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  1. Hi , would anyone know the correct colour white for a 57 cub grille ? thanks
  2. Does anyone have a spare copy of the Red Power Magazine Nov/Dec 2003 ? Paul
  3. Hi Geoff , Ive got 2 new repro radiator side panels and an original manifold....in Sydney...
  4. Yes , I've been watching those and hoping for a price drop i missed a good set a couple of weeks ago for $120
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a set of "cub" emblems for the doglegs Paul
  6. Hi , does anyone know where I might buy an original IH Rear Combo Light with the small light on top ?
  7. I Haven't seen one on there for a while.
  8. Has anyone got an original farmall cub colour ad they'd like to sell , or know where I could buy 1 ? Paul
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