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  1. I have sent several batteries in to have them reworked. They worked for awhile but they are definitely not like a new one!
  2. I have used Milwaukee for the past 45 years. I am really impressed with the 12 and 18 volt machines! The only complaint I would have is their phase out of the 26 volt and previous 18 volt machines. We still have several of the old 18 volt machines and the batteries are weak. I don't want to throw them away but they too are obsolete. I saw a video where someone took a few parts and made an adapter to use the new 18 volt batteries.
  3. I talked to a friend that owns a machine shop and we are going to try to balance the flywheel. I'm looking for options just in case. The wooden XL is hard to come by.
  4. Does anyone know where I might find a flywheel and a n original crank for an International XL two hole corn sheller? The crank I have seems to have been forged by a blacksmith and the flywheel is warped, I don't know if it can be straightened out
  5. International Harvester refrigeration products were made at the IH factory in Evansville, Indiana.
  6. I guess the one statement that I remember and one that I do not care for, especially in today's climate of globalism was something like " we are experiencing a new world order". His family definitely does like President Trump, his sniffling son Jeb, especially. I do think he was an honorable man but misguided on globalism. His family including W. seem to be of the same cloth as obama when it comes to America First. You can not take away his being in charge of the success of the first Gulf war! Just my thoughts.
  7. I always thought it meant a diesel engine.
  8. Don't you just love it when greenies troll an IH site after all they get their feeling hurt easily.
  9. Just listened to Grandad's Farmall on You Tube, good to hear someone singing about Red and not green! Am I wrong or is this only the second song featuring IH?
  10. Watched the tall ships on television looking forward to the birth of our oldest son which occurred on July 17.
  11. Bud W.

    Truck show

    Looks like an Emeryville next the one on the right.
  12. My grandfather had a Red River Special and a Baker steam engine.
  13. I don't mean to usurp this post but International Trucks ruled the road, "Heavy Duty Sales Leader is an ad I remember.
  14. My condolences to you and your family. Bud
  15. I'd rather try to find the original with the red hose attached tot he inflation so it all look original. Thanks for the reply. I did hook up the belt drive on the 3-S and will try to get a picture.
  16. I will see if I can do that, belt drive was dropped by the person I bought it from but I had it repaired. Separator and belt drive are not painted but I will try to get a picture this next week.
  17. It's the one on the left hose is attached to the inflation.
  18. Nice display! My milker would look like the single on the left of your display.
  19. Keep in touch. do you have any parts available or do you know of any? I have three S model separators and have put together a single milker. I need one of the 7/8" standard infators as one has a split red hose and won't stay hooked to the claw. Do you know of any vacuum pumps?
  20. I've seen them on e-bay periodically, sometimes pretty pricey!
  21. Thanks for the replies! I thought there might be several closet collectors of I H dairy equipment out there. I bought most in pieces on Ebay. Cream separators from a local farmer and a flat belt package also on Ebay. I know we are few but a list would be helpful.
  22. Lots of looks no comments. Thanks anyway, obviously not popular with I H collectors.
  23. Are there any IH dairy equipment colletors on this site? I need several parts for a milker for static display.
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