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  1. All of the “large” bell housing tractors had same bolt pattern. Starting with a ‘39 M all the way to 5488. H, 460, 666, and such are “small” bell housing. They are different.
  2. Should not have to change console either. Possibly maybe the riser pieces, but not console. Will need the center part bolted to the top of your 66 one, but will bolt right to your 806 one.
  3. Yes will work fine as stated. Will make you a nice project.
  4. Yes that is what those numbers mean.
  5. When we put 3lm on ours, we had to grid/ cut to fit. Had the same exact problem you have. Was literally just taking little off at a time till was able to put boot on. That 1/4-3/8 number sounds correct. Hope this is helpful.
  6. Those look really nice!! Someone spent a whole bunch of time on the lathe, or are they aftermarket ones?
  7. Chrome moly cage? Old one mild steel?
  8. To put it simply, power differences between them was mostly all done by different pumps and different pump settings.
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