heaters downstairs. Noise of the HVAC was mostly unnoticeable by time you got into the living area.
  5. Pork chop (thick and grilled), black eyed peas, corn, baked potato, tea, Sam Adams beer (and lots of antacid later). Been a Hammond house tradition for years. I get a cold dead stare from the dog (she's on a diet), but I'm getting used to it and she's getting healthier (for a 13yr old dog).
  6. I went ductless HVAC on the house here during a remodel. I have mixed feelings about them. They work well enough. Fujitsu brand is what I went with and they've had issues with the inside exchange coils leaking. I wouldn't go that brand again. But the heat pump and AC both work well. I have a multi-zone four inside units to one outside unit, and another single zone one to one. If doing over, I'd not do multizone. One inside unit can take down most of the house. I'd do a couple of single zones. Like most will say, nothing lasts 20yrs anymore. 10yrs on any electronics based system is a rational expectation. For heat, other than the wood stove here, I'd go gas heaters if i had it to redo... to get away from electronics. Friend of mine with a big old house has used window units (old window units) since he bought the old house 15yrs ago. Said of it, you take them out once a year and wash them out thoroughly. if they die, less than 1k will get a replacement that you and a buddy can put in. Guess there's some real logic to all that. Of course, he's like me and lives alone, but for a dog to be judged by. No other fam, less to please.
  7. Mike, those are some beautiful pics. That's a stunner of a bull in the corral. What's the breed on the dogs? I've got an elderly English Shep and am thinking Aussie Cattle Dog next time around. I'm a one dog guy (small operation).
  8. The meanest bulls, aside from weight and size, that I've ever been around were Jerseys... considering how tame a Jersey cow or heifer or steer are, it's shocking how mean the bulls are. Friend of Dad's (they're both passed on now) was sicker than hades with cancer and needed rid of some cows. The Jersey bull chased us around the loading area over and over, while a big Aussie Cattle Dog watched calmly (owner was in the house sick). I finally said, "get him" to the dog... dude, that dog punished that bull for several minutes until I whistled and the dog came back and sat and calmly watched again. Owner came out and I said, "last d@mn animal I'd get off my place is that dog." He grinned a weak grin.
  9. Yep, a class act... knew the occupation was entertainment and excelled in it... RIP...
  10. My beater Cherokee has the theft protection of cowpoo and mud coating at all times... baby Dolly has shotgun.
  11. I think that I asked and found this dealer on the forum here, back when I bought a neighbor's widow's MX125 and wanted new hammers. Real good seeming folks and they sounded like they had parts for every mixer brand and model, if the parts could be had. My impression from talking with them is that they'd give good advice on sustaining a brand and model long term. http://www.woodlakellc.com/ There were real helpful on the phone and knew that mixer and my old NH355 real well. I told the fellow on the phone that I ran the NH355 with any tractor here, including the 544 or even the M Farmall. He said, "you won't run that Gehl with anything like that... you'll need near 100HP to run the Gehl." And he was right. Twice the hammers at 66 means that anything you put in grinds in a moment, versus being able to work between the hammers and grind over a few seconds with the NH355. I tried running some sage grass hay thru the Gehl and one 3-4" block (flake) of that took my 1066 to idle. Too slick. But, it was crap hay on value anyway. That's the only negative, and it's only a negative if you don't have a tractor in mind with 90+ HP to run it (and you have to have a type of hay that grinds easily). I have a Massey 4253 that runs it well enough at 85hp at the PTO, but it likes the 1066 better. So far as running shell corn into it from a gravity wagon and the pickup auger, man, it's crazy fast.
  12. That's a humbler and a tear maker. Thanks for both.
  13. A local AM country radio station used to play reruns of an old radio show, Lum and Abner, when I was a kid. My dad got my brother and I lined up to listen to these shows every day. It was a very odd thing to be as connected as we were, my brother born in '58, me in '65, and Dad in '30, with so many puns and references to this show and so many episodes. Every year on Christmas, early of the morning, this show was on a AM radio in our house, playing one of the repeats of the same Christmas show... every Christmas, this was on, till I was grown. The manner of speaking is very similar to the older folks of my childhood. I probably speak closer to this way than I realize. Anyway, here it is...
