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  1. Yep, that's a nice set up. I like how you used the stock hitch as where to mount the idlers. I see how you have the idler adjustment to set the belt tension, and the extension down for the rear mounts. Like you said, the three point upper arm would never work with the pto pulley. A person needs to dedicate a tractor to the mower, or be willing to change a lot out from season to season out of a year. Appreciate the pics... saving them to go by.
  2. Ah... that makes sense now... that's a good approach. Thanks!
  3. I figured something would interfere with my idea of keeping the three point and woods mower at the same time... I think you're right on the diameter... hate to think I need another tractor... ha... The square tube in front of the rear axle?
  4. No hurry... it'll be fall or winter before I'm not covered up and have time to mount the mower... my hitch is a Saginaw (or copy) that I got used from a old retired puller guy off Craig's... looks like the one this fellow shows on his M: http://www.rocketroberts.com/farmall/mgal-8.htm I want to add a live hydraulic pump, but don't have it now... just the belly pump... gathering parts, and picked up a complete behlen power steering kit last year... so I think I'll get the mower going before live hydraulics by a year or more... belly pump instead...
  5. I'd like to see the pics... I wondered why there was no spring and swinging pulley on the mule drive I got with the mower, and in all the different models diagrams I looked at over on germanbliss dot com. Must work well that way. I kept eying the Saginaw 3point I haven't put on the M yet, thinking I could mount the idlers in or below the bottom angle iron of it (reinforcing it if necessary). I saw where there were some tractors that did he lift with the three point, with a chain on the top of the lifting members that lift the arms... the chains went over idlers up at the frame and down to t
  6. Just was a good pic to post... the 10 at dusk...and buddy Dolly...
  7. I bet H is a great match for the woods... if the M wasn't already there, and I were getting a tractor for the deck, I'd be looking for an H. The deck sure looks well built. Don't know the history on mine, but it don't appear to have been excessively run. I'd been looking at the H mounts from googled images to the end of fabbing mounts based on that approach. I bet the 560 with woods is a sweet running setup. I keep eying my 544, but it gets a lot of use with a too-big-for-it 7ft bushhog to cut around the hay fields. Seems like getting the woods mounted and running on something would make you
  8. I figured out that the 274 is what my woods was pulled from. I never saw one of those. What a nice little diesel version of an Super A. One's on tractorhouse now (two actually). Here's one of them: https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/32277513/1985-international-274 ... if the ones I'm seeing weren't so expensive, I'd love to buy one of those for my mower. Ha. The only M running a Woods I've seen is on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1QGwhcWSUM ... guess nobody used M's for that due to the gas consumption. Woods says don't load up with mor
  9. Got a real nice clean L306 off Craigslist that the fellow pulled off a 275 or 284 caseih years ago and stored inside. I want to put under my 52 M. Looks like I need the rear mount and mule drive from a M or H mount kit, right? My mule drive that he had is the small compact tractor unit. I have a Saginaw 3-point hitch I'd intended to put on the M and leave in too... that may push me to a custom path, or just not able to do both. Any thoughts?
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