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  1. Yes, I'm going to do them like the original brochure I posted pictures of
  2. I hear what your saying and I will admit i use to do the same thing but I changed my thinking a few years back and now I concentrate on getting a project done and I don't let that bother me anymore. Sure it seems wrong to pay lets say $500 for a part but if that's all you need it's smarter to pay it then involve all your efforts and time to buy what you don't need and think you'll some how sell off other parts to make up for the salvage tractor price. I make a commitment to a project to get it done and I get it done now. remember this hobby is all a waste of money and resources that's wh
  3. @mmi I have already run the unit and I have a 6volt battery i use for that as afr as the emblem goes, I purchased it on Ebay and it was is rough shape but was not ripped or cut so I didn't take much but as you saw in my older posts Jeff charged about 100.00 for repair and paint. the emblems for this U4 are hard to get. They are the same as an I-4 industrial tractor and those are hard to find. Jeff also made me an emblem for my 1954 T-6 crawler and that was $225.00
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