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  1. What does the future hold in store for it? would say you are very lucky it ran. Sounds like it ran out of fuel. would clean the fuel system out tank, lines and filters
  2. Guys I need some advise on swaping injector pumps on my UD 18 power unit. I have a power unit with a Robert bosch GVA 225 700 PK 206. Plungers are stuck in pump and I am told that this is a common problem. I have located two pumps a GVA 225 680 PK 252 and GVA 225 675 PK 265 Any idea what the difference is and could one be used to replace my original? Second question what does an American bosch APE 6A 80T2181D fit. Thanks in advance Have a Happy New Year
  3. waterloo

    D282 Head studs

    I would think it should be the same. I will ask and confirm that for you
  4. waterloo

    TD24 help

    I have had on IH pump apart. Think you should be able to pull one plunger unit and free up
  5. waterloo

    F 6 Magneto

    If there is no spark it really doesn't matter where it is timed does it? If it sparked with your drill set up and not on the engine I would be looking at the impulse spring. W
  6. waterloo

    Power unit

    Hydaulic pump for hydrostatic drive?
  7. waterloo

    236 farmall 460 cracked block....

    Hmm the wide flange I had would almost drop in. So that would be no good. If your press in coat with locktite flange sealant and put'm in
  8. waterloo

    236 farmall 460 cracked block....

    What style of sleeve is it. The wide flange or narrow?
  9. waterloo

    UD 236

    Looking for a front nose sheet metal in good shape for a UD236-282 power unit
  10. waterloo


    what is a v800?
  11. waterloo

    UD 24 sheet metal

    Anyone got steel metal for my UD 24 power unit
  12. waterloo

    UD 24 Sheet metal

    Anyone out there got any sheet metal for a UD 24?
  13. waterloo

    Diesel in oil - TD15 151

    There was been a lot of discussion about the same problem. The proper seal on the back of that pump is hard to find
  14. waterloo

    Diesel in oil - TD15 151

    seal from transfer pump at the back. Looks like it has an external leak too
  15. waterloo

    U4 Power Unit

    Is it for a tractor or for the U4 power unit?