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    Antique farmall tractors and equipment. Current tractor collection consists of 1941 H, 1950 H, 1953 Super H, 1951 M, 1952 M, 1941 MD, 1947 MD, 1951 MD, 1953 Super MD, 1954 Super MTA Gas and 1954 Super MTA DIESEL. IH equipment includes, #8 Little Genius 2-14,
    4-14 plows. #39 rollover plow, H86 and H186 2 way and H190 1 way mounted plows, HM17, HM221, HM238, HM250, M448 Cultivators. HM110 and HM221 mounted drill planters, HM280 mounted runner planter, and rear mounted planters and mowers. Always looking for more early ih diesels and mounted implements for H/M series tractors.

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  1. When they rebuilt it, they just thru a set of .020 rod and main bearings to it, never checked the crank or linebore (both needed attention) used wrong rear main seal for the style crank used and finally honed the parent bores instead of pressing sleeves in. End result was the crank was ruined so we replaced that, linebored the engine and had to slightly overbore the parents and get custom .010 over sleeves made. Alot of extra machining cost to fix shoddy work and cutting corners. NOS rods, oil pump, pistons,rings, valves, bearings and other misc parts were used. Sleeves were custom made ducti
  2. I like knowing my stuff is done right and not cutting corners. This engine cost 9k to overhaul and properly because fix because some corners and half a**ed it.
  3. Pump job and injectors will run approximately 2k, till you buy all the parts to completely and correctly overhaul the engine you will have over 4k invested not to mention machining costs. The head should me magnafluxed for cracks as they are very prone to cracks. The super MD (D264) engine kit will NOT fit in a TD6 (D248) block without boring. Justin may have a 4 inch overbore kit for a D248. At the end of the day you will have 6-8k inba engine and the tractor is only worth 3500-4k. I rebuilt a D264 in my super mta diesel in fall 2018 and had 9k in the engine alone, I am getting ready to start
  4. It was one of the only good pics I could find of a actual U4 tank, I bought one that was supposedly for a u4 but it's to small. I'm guessing it's for a U2 unit. Yours looks really nice.
  5. in need of a fuel tank for a U4 power unit to complete a project for our local club
  6. Gerald Carr at Carr's Tractor Repair in International Falls as the engine parts. Better hold you socks and get some lube ready. If your going to properly overhaul the engine expect to have a easy 5-6k tied up in it.
  7. So your not worried about the crank not having a oil groove?
  8. There are no rubber rear main seals available thru any suppliers. I have been looking for over 10 years now, Bates and a few others had talked about getting them produced but noone has followed thru yet. Gerald Carr tractor repair supposedly has them for the 9 series engine and people claim they can be cut down and used in the 6 series engine. FURTHERMORE a crank for a rubber seal is smooth the crank for felt has a oil groove the crank/seal combo needs to be the correct match or very unlikely it will not leak ALSO the retainer plates that hold the seal are different between the 2 styles of se
  9. On your u4 can you get pic and dimensions of the bracket that holds kill switch by the throttle thanks jim
  10. Not being thru a shop with records 800, with recods from shop 1200
  11. What is the width between brackets and length of brackets where they attach to bell housing?
  12. The h and the m both had 3 different pto shafts used during production. 39/early 40 was flat round housing with 1-1/8 dia shaft. Mid40 thru 42/43 was flat Pentagon shaped housing with 1-1/8 dia shaft, lastly was the larger protruding housing with 1-5/16 dia SAE shaft commonly seen on most h/m and super series tractors. My 41 MD has the original 1-1/8 dia shaft still in it...
  13. I'm trying to find a fuel tank for a U4 power unit, are they the same tank as the smaller units? Does anyone have any detailed pics of how they mount on the unit or distinguishing features between a u4 tank and other tanks. Thanks.
  14. Coulters were removed at some point over the years, i have plows that had coulters for 75 years and they dont have any wear marks in the beams.
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