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  1. Two hours?? You’re a very patient man! If I worked on that thing for two hours I’d be eating Burgers!! ??
  2. I don’t blame you… none of my tractors are going anywhere either! I was the same way… No comment on what I am now! ?
  3. The quick hitch looks good on the 1586! ? I would love to have your 1586 if you were to sell it! ? It would fit in nicely with my lineup of 86 series tractors! You don’t look too happy in your picture with your trophy… I think the girls look happy for you! ?
  4. Those ones were brought out about a year or two after the ones like B.B. and I have. I think the main reason they changed them was because the original adjustable ones would twist too much, I noticed that mine will move a lot because it originally came with four pins instead of bolts, I often think that I should change my pins to bolts because the holes are starting to wear oval shaped. I often wonder if someone else makes the quick hitches. When I ordered my MX 220 in the fall of 99 I ordered it with the adjustable quick hitch, because most of my equipment was set up with category two or category three narrow. A couple of years ago I bought a quick hitch that came off a 7140 magnum, it’s a category three wide that I would like to make it either adjustable or narrow it down to a category two width.It’s painted black with a case IH sticker on it, it looks exactly the same as the one pictured in an early 86 series brochure.
  5. Well I’m jealous!!! ? I have one just like it that came on my MX220.... I ordered it with that quick hitch, it’s really easy to adjust from category three narrow to wide. Some guys have all the luck! ??
  6. I have been around Silos and Silo unloaders all my life, The first two we had were built before I was born, they were 16 x 40’s with Beatty unloaders, they were a double auger with a small blower and a drive wheel at a 90° angle filled with sand, they were better than forking it by hand but that’s about it! LOL In ‘79 we put up a 20 x 60 silo with the Patz 98B surface drive unloader, that unloader I spend most of its life in Haylage until about 10 years ago when we put up another silo for haylage. I couldn’t tell you how many chains, sprockets,blowers and other parts we have put in that machine, but basically I’ve changed or repaired every piece of that machine! When first setting up the machine at the top of the silo you basically had to babysit it for a day or two until the silage got hard enough so the unloader would run on its own. In ‘96 we tore down the 2 16 x 40s and put up a 20 x 60 with a Patz RD820 ring drive unloader, I much prefer a ring drive over a surface drive, but the model RD 820 has to be one of the worst when it comes to changing the blower, you almost have to tear the whole thing apart to be able to change it! I remember quite a few years ago Patz was promoting these polar claw chains, they were white and supposed to be a much heavier chain made for the colder climate, I found they wore out faster than the standard chain! When I complain to the dealer about it they said something about the sprockets were made with a too hard of material that would wear the chain out prematurely! I asked if there was any kind of discount to replace the chain and sprocket‘s and the dealer just kind of laughed at me! I have spent many years climbing up the silos with the shoots full of silage dust falling on you as you climb, many days in the winter chopping frozen silage off the walls with a pickaxe and many cold dark nights working to have them ready for the next morning feeding! One thing I have to say silo unloaders have to work hard! From having to start up on the coldest of cold mornings or running in the hottest of the hot days and being in the silage all its life is not an easy one! For man or machine! LOL I’ve been very lucky as not to have an unloader fall, but I had one close call where the winch was rusted and I started to raise the unloader I got it up about 5 feet and the winch let go of the hoops of the silo but I was lucky enough it was hanging on by just one bolt! I ended up attaching another short cable to the hoops of the silo and attached to the cable for the unloader so I could switch out the winch with another one that I had off our old 16 x 40 silo, The next spring I was at an auction sale and they had a Patz winch which was in almost new condition that I bought for $10. I’m sure any silo unloader you buy will need parts and repairs, I guess it depends on your situation and how long you plan on using the silo you may be better off just installing a new one, then at least for the first five years you know we won’t have to make any repairs! ButIt’s not my decision because I’m not walking in your shoes! It’s just my opinion!
  7. I’m really surprised nobody posted anything about Holsteins, well maybe I’ll be the first! Let me tell you how much I love the Holstein breed… N0T!!! I’ve been around Holsteins all my life, put in 40 years of milking them! When I turned 50 I decided I had enough after milking them every day! I still have morning chores to do and every second or third day I clean and bed the pens for the heifers and dry cows. Some of the stupid things I’ve seen them do boggles the mind! My latest endeavour was of a dry cow somehow or another got lying on her side against the wall of the barn on top of the pile of snow that slide off the roof and stuck her head through the gate, at first I tried to push her head back through the gate but she was being stubborn and fought with me the whole time, then I decided to get a 2 x 4 to maybe try and pry her head out but that didn’t work either! Then I thought I could get the skid steer and just nudge her head back through with the bucket, that worked like a charm! I backed up the skid steer and before I could get out she had her head stuck back in the gate, so I tried to push her head back through again but she was being stupid and un cooperative, so I decided to unlatch the gate and use the skid steer to pull the gate off her head which worked like a charm also, then I had to use the skid steer to push on her a little to get her to slide off the pile of snow then she was able to get up. I have a picture which I took with my flip phone that will give you an idea, it’s not a very good picture! And not to mention I had to be somewhere and this made me late! ?
  8. Given there was 7417 built and the first serial number was 7101 that makes the last one built should be serial number 14,518 12,589 was the first 1976 serial number So if you take 14,518-12,589 that gives you a total of 1929 built in 1976 I got all of this off tractor data so it may not be 100% correct Your 15 looks good! I had one for a while back in the early 90s other than being a little bit slow on the road it was a very good and powerful tractor! You should have lots of fun with yours!
