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  1. I have been working on an identical engine. Early UD 18 c/w american bosch injector pump.
  2. Anyone got an ext UD or TD 18 exhaust manifold? I need one
  3. Anyone got a good american bosch APE pump for a UD 18?
  4. You are going to have to get a good line of sight so you know what you are doing. Take a right angle pick and try to flatten it a bit with a hammer so you got a better chance of seperating the ring. Good Luck
  5. Maybe no one is interested but this is what I done to my Fuel system. So problem is when running on gas mixture is very rich. Carb has a fixed main jet. Removed the jet and drilled out the orfice and tapped to 8-32. Check the hole size before drilling was about .072. Made a jig to drill out a brass screw which I cut down to the right length and drilled it to .060. WHAT a difference it made. Now I can try to get the diesel side working. Governor not working in american bosch pump.
  6. No it doesn't run ok. The spark plugs that where in it where really old. But they where clean. So it couldn't have be running like it is. You can tell when you find a problem part by the bolts. As in something has been apart alot. The screw head on the carb are VERY worn. Tells me it has been apart toooo many times. Waterloo
  7. Ok guys I am looking for some input. I am working on a UD18 power unit. When I bought this I was told it ran good on gas but the pump had two seized elements. (Bosch pump). SO I have changed the pump and have been trying to get this going. I am have MAJOR problems on the gas side running VERY rich. So I did change the needle and seat. But that is not it. Tried it again today but it is still rich. Is it possible that the fuel jet in the carb is too big? I don't have anything to swap it with but I may measure it then drill it out and tap it so I can make a jet and screw it in. Whatya think
  8. Must say they are all running pretty sweet! Do you own shares in a company that makes block heaters?
  9. waterloo


    what the story on the pick up. Being sold?
  10. If you are going to try an fix this without removing the pump you will need to do some major cleaning before I would open that pump. W
  11. See if you can find a copy of an N manual that show the disassembly of the pump. For sure you will need to remove the plunger unit. W
  12. The list of things to check is long. But start with the simple things first. Check the points. Sand them, but make sure they are clean. No grains of abrasive stuck in there. Then set them. Clean rotor and plug terminals in cap. Have you had the carb apart? Waterloo
  13. Want to move this up again. As am still toying with the idea on rebuilding this 18A. SO anyone got any secret parts suppliers that they would share? Waterloo
  14. May need to check injector pump and how it is timed
  15. Getting tired of looking at the dead ud 18a in the yard. Perhaps when the the weather breaks I am thinking on a rebuild. The engine was right full of water. And was taken out of service because of coolant going into the pan. I am looking for sleeves and pistons, Gaskets, Heads. Just wondering what is out there. Thanks Waterloo
  16. It is not that simple. I have straight hose too. But this thing has a built on square flange on each end
  17. Anyone got a rubber coupling that goes between the air cleaner and intake for my UD 18 ? I can read the part number 41640-D
  18. My UD 18 parts book says fuel filter is p/n 28501DA . Anyone got a cross for that . For sure some of these items are getting harder to find.Thanks
  19. nope. Replace bosch with bosch. The one that was on the engine must have got water in it. It is seized solid
  20. Would some one have a service manual that has info on timing marks. And how to time the pump. Thanks in advance
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