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  1. Nice looking machine although I don't see much use for the hand crank to be honest, I wish I could help on the grader parts but after trying to locate parts for a champion a couple months ago the best advice I can give is good luck!
  2. Both of you are correct they ran out the parts they had after 87 most were known as R/V chassis as opposed to the C/K trucks same basic thing though ran them to 92 iirc. I cannot say for sure I wasn't in a dealership at that time but I know you could still get the carryover body style of the 98 C/K truck through 2002 in 3/4 or 1 ton only with a 350 or 454, all half ton Silverado after late 98 were LS powered new body style..
  3. 87 was first year fuel inj, 86 was hyd clutch, z-bar bracket bolts to d/s top of frame under column frame should already be drilled for 3/8 bolts.. I've done the swap he's doing been awhile 73-80 are same and 81-87 are slightly modified the front bumper mounts are different, 81-87 uses all same cab mounts where older ones are taller only on rear of cab iirc. There were several small changes to trim, electric etc. the only major change made to the body in that run was the round fuel door went square and the wipers went from under the hood to their own panel along with different fenders
  4. Habit of mine if I see disc brakes I gotta question it?? Not all super m have live hydraulics (SMTAs do) I have a 53 SM that has a belly pump and the battery under the seat, are u building a workhorse or a show tractor?
  5. Is it a super m? If it is should have a c264 cast into the block near the oil filter canister, either that or its one of the handful of straight Ms that got disc brakes the serial # should tell u what it is. Nice looking rig
  6. Nice find handy little tractors, ive got a sc dad has a 200. I know of a farmall 404 may be for sale
  7. Thanks guys, I gotta admit the serial # pushed that one a little. Right now the plans are free it up go through the engine and leave it in its work clothes.
  8. Welcome, I have one just like it I don't know if it's right but a previous owner told me Clyde was about 28k +or- that's with a 12' blade (too dang much) and 20" pads and canopy.
  9. Heck of a deal you got on a cool setup can't go wrong with a belly mower on an A, I have logged several hours on an A mowing the yard, fence rows, and the depleted fall pasture at dads.. After of course he got tired of raising tobacco and pulled the cultivators off, awesome documentation by the way that's where I usually drop the ball.
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