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  1. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    I had one on a c for a while. It seamed the worst trouble I had is the lift wouldn't go very high. I has a grader blade on mine and you had to shorten the 3rd or top link as short as you could get it to pick it up off the ground. I ended up taking mine off just didn't seam worth it. If it was me and I had a supper c I'd look around for 2pt for it
  2. 1066 ta or clutch?

    Well this one is just north of Russellville ky lol , it closer to tn than Etown. Cornerpost I though of some think like that at frist to but I'm just can't convince my self of it lol. A t/a is Greek to me though I know the basic idea of them working threw planetary gears. but far from any real working knowledge of them.
  3. 1066 ta or clutch?

    That what got me confused I can't figure why would of quit pulling and then after sitting act like the clutch is stuck or something
  4. 1066 ta or clutch?

    Buddy of mine at work is looking at a 1066 to buy. He was told that about 18 months ago they was mowing with a 15ft batwing bush hog and it just quit pulling. He said when he went to check it out it started and when he would try to get in gear it would grind and the rear wheels would act like the wanted to move. The guy that owns it said the ta is bad, but my buddy thinks it a clutch. I'm not afraid to admit I don't know but I though I would run it up the flag pole hear and see what happens. Thanks
  5. 8430 baler parts needed

    Found one for 449 at Shoup. Never hurd of this place B4 the great guys a stanford and son in bowing green ky really help me out.
  6. 8430 baler parts needed

    Iv got a a 8430 case ih baler that needs a electric tie motor. The local dealer said that they can't get the hole actuator anymore and the motor it's self is almost 400. Dose anyone know if there are aftermarket available? Iv call several places but the all just say dealer part only. Iv hurd that they are a hesston baler would it be easier to try to get parts for a hesston, if so what model is the same? Thanks
  7. 504 qustions

    So it wouldn't have the lugging power that I'm use to with the H I guess.
  8. 504 qustions

    There a 504 came up for sale locally, just wondering the good, bad and the ugly about them? It a row crop gas. Not many around here so I don't know anything about them.
  9. Cub mower qustion

    Iv got a 306 on a b allis I'm mowing with, I just thought I could use it with the cub if it would work but sounds like it won't. Thanks anyway
  10. Cub mower qustion

    I looked at the mower last night it rotates counter clockwise. Dose anyone have a 42 woods on a cub to see which way it turns?
  11. Cub mower qustion

    The mower is a 42 woods sorry about leaving that out. I know it wouldn't be idea for mowing but this thing is just siting around I thought better get some use out of it.
  12. Cub mower qustion

    Iv got a mower that came off a b allis chalmers. Would it work on my cub if I could find brakets for it? Thanks
  13. 303 combine?

    Is a 303 a 6cly machine? I'm tacking a guy with me that knows a little about combines so maybe we can figure it out. For what iv been told it was used to shell a little corn for hog feed every year up to about 4 or 5 years ago.
  14. 303 combine?

    I'm going to look at a 303 combine, iv not had a combine before what is there to look for as far as wear parts and all? It suppose to have been in the dry last several years just used it to shell ear corn with the way I hurd it. Thanks in advance
  15. Where were you.....? (Historic dates)

    I was a senior in high school when 9/11 hit. I was in second period math when a girl ran down the hall and stuck her head in a said to turn on the news we are under attack. I remember not long after when something was being talked about opening up the draft back up and all of us guys was talking about whether we should sign up before we was drafted, we was all kinda in a but kicking frame of mind at the time. Few of my buddy's did sign up and two went over, one didn't see any action but the other ran over a IED and blew up the truck he was in but lucky didn't get hurt bad. he is know back home and doing fine. The other guy is still in service last time I hurd from him he is based in Virginia I think.