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  1. What stage are you at in your rebuild? I work on a lot of old power units IHC and cat
  2. PD 40 power unit? Who's got one and or info on them.
  3. It is an online auction . think it ends on the 10th
  4. Is there anyone on here that would go get it for me?
  5. Came across a UD14 on generator at auction in Kansas Rhynals Auctions, To far from home for me.
  6. Would you have a power unit clutch?
  7. When do you start hauling trains? And how far to you go
  8. Checked today. Yes pulley has the marks but no little rivet. My pump is a different number DBCFC631 -1AE
  9. I did not clean the front pulley. But I will tomorrow. And will check the model on the pump.
  10. That part I think I got. But am wondering about how to set the engine. I don't see timing marks or a place to view them on the flywheel. Am thinking the timing pointer on the front cover would be more for spark timing on gas engines
  11. I am working on my UD 282 power unit. Runs but smokey light blue. Would like to check pump timing. I know how to line up the makes on the pump but not sure on the engine end? I see a pointer on the front cover. W
  12. How long ago was the auction?
  13. So just wondering. Are there many UD 14 power units out there?
  14. That is good info to have. On another note I see that post was from M diesel. Was there some discussion that he is no longer posting or reachable?
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