  14. back some 6-8yrs ago, i suspected some calves weren't dying ahead of the momma cow fighting those things as i came up at daylight... eyes out first and middle of the hind end second... neighbor was having problems a year ago and went to eliminating and disposing of them (quietly, of course, as they are on a different list than a varmint)...
  15. thanks, E160BHM and catman13. that looks like a good solution. if they put them on Cat equipment, they'll probably stand what i'd be using them for.
  16. My brother, who lives in a village near Weisbaden, Germany, bought one of those cars new when they came out. He was really exciting about the fuel savings, cheapness of one new, and parking and novelty of it. His German son said, "that... is not... a car." Two years later, the fragile nature of it at high speed, the lack of traction in snow, the tinyness of it for an old guy that's not small enough for the car, all made him very glad to be shed of it.
  17. And his JX is way newer than the old 1066, the 544 Farmall, and the very sketchy M Farmall harness (batt removed from it).
  18. Appreciate the suggestions, guys. Sorry for the delayed response. Got half way home from work yesterday and had a stomach virus hit. Wasn't the worst one I've had, but was still dozens of visits to the bathroom in 6hrs and a ton of stomach pain till this morning. Going around nearby, they say. I've got three old wiring harnesses on the oldest tractors that keep nagging me on the building cost of where they sit. Cousin had his JX75 with some rats' chewing go to smoking under the hood, just as he walked into that shed. Very lucky to catch it.
  19. Anyone have a good experience with a particular battery disconnect switch that'll handle a couple of pretty high cold cranking amp 12v batteries in parallel?
  20. sure is straight sheet metal for all the use it'd bound to have had. the devil on one shoulder wants everything that's advertised, and the angel on the other shoulder points at all the stuff sitting around unused...
  21. yep, i have a '14 model 3500 dodge that's been very reliable and nice to operate, but that scares me a great deal too. guy at the dealership years ago said, "there's 30 computers in that truck talking on a CANBUS to one another." started to think on selling it when it's 38kmi value recently hit what i paid for it (market is insane), and look to a old daycab to replace it's farm use. then it did the DEF message and i got it worked on and i guess i will try to make the long haul with it. at my age, if it'd go 20yrs, that'd cover my working life on the farm, mostly. but, if i had it to do over, i'd have gone older and bigger for what i use it for. also had to cure the death wobble with two bilstein stabilizers pulling each direction. did cure it, and was a 30min install. cheaper than trying replacing the 7yr old tires.
  22. Man, take off a day and everybody's posting pictures of my girl. ha. My dad bought this in '69 when I was 4yr old. That pic's from this year. Does a lot of raking, some post driving (the Shaver driver was put on it in about '73, I think -- I usually take it off if it's a long time between fencing, and it needs took off now). Pop nearly traded the 544 in when he got a cab tractor of another color, and I told him let me buy it from him. No, if I wanted it, he'd keep it here. After he passed on, some really skilled fellows that had worked at a dealership for many decades near here some years ago went through the fuel system and really got it running great. It'll be here at the estate sale when I go. I told a young man at a equipment yard (that his dad owns) the same thing about Dad's old 12Valve Dodge , "It'll be at the estate sale when I go." He said, "I'll be there." Funny.
  23. I thought it would get up pretty high. It's a chance to buy a new '86 ton truck. You wonder where it'll go to. To use or to car shows or somebody's RV camper puller, probably.
  24. What do you do when the banjo player falls in the water? Throw the accordion player in after him. I have to say, I'm a closet fan of both banjo and accordion (and the Far Side)... which may have something to do with my being an old bachelor living with an elderly cattle dog. "Dolly, Lawrence Welk's about to come on!" <dog's head shaking>...
  25. I'm sure it's a crazy question, but are all small engine powered log splitters open center on the valve, versus closed center? Would that make a difference, is the question? All my tractors are open center (regardless of paint color -- where none are green). My small engine log splitter is at the cousin's house, waiting for my retirement to get my use of it too, in the group that use it (since Dad passed). And the small engine is still running. I'd imagined the end of the small engine life would go this path, so I have more than mild interest.
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