  9. Here is pictures of my three dogs in warmer days, they seem to spend a lot of time indoors this winter....being bored or snoring really loud! My old girl who is showing her paw in the picture will be 13 this year at the end of may, she’s in pretty good health yet but starting to slow down a bit. I got her at six weeks old from a friend of a friend who’s dog had a litter of puppies by accident. Then there’s Barley who is sitting down in the picture, looking up the pole wondering where the squirrel went. He’s the type of dog that loves everyone and he would let you steal everything on the farm! He also likes to eat too much and lives a stress free life style! I got him at eight weeks of age and I think I saved him from an abusive future. And then there is Kimo who showed up here five years ago and has never left, he is the real guard dog of the farm, He trusts no one when I’m not home! We seen him around for a couple of weeks before we were able to catch him, One day he started following me around but stayed within 25 or 30 feet of me, I gave him some food and left him alone until my girlfriend came home from work and she was able to feed him and put him on a leash and brought him in the house to warm up. He must’ve been abused by men in the past because he was very nervous around me, it took him about a year to be able to trust me, now I can do pretty much anything with him.
  10. WOW!! I bet those tractors never looked that good coming out of the factory new!! The attention to detail is amazing....perfection doesn’t even describe how it looks! There’s only two ways that tractor could look better....with Michelin tires on the back and sitting in my shed!! ?? The Hydro 186 is by far my favourite tractor, I bought my first one in August 2009 ( it now has 9600 hours on it ) and just bought my second one ( with 2000 original hours on it ) in October 2018. I know there is a lot of man hours doing that kind a restoration, I did my 3688 this past summer, it was completely stripped down except I didn’t remove the cab. I started at the beginning of August and worked on it in my spare time until the end of October, I’m still not completely finished the restoration, I hope to finish it up this spring and be able to post pictures of it. BJ and Matt.....just think in 40 years from now you can do it all again!! ? ??
  11. My neighbour has one that I’ve been trying to buy for many years and finally this summer agreed to sell it to me, I still haven’t brought it home yet, i’m sure it’s been sitting in the same spot outside for the past 30 years, it may be spring before I get it now. I have no use for it but I thought it was a pretty cool machine and I’d like to preserve it. (Like I don’t have enough to do!) The picture below is from my 1968 buyers guide.
  12. One other thing, this explains a lot of my experience in life! I’ve pretty much cover them all over the years!
  13. I think he wanted that boat more than them! As usual I’ve been silently following along, it’s always very entertaining to see what you and your girls are up to. I think you are very wise wise man for your age Runner! And to think what the next 25 years will be like, just don’t impregnate one of them, that will change EVERYTHING! If I knew what you know at your age I would’ve never had to read this book!
  14. Some parts of the world they do things a little different, can you imagine cutting hay and how much hay would get it wrapped around the PTO shaft that low to the ground.
  15. I see you have the gear pump (open center), the information I was giving you in my previous posts were for the piston pump (closed center). I went back to the beginning to re-read all the post and I must’ve missed where you had stated it was an open center, my bad! I guess I shouldn’t be reading things when I should be sleeping instead! LOL Good luck on the rest of your project, hopefully all you need is a new pump in there everything will be good again.
  16. Yes I know that, but only tractors with the closed centre hydraulics have that filter. There is one other thing you can check, pull the plug number one in picture below and you will find an orifice with a screen and it, sometimes they get blocked, then it doesn’t send enough single pressure to the squash plate in the pump. Personally I wish international never went to the closed system hydraulics, I don’t like those pumps! I have four tractors with those pumps and this year I put a conversion kit on my 3688 to change it back to a gear pump, and in the future I will be changing the other three when I start having pump problems.
  17. First off, you need to tell us if it’s open centre or closed centred system on your tractor. If it’s a closed centre you will have the filter on the left frame rail beside the engine and a hydraulic levers will be color-coded. It could be the O-ring at the pump, but like you said if it’s overfilled you may not see it leaking there, the best thing to do is find a short piece of hose plug it into a remote and start filling up pails to lower your hydraulic oil level untill you can see your pump. Since you have your top link cover off when you go to refill your rear end with hydraulic oil find a piece of tin to make a trough and just pour it in through the top link opening. Try that first and see what you come up with.
  18. Corn looks good! Are you running 20 inch rows? We have those electric car charging stations around here too, but there is only between two and five stations per hundred car parking lot.
  19. Very very nice! You must’ve been able to hear throse tractors comming!
  20. Congratulations on getting a 1586,It looks like a pretty good deal too! 86 series tractors are my favourite too, last year I picked up a 786 in May and 1486 in August to go with my 886, 986, 1086 and a Hydro 186. I plan on someday owning a 1586 along with a 686, Hydro 86, 4186, 4386, 4586, 4786 I would also like to get One each of a 3388, 3588 and 3788 2+2, we had a 3588 for eight years up until 1994, it was a good tractor.
  21. There’s a 2 inch plug behind the fuel tank on top of the rear housing
  22. X2..... I think we as farmers have to work way too hard to get where we are today! Then we have to work even harder just to survive and keep what we have for the future!!
  23.  Good day Bob

     here's a picture of their ad, how's your French?

     The one my friend bought cost him about $14,000 

     let me know if you need anymore information 

     Have a great day 



  24. That MC 135 sure looks good for 7000 hours on it! Over the years many tractors that I've seen didn't even get to 7000 hours they look like they went through the war!! I find the door latches need to be lubed at least twice a year, this summer I had a guy that was loading round bales on to my truck and he could hardly get the door to open from the inside of the tractor, I said well you should spray some lube on it so he did, used a couple times and it works good now!
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