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  1. I do not have a service manual for this but I do have two parts books. So in the 1973 parts book has two wiring diagrams and both show negative ground. In the parts it shows two regulators one says positive ground the other negative. So go into the other parts book( much older book) the wiring diagram shows positive ground system. Hooked up my new fuel pump positive to ground and I think all is well. Waterloo
  2. SO I did reverse the cables to positive ground. Gauge goes to the left. I did not start it because I smoked the electric fuel pump. I called a local starter shop and asked about the generator to see if they could tell if it was positive or negative ground. They said it could be hooked up either way?
  3. My gauge is different. Has 3 dots on it. But the idea is all the same. When I energize the plugs the needle hits the left side of the gauge. First time I seen it I said that aint good. Still trying to find out if it is supposed to be positive or negative ground
  4. Yes the GLOW plug gauge goes to the left when you push the glow plug switch. When the engine was running the AMP gauge shows discharge
  5. I am working on a ud 282 that has not run for about 10 yrs. So judging by the battery cables it is negative ground. When I push the glow plug button needle goes to left. When running the amp meter shows discharge. Unit does have a generator. Wiring looks as original not tampered with. Thanks Waterloo
  6. I have not spun the engine yet. But I am planning on pulling glow pugs out to see if anything is in the cylinders. I don't think that it is coolant because the coolant is bright green and what I drained out was crystal clear. Had a friend looking at it with me today. I bought the engine several years ago. But was unable to pick it up. So I had a guy collect it for me. Perhaps it sat outside covered with snow. All around the oil filler is very rusted.
  7. SO started non restoration on my 282 power unit. It has 80% original paint so it will stay that way. SO first thing I want to drain oil. Loosen the drain plug just a bit and got about a pint of clear water before the oil. Hmm not impressed!!. So today I looked in the rad for the first time. and it is full to the proper level with green anti freeze. I know this engine has sat for a while could it just be condensation?. The exhaust was well sealed and looking into the manifold there are no signs or any water getting there? Waterloo
  8. one filter for fuel 2 for oil. Was looking at it today try to make sense of it Guess the cast box under the dipstick is like a big sediment bowl?
  9. Not the high pressure lines. But all the supply lines from filter to the pump
  10. most lines are removed bent twisted and cut
  11. SO back on the UD 18 project Where can I get filters Fuel and oil p/n 29501 DA, 28809 D, 50308D. I can tell you that the parts supply is drying up on some of this vintage equipment. I am also working on a Cat D315. What a challenge to get parts
  12. Just got a UD 18 with bosch injector pump. Most of the fuel lines are disconnected and maybe one missing. I think a while back someone was asking a similar question. Where do the lines go? So that is the first issue here is the second. The pump has at least one stuck plunger. Anyone had to deal with this problem? Thanks
  13. So just took delivery of two Ud power units. Both have good original paint. How do you preserve it?
  14. Solar is still around. By Cat. But looks like most units are large
  15. Guys anyone got any info on gas turbines that where made by Solar and IH. Was looking at one yesterday. Think that all drove generators. The cabinets had IH all over them. I found it very interesting to find the connection with IH. I think the vintage would be 70's. Waterloo
  16. could be an injector not sealing and driping fuel. Or a partly plugged nozzle not spraying correctly
  17. So way back like may 2010 there was a post made a booklet International Diesel engines Their origin and development. Would like to contact the person that made that post
  18. What does the future hold in store for it? would say you are very lucky it ran. Sounds like it ran out of fuel. would clean the fuel system out tank, lines and filters
  19. Guys I need some advise on swaping injector pumps on my UD 18 power unit. I have a power unit with a Robert bosch GVA 225 700 PK 206. Plungers are stuck in pump and I am told that this is a common problem. I have located two pumps a GVA 225 680 PK 252 and GVA 225 675 PK 265 Any idea what the difference is and could one be used to replace my original? Second question what does an American bosch APE 6A 80T2181D fit. Thanks in advance Have a Happy New Year
  20. I would think it should be the same. I will ask and confirm that for you
  21. I have had on IH pump apart. Think you should be able to pull one plunger unit and free up
  22. If there is no spark it really doesn't matter where it is timed does it? If it sparked with your drill set up and not on the engine I would be looking at the impulse spring. W
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