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  1. What joy can there be in destroying someones property

    So hopefully the Sheriffs dept will find them. Get the to drop them off back at the house . Lock them inside. Then SHOOT them. Just say you caught them in the act.
  2. Canadians don`t eat enough soup

    I know that I eat lots of there product. It did say something on the news about a "new" facility. Maybe It was just time to replace it. Just hope that the campbell soup can don't start saying made in china
  3. TD 40 smokey

    Did you do any work to the engine and or fuel system?
  4. T6 Restoration Pictures

    With so many paint products being removed from the market because of lead content. It is hard to find products that really work well.
  5. T6 Restoration Pictures

    What kind of paint are you using?
  6. Always liked the lines of a cletrac. A friend of mine had a couple and was right into final drive rebuilds and lost his storage. Alot of them got scrapped but I think 1 was saved. Gotta like those front pulley. W
  7. TD 24 value

    I think it looks good. I wonder if the set up or the fact it doesn't have a blade will affect the value.?
  8. My turn for prayers

    Years ago my uncle had a brain tumor. When I says years ago I am talking approx 40. He just wasn't himself for a lot of years. After he had surgury he was like a NEW man. He was likely in his early 60s and lived and worked till his late 80s. W
  9. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Is Blaine ready to earn his keep?
  10. TD 24 value

    When did it last run?
  11. waukesha

    is it still on craigslist?
  12. TD6 injector pump

    copper washer is an easy item to replace
  13. Poor UPS service

    The service of all couriers is just going to get worse. The volume of packages is going thought the roof with more and more online sellers. There is no such thing as a simple delivery any more everybody I know has horror stories. W
  14. Need Some info on this engine..

    What it is worth is a good question. But better still what does the seller want for it? W