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  1. I have had really good luck with Pertronix units. I have them on my Ford Jubilee and 651 Workmaster. Also have one on my 1974 MGB. I burnt one out on the Jubilee that was my own fault. Engine died from lack of gas and I forgot to turn off the switch.
  2. If it fits the distributor, I can't see rotation being a problem. I by-passed the flipper switch long time ago. I just turn off the key as soon as I switch to diesel.
  3. Has anyone tried electronic ignition oh a distributor TD6? I live in Florida and with the high humidity (and I don't run it often enough) it seems I have to clean the points every time I start it. Found a conversion kit on Amazon that I am thinking about trying. Cheaper than Pertronix and fits the 383898R1 distributor.
  4. Minimum wage should be ,,,,,,,,,,,,there should be no minimum wage. The market should set the wage.
  5. Cat D6B and an IH TD6
  6. When I was Public Works Director for a small city, I had five bosses. Mayor and four Councilmen. The Mayor told me once that if I didn't have at least one of them pissed off at me, then I wasn't doing my job. My reply: " I must be doing one **** of a job cause I have all of you pissed at me right now! "
  7. A friend of mine brought his 1978 Chevy pick-up to me saying it was running a little rough. I pulled the cap on the HEI ignition. T carbon button was gone. The spring was gone. The rubber washer was gone. There was a large hole burnt in the cap below the coil contact. It was firing straight from the coil to the rotor. Still was running fairly well. Worst cap I had ever seen.
  8. That's exactly what you could say. And it would be true-haha. And with my best friend. He really was my best friend. He got her out of my house!
  9. Mine failed 'cause she wanted to screw other men. I told her not to let the screen door hit you on the way out!
  10. Haha. Yup, the middle of July. I was visiting my Daughter and her ARMY husband in Fairbanks in 2014. My son-in-law's office at Ft. Wainwright. He is retired now.
  11. I was there. Right there. And they didn't even offer me a job! My Grandaughter and I.
  12. I'm a beer guy, but the same prcess works for both. This was my first beer brewing setup. Water jugs from Walmart. Hoses go to a glass of water to keep air out and let the Co2 off gass. I've gone a long ways since then. Same setup will work for wine. You can just google wine recipe's. There are tons on line. If it's got sugar in it, it will ferment. Use wine yeast. Bread yeast will work, but not so well. It will die off before the wine is really done. Youtube is your friend. You can learn all you need to know.
  13. I bought a starter that appears to have the correct layout on the nose. It has an electric solenoid instead of the mechanical setup mine has. I can deal with that though. When I get it and if I can make it work, I will pass on all the information on it.
  14. I'm not sure. The description isn't really clear as to what fits. It says TD-6 but it doesn't list what years. I think they are not all the same. Not of the replacement numbers they give matches any numbers I am familiar with. I would hate to order it and have to return it on my dime.
  15. And what is the name brand and long used model? #1108940 is no longer available and I have had no luck searching for a cross reference number. Al the old started and generator shops around me have disappeared.
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