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  1. 60F is where me and the dog (Dolly) want the house year round. We compromise in summer, fall, and spring to 70F with the AC running. But, come glorious winter, 60F comes back to visit. We also both need a box fan running to sleep. Spoilt is what we are.
  2. i was at the deere dealership (i bought one of their balers 3.5yrs ago -- .5yrs pmts left)... guy on the speaker phone with a counter-lady was telling that the new deere tractor he was trying to bale with had a engine light on... she was asking the senior counter fellow about it, and he said go ahead and bale and then they'll either come out or he can bring it in... guy on the phone said, i just paid ___ (some high amt) for this tractor and you're telling me that if i keep using it with that light on, i'm not going to damage something that warranty won't cover. senior counter guy said if light x is on, that's right, but if light y comes on, shut it down. i work in electronics with the job, but i hate that tractors ever got more than a wiring harness, lights, a starter, and alternator in them. well... i do like AC... there is that. 86 series is where i should have gone, prior to inflation.
  3. I’ve always said, I ain’t ever liked sharp corners on a rear… but I am an old bachelor living with a dog (that is a dog). I don’t think I’ve tested the acceptance of my point of view.
  4. not to derail the thread... i went to tractor house to see the low hour 1086. it is a nice one. wish i were rich.
  5. stunning 806 on tractorhouse with a '86 cab converstion that just looks like the factory built it ... all the levers are in the right places in the cab... MW turbo also... somebody did a sweet job. AC works too. that'd be a sweet tractor to operate.
  6. to your point, i have a 1066 w/o AC that i like, but i use a different colored cab tractor for most of my yearly work. north Alabama will beat up a guy with heat and humidity. i'd been watching cab older tractors the last 4yrs of making my newer round baler payments, thinking i could stand 2-4yrs of payments on another cab tractor prior to hitting the retirement from the job point. with inflation, i think i'm screwed on getting another tractor.
  7. They say Firestone… 5 lug up front and 10 lug in the back. Sounds like, from others’ comments, they are different than Dayton or what is really a split rim, but are multi piece. That wheels site I posted earlier came back with $350 a wheel. I bet used wheels will be the path… it’s what I’d hunt for.
  8. That’s what these are. Wheels have Firestone 20x6.5 wrote on them. My bud corrected me and said it’s 5500 GMC, which I think is the GMC version of a c50.
  9. We did the log chains approach on Pop’s 61 chevy Viking. Everyone around here was zero on caution till a tire guy near here got killed by the rim coming apart. The chains was the goto path from then on locally. That seems safe, but it’s not as handy as dropping a wheel off and picking it up later.
  10. yeah, i didn't think of wrecks... i'll scout around this north alabama, south tennessee area for a truck salvage yard. issue down this way is we never did a good job keeping up old grain trucks and shedding them deep enough in a shed for preservation. lot of the 70s and earlier ones down here have already scrapped out some time ago. my bud's done the good shedding and upkeep with his c50, but we didn't do it with the '61 chevy we had. it went to logging in the 90s. thanks!
  11. looking at lunch at work here, i just found these guys: https://www.wheelsnowinc.com/copy-of-wheel-tire-packages and they have a measurement guide... bet this is at least a path, if not a good one...
  12. My bud down the road that I do some hay with is starting shelling corn with the combine. His C50 2 ton ('69-70 model, I think) has old tires and one's needing fixed. He found a guy, but it's hard to find someone that'll touch those split rims now. Truck's in great shape, so he's trying to find where to get the one piece rims that you see folks going to on trucks. Anyone got a place in mind that you can order those from? Thanks, btw.
  13. Old dogs are the best dogs.
  14. Wow. I’ve never seen nor heard of such. That’d cover some ground in record time.
  15. I’d like to have that with a steel box around the top and a case of old Milwaukee for when they come to get me for the nursing home. I’d want the muffler off that screaming detroit for more effect.
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