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  1. My UD 18 parts book says fuel filter is p/n 28501DA . Anyone got a cross for that . For sure some of these items are getting harder to find.Thanks
  2. nope. Replace bosch with bosch. The one that was on the engine must have got water in it. It is seized solid
  3. Would some one have a service manual that has info on timing marks. And how to time the pump. Thanks in advance
  4. you should be able to freshen up that pump on your own. But try it first. W
  5. Try to find out more about the engine series it came out of. What is missing on the crank is the counter weights. So how the the "other" engine deal with this? Weight in the flywheel? Balance shafts?
  6. What stage are you at in your rebuild? I work on a lot of old power units IHC and cat
  7. PD 40 power unit? Who's got one and or info on them.
  8. It is an online auction . think it ends on the 10th
  9. Is there anyone on here that would go get it for me?
  10. Came across a UD14 on generator at auction in Kansas Rhynals Auctions, To far from home for me.
  11. Would you have a power unit clutch?
  12. When do you start hauling trains? And how far to you go
  13. Checked today. Yes pulley has the marks but no little rivet. My pump is a different number DBCFC631 -1AE
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