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  1. one filter for fuel 2 for oil. Was looking at it today try to make sense of it Guess the cast box under the dipstick is like a big sediment bowl?
  2. Not the high pressure lines. But all the supply lines from filter to the pump
  3. most lines are removed bent twisted and cut
  4. SO back on the UD 18 project Where can I get filters Fuel and oil p/n 29501 DA, 28809 D, 50308D. I can tell you that the parts supply is drying up on some of this vintage equipment. I am also working on a Cat D315. What a challenge to get parts
  5. Just got a UD 18 with bosch injector pump. Most of the fuel lines are disconnected and maybe one missing. I think a while back someone was asking a similar question. Where do the lines go? So that is the first issue here is the second. The pump has at least one stuck plunger. Anyone had to deal with this problem? Thanks
  6. So just took delivery of two Ud power units. Both have good original paint. How do you preserve it?
  7. Solar is still around. By Cat. But looks like most units are large
  8. Guys anyone got any info on gas turbines that where made by Solar and IH. Was looking at one yesterday. Think that all drove generators. The cabinets had IH all over them. I found it very interesting to find the connection with IH. I think the vintage would be 70's. Waterloo
  9. could be an injector not sealing and driping fuel. Or a partly plugged nozzle not spraying correctly
  10. So way back like may 2010 there was a post made a booklet International Diesel engines Their origin and development. Would like to contact the person that made that post
  11. What does the future hold in store for it? would say you are very lucky it ran. Sounds like it ran out of fuel. would clean the fuel system out tank, lines and filters
  12. Guys I need some advise on swaping injector pumps on my UD 18 power unit. I have a power unit with a Robert bosch GVA 225 700 PK 206. Plungers are stuck in pump and I am told that this is a common problem. I have located two pumps a GVA 225 680 PK 252 and GVA 225 675 PK 265 Any idea what the difference is and could one be used to replace my original? Second question what does an American bosch APE 6A 80T2181D fit. Thanks in advance Have a Happy New Year